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Fanboy & Chum Chum

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A spinoff of Nickelodeon's Random! Cartoons, this new animated series is about a 10 year-old boy named Fanboy (played by David Hornsby) and his best friend Chum Chum. Together the two combine their love for comic books and their intrepid imagination to get into bizarre adventures. Jamie Kennedy and Josh Duhamel also lend their voices to the cast. The series won 5 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual in Animation - The Janitor Strikes Back - character designer, Outstanding Individual in Animation - Chimp Chomp Chumps - background layout designer, Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program, Outstanding Special Class Animated Program and Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program.

Fan Reviews (187)

  • More like ***boy and Cum Cum.

    By what reviews I read, I knew this show was beyond the laws of existence. And that is true. NEVER EVER WATCH FUCKBOY AND CUM CUM. It will probably make you lose 65% of your intelligence and 70% of your sanity. For god sake, never ever touch this show, even on youtube, if you care about your sanity.

    Let me talk about the characters:

    Fanboy: a complete loser going around looking like a s00pahero, but he isn't. HE IS REALLY ANNOYING.

    Chum Chum: They came up with the almost most idiotic name in history( n1 is Yo). He is fuckboy's companion and just like him, he is a loser trying to look cool, instead he is really annoying.

    Yo: what the fuck of a name is this? Just another ugly big-headed idiot.

    Boog: another god awful name. He is stupid and ugly.

    The plot is stupid and idiotic. I mean, 2 wacky,ugly,moronic,idiotic,stupid boys go around pissing off the others and go on gay adventures.

  • If you don't like whats on change the channel!

    Well seriously, I myself can't help but laugh at this show. And for the haters well, if you don't like it change the channel (hence the title). Come on its stupid television for sure but, everyone needs a good laugh. Everything is fine in moderation, there are a lot of shows I don't want my girls to watch on tv however the time they do spend watching I regulate it, like a responsible parent! Nothing wrong with mindless tv once in a while. I let my girls watch this for an hour once a week on Netflix. If it was on tv for an hour once a week I'd let them watch it. Bring it back Nickelodeon, maybe just put it on later when all the sticks in the mud already have their kids in bed!moreless
  • Worst CGI EVER! Hands down

    I dont know what gave Nickelodeon the idea for this show but I do know that it will get canned soon. The only good characters were the wizard boy Kyle and the depressed store worker Lenny. The protagonists are stupid and obviously insane. I mean, what kind of sane person wears pannies over thier pants 24/7? Someone should call the Sanity Department and examine Fanboy and Chum Chum because something is clearly wrong with thier heads.moreless
  • Sucks so hard

    Who thought this failed abortion of a show was a good idea! All the characters do is wear diapers and go on stupid adventures! At least it isn't as bad as The Looney Tunes Show.
  • Why did Nickelodeon even bother making this horrible cartoon?!

    Fanboy and Chum is the most stupid cartoon I've ever seen. The episodes are annoying, dumb, boring, poorly written, and I think Nickelodeon made a HUGE mistake even airing this. Nickelodeon sucks so bad now. Some kids might like this show, but I hate it.

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