Family Tree

Sunday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered May 12, 2013 In Season





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  • Just Brilliant

    This is a brilliant show. Quirky, funny and relevant. Awesome performances made all the more remarkable when you find out that it is mainly improvised around a story skeleton. Just as I can't pick a standout neither can I choose a weakest link in this truly ensemble production. Not often is there a show where I get excited about a new episode like I did about this one. I hope that there is a 2nd season. I really want to know more. Thank you Christopher Guest and Co.
  • I love this show!

    In a day when TV is severly lacking in good comedies, HBO has given us a huge gift. It has all the fun dialogue and awkwardness of a Christopher Guest movie. There's not really much else to say, just watch it, particularly if you are a fan of Christopher Guest. You won't be disappointed.
  • Like a mighty oak, Chris O'Dowd has landed

    Imagine a Christopher Guest moivie being played out in tv episode forms, and there you have Family Tree. It stars the always funny Chris O'Dowd as Tom Chadwick an ex-insurance claims adjuster. At the start of the series you find out he is coming off a long term relationship that ended badly for him and he has been made redundant at his job, or as we say in America "laid off". You get to meet his family as well. He has a sister who has been using a puppet named Monkey to express herself since she was a child as played by nina Conti. And the monkey puppet is both adorable and vulgar. His father is played by C Guest regular Michael McKean, and his step mother a Muldovian named Luba. It turns out that as a child Tom's parents divorced and for some unknown reason he went to Ireland with his mom, his sister stayed in England with dad, explaining O'Dowds strong Irish accent in a family in London. You also get to meet his best friend from childhood Pete, whose soul purose is to remind you of every childhood friend you were glad to be rid of, while at the same time being the only one who Tom likes to spend time with.

    The show really centers on Tom and his journey to discover who is family ancestors were, a plot point started when he receives a trunk full of knick knacks from a dead relative.

    In Christopher Guest fashion the story doesn't seem to need a conclusion at the end of each episode, the characters he meets are the real story. many of Guest regulars appear: Jim Piddock, Ed Begley Jr, Fred Willard and even guest himself.

    An enjoyable show, it appears to be loosely scripted with a great deal of improv and tinkering by a very funny cast.

    Well worth the time to watch it if you have HBO or know a way to get the show, wink wink.