Season 5 Episode 13

Letting Go

Aired Unknown Jun 25, 1980 on ABC



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    • Buddy: When I was little, and I'd decide to run away... I'd pack my suitcase, and I'd walk down that hall, right past your room. You'd say, "Good-bye, honey, I'll see you later." And I'd march down those stairs... Ten minutes later, I'd be up here in this treehouse. Knowing that sooner or later you'd find me. I guess I knew that you'd find me this time, too. I am leaving. And... and it is soon. And I'm scared. But some part of me will always be up here in this treehouse... with you.
      Doug: Well, then, can you come down? I'm getting a neck-ache, you know, staring up like this.

    • Debbie: I promised Eric I'd come back with a dazzling tan.
      Annie: Eric?
      Debbie: My boyfriend. He took me to see the Stones.
      Annie: Is he a geologist?
      Debbie: The Rolling Stones.

    • Steven: Bookshelves?
      Doug: No, a treehouse.
      Steven: I always wanted a treehouse, but my mom felt it was wrong for the apartment.

    • Buddy: Guess it's just you and me, Grumpy.
      Doug: That's right, Dopey.

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