Fanboy & Chum Chum

Season 1 Episode 7

Monster in the Mist / Fangboy

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 21, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Monster in the Mist is unwatchable. Fangboy is poor.


    Monster in the Mist: I freakin' hate this episode. It is on the worst on Fanboy and Chum Chum and I can't stand a minute of it. Fanboy and Boog didn't annoy me. But, seriously, Chum Chum did. Why does he kept doing "The Mist" sh%&? No one want want to f***ing hear the damn monster was in the mist. Also, Boog should have saw that the monster is actually Fanboy and Chum Chum. Overall, a really stupid episode. Chum Chum is so f***ing annoying in this episode. Why did he came outta nowhere at the ending? I don't care if thethingy should be placed in the mist. It should placed on Chum Chum!!! Sorry for constantly bashing Chum Chum, he annoys the living heck outta me in this waste of time episode. 0.5/10

    Fangboy: It was poor. Once again, Chum Chum is annoying. Why did he cry for no reason? Just because Fanboy lives forever doesn't Chum Chum can't live forever. Jesus, what an annoying fat***. Also, Chum Chum growing a neck is absolutely dumb. The funniest parts were the dream at the beginning, Fanboy pretending to be a vampire, and the ending. 4/10

    These pairs were unwatchable. Chum Chum was the main reason. I freakin' hate him a lot.

  • This show needs to be put out of it's misery

    Monster in the Mist- Boog has played too much Chimp Chomp, and begins seeing things, including a giant monster. Fanboy and Chum Chum. This episode was pathetic, I mean Chum Chum saying "the mist" was funny the first 2 times, not the 30th time. 1/10 F-

    Fangboy- Fanboy's neck is out of whack, so they go to visit a neck specialist, but little do they knwow that he's actually a vampire who wants to suck his blood. Everybody was stupid here, and it was in the worst way possible. 1/10 F-

    Well, now that I've seen some episodes, I can safely say that Fanboy and Chum Chum are among the worst cartoons ever aired. Avoid as if it was the plauge. 1/10 F-
  • Terrible episode with a Terrible show.

    Monster in the Mist:
    It's about Boog and he has been playing a game apparently on a rip off of the GameBoy Advance and has literally kept his eyes on the screen for two days and his eyes are all screwy. When he tries to beat up FanBoy and Chum Chum he sees a illusion of a monster from the game and screams. FanBoy and Chum Chum think the Monster is real so they try to not let it in the Shoppe Boog and them are in and help Boog not get eaten by the Monster or as Chum Chum says it 30 times in the episode segment (Tha Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist).

    My Review: Garbage. The jokes in the beginning of the episode make me want to go and watch season 20 of The Simpsons (21 was good though) it's so f*cking godawful. The entire segment in this episode is ate up with Filler and corny potty humor that should have never been allowed on such a used to be good network as Nick.

    FanBoy has a crazy dream about a vampire biting him. He wakes up to find a literal bite mark on his cheek and he convinces himself it's a vampire bite. My Review: this segment was even WORSE than the other one. Atleast this one doesn't have filler but i got so mother f*cking bored of it. There was no humor no charm no wittines no nothing except toilet humor and absolute nonsense that five year olds could spot out in a flash and even they probably wouldn't like.

    Ovverall Episode Rating: 1.5/10 TERRIBLE!!!