Season 2 Episode 20

Comings and Goings

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 1977 on ABC



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    • Sylvia: And that's your new wallpaper! It's adorable.
      Kate: Thanks.
      Sylvia: Whenever I see it in restaurants, I always admire it.

    • Nancy: Mother, uh, there's -- there's a bit of a crisis.
      Kate: I know, I saw her drive up.
      Nancy: No, it's a little more serious than that.
      Kate: That's hard to imagine.

    • Kate: Sylvia Maitland has just dropped in to see Nancy.
      Doug: Well, she's only Nancy's ex-mother-in-law.
      Kate: She's only Nancy's been-everywhere, know-it-all ex-mother-in-law, and she makes me very nervous.
      Doug: Well, she may not even come over here.
      Kate: Oh, yes, she will. She likes me. She thinks I'm quaint.

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