Fanboy & Chum Chum

Season 1 Episode 4

I, Fanbot / Berry Sick

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 14, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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I, Fanbot: It's test time for Mr. Mufflin's class and if the entire class passes, they will receive their very own bouncy house. Just one problem – Fanboy has never passed a test. Chum Chum tries to help him study, but when that fails miserably, Fanboy goes to plan B. He switches brains with a robot. But instead of placing the robot's super-smart brain into his body, Fanboy puts his own brain into the robot's body. Now calling himself "Fanbot," he convinces the class to let him take the test for all of them. When the whole class fails, they come after Fanbot, looking to destroy him just like he destroyed their chances at a bouncy house. Berry Sick: The heat is unbearable, so Fanboy and Chum Chum head over to the Frosty Mart for a little refreshment. But when they arrive they find out that the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine is on the fritz because the tiny ice monster that runs the machine is dreadfully over-worked. The boys immediately take it upon themselves to nurse him back to health... and get a little Frosty Freezy Freeze on the side.

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