Season 2 Episode 9

On The First Day Of Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • At 46:05 you can noticeably see a large housefly land on the left lapel of Doug's jacket, at the right of the screen. It moves around for a second or two than flies off.

  • Quotes

    • (James opens a case of large pearls)
      Doug: Whew. These must've cost...
      James: They did. But so what? Think she'll like 'em?
      Doug: These are for Constance?
      James: They'd look damn silly on me.

    • Doug: Next year, I'm gonna rent a kid. A little one.
      Buddy: I'll pay.

    • Doug: Willie, cut the ropes. I'll light the fire.
      Kate: The fire? It's ninety degrees outside!
      Doug: Well, the fire is going to be inside.
      Kate: Oh, of course -- what didn't I think of that? I'll go ice the hot toddies.

    • Buddy: Mom, Christmas is coming!
      Kate: Tell that the Santa Ana wind that's been blowing hot air for the last week.
      Willie: Aw, poor mom, haunted by memories of white Christmases...
      Kate: You don't know what you've missed, honey.
      Buddy: If it's any comfort, it was hot in Bethlehem too.

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