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  • Fanboy and Chum Chum?

    More like Lameboy and Dumb Dumb. LOL :D
  • stupid show

    this show is stupid, the only time i find it good is when I didn't get enough sleep and don't realize I'm watching a crap tv show.
  • How did this disaster get THREE SEASONS?!

    I watched one episode and it didn't have ANY REALISM. It had all style and no substance. I cannot even describe this...
  • It's terrible indeed!

    The most terrible 3D cartoon that ever made, Fanboy & Chum Chum recieves the title. Bad at anything.

    Plot: Bad. It's like it came from a tard that has a plastic toy for brains. It's about kids who needs 24/7 disciplinary and military training. No plot! Nada. Nothing you can find in this saturated pile of crap.

    Characters: Terrible! They can't even produce a good name! Ex. Boog, Poopatine, Oz, and the others are named as baby words. *sigh*.

    Humor: Humor of an 3rd yr old, my 1 yr old brother can do better! (who is now 3 in next month, but still can do better than this)

    Animation & Art: Using the power of dimension from Jimmy Neutron, they mixed it up with an terrible theme of animation and humor, TERRIBLE!

    Episodes: Huh. Couldn't last even one minute, if it weren't for the atrocity that is present in this abomination. Also, the theme song is annoying!

    Total Score: 0.1

    It's bad in all sides, as I said, it must have been coming from a person with that has a foreign object for brains.
  • Oh hell no

    I don't need to write a usual long review to describe this atrocity: digusting fart humor, dumb kids, poor excuse for a show. Doesn't even deserve a one rating.
  • NO! WHY

    Oh my God! This show is Horrible! Its has really unfunny disgusting fart humor and the People in this Show looks Terrible! Oh my God! Good News: Its CANCELED!
  • A masterpiece

    This is one of the best shows i have seen for a looong time. This is one of the very few things that are saving TV from being trash. Its alongside some of the best shows like Problem Soleverz and Uncle Grampa. This is saving TV from trash like mlp or adventure time. Its funny and there is nothing to hate about it. If you like torturing yourself with terrible shows watch my little pony. If you like quality TV shows, watch this. Now!

    Okay someone give me a bucket. I need to shit this shit down the shitter. This show is shit. Fuckboy and Cum Cum is the worst nickelodeon cartoon in history. Makes Johnny Test look like Dexter's Lab and The Problem Solverz look like Johnny Bravo. NEVER WATCH THIS SACK OF WHORESHIT.

    I have never seen anything so terrible. The main characters are annoying and the town they're in is run by idiots. Kyle has to be the only good character on the show because he HATES fan-boy and chum-chum. I dislike this show a lot

    final score -1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
  • A premise that would've worked better in a textbook, on TV it's quality just drops like a lead weight.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is about two kids who have an addiction to comic books and the super hero genre. The two of them love to share their love for comic books and use their own imagination to create wild adventures. Now I swear, I think I've heard this premise before, but I just don't know where. But whether it's original or not, the premise may not sound bad on paper, but when you see how terribly excuted this show gets on TV, you'll be wishing this show was cancelled and never shown again. Fanboy and Chum Chum is easily one of the most unoriginal, corny, stupid, disgusting shows ever on the face of Earth.

    The premise isn't original. Seriously, it's like they couldn't think of an idea for this cartoon so they looked at Spongebob and stole the idea of it.

    Spongebob = Fanboy

    Patrick = Chum Chum

    Kyle = Squidward

    Oz = Mr. Krabs

    The character designs are ugly and mishappen to say the least. Not even are the character designs original, they are stolen from other shows. Fanboy is basically a rip-off of Bart Simpson's Bartman costume, Chum Chum is just a fat wannabe of Milhouse from The Simpsons and Kyle looks almost like Harry Potter. You know a show is going too be bad when they can't make the characters design look original.

    Speaking of characters, none of them are likeable in any way, shape, or form. BUT, there is ONE character who is likeable, and I'll get to him. What the heck is up with most of the names?! Most of them are inhuman. Fanboy, Chum Chum, Boog, Janitor Poopantaine, Mr. Muffin, Yo etc. Of course, Invader Zim had characters with inhuman names, but that's because the characters where not human. Fanboy is just a moronic, hyperactive super hero wannabe. Chum Chum is another annoying, hyperactive super hero wannabe who tries to be cute and funny but comes out as irritating and cries over the smallest reasons. Yo is a happy-go-lucky girl who has an over-obsessive crush on Chum Chum, and is really whiny, definitely more annoying than Chum Chum. Oz is ok, but I just find him to be a lazy parent. Boog is a bully who always harasses people by bopping them, how stupid! Kyle, however, is the only likeable character in this show. Why you ask? He can't stand Fanboy and Chum Chum and the rest of the characters because they get on his nerves. Who could blame him?

    The animation is choppy and cheap and does not flow fluidly throughout the show.

    The artwork is okay, but it is way to colorful and overblown, there is absolutely not even a speck of dark atmosphere in this show.

    While the set designs are mediocre at best, they look uninspiring and might even be copied from other shows.

    The humor is just mainly crude toilet humor that simply goes overboard just to make kids laugh. Some crude humor can be funny, but they goes extremely overboard with it in this show to the point where maybe kids might not even find it funny anymore.

    The plots are just plain and simple. Fanboy and Chum Chum are seen drinking slyshies, they share their love for comic books to Oz, they do something stupid abd try to be funny, they eventually get on Kyle's nerves, they don't care and just annoy him even more, the episode eventually ends with the two main characters looking over how fun their day was. Repeat.

    F&C is just a terrible cartoon that never should've existed in the first place. The premise is terribly excuted, the plots are plain and simple, the characters are annoying and not likeable in the least bit, the character designs are rip offs and they look deformed and ugly, the artwork is to colorful, the animation is choppy, the set designs are uninspiring, the colors are simply overblown and the humor is disgusting. IF you want a real show about super heroes, go watch some of the classic Marvel shows from the 90s such as X-Men or Hulk. Final rating: 1/10 because you can't vote 0.
  • This show was so horrible that it makes Sesame Street seem like a wonderful show!


    Another piece of garbage television show at it's best....

  • Where did this show come from?

    I'm not sure what I expected from a show that literally came out of the blue. There's something to be said about a pleasant surprise, but there's also something to be said about "Why the hell was this made?".

    Overall, the plot makes little sense. The characters just seem like the designers took a few words out of a hat, and had to make a cast of characters based on those words. That's not to say that a bit of obscurity is bad, but it has to be executed well. The humor is either rare, forced, or expected, and the animation--all be it colorful and cartoony--seems uninspired and sometimes just lazy. There isn't much to say about it, because it's literally about nothing.

    In a show called Fanboy & Chum Chum, I have high doubts that this series will gain many fans or chums.
  • Did I hear someone say they LIKED this show?

    Anyone that likes this show, please change your minds. This is the worst animated show I've seen in a while. Not only because of the ugly animation, but because it is more mind boggingly annoying than Spongebob, which is 95% of him crying over small things. Most of the people's names are not even human and they just sound very weird. Yo? Yo Yo? Yo Yo Snoop Dogg? SNOOP LION IS IN THE HOUSE!

    I'm sorry, no. Boog? BOOGERS! EWWWWWWWW! Chum Chum. Sounds like something you can get at the Chum Bucket. Fanboy. I don't know what to say about that one. FUCK THIS SHOW!
  • Horrible. Why did this show exist? I am SO happy it's gone.

    This show was a big plunk for Nickelodeon. I mean, who in hell would want to see THIS?! This HORRIBLE abomination was one big plunge for Nickelodeon. And now today, the only good show still running is Sanjay and Craig.

    In fact, let's do a timeline of nick.

    1991 - 1995 = Many good shows, the only failures were Doug and Ren And Stimpy.

    1996 - 2000 = Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers, and CatDog premiere, and HA was decent, but Angry Beavers and CatDog were bad. However Nick was still as good as before. SpongeBob premiered too, and it was honestly pretty good.

    2001 - 2005 = SpongeBob loses some quality as the second season airs, and Hey Arnold continues to run on the second half it's show. I was relieved that Angry Beavers ended in 2001, and CatDog ended in 2002. SpongeBob's third season also aired around here, but still didn't have it's Season 1 glory.

    2006 - 2010 = SpongeBob died in 2008, and many rotten shows took place here. In 2009, Nickelodeon died itself because of FB&CC (the show I'm now reviewing).

    2011 - present = Nickelodeon becomes the worst channel of all time. Welcome to Hell.

    So stay away and I mean FAR away from Fanboy and Chum HUM. It gets a 0 out of 10. Dumb plots, no laughs, bad animation. This caused the death of Nickelodeon. Off to review Fish Hooks.
  • Not one of Nickelodeons best

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is a cheesy slapstick comedy that is technically a horrible show but is better tan some of the garbage cartoon on TV now a days.
  • Really horrible.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is the worst show I've ever saw on nickelodeon Sanjay and Craig is like FB & CC but so much better......

    Characters: 0/10

    Really? Nick? Really? can't you ever make a show I can watch? No you can't Dickelodeon! what happened in the 90's you made better shows until FOP,and Spongebob came same goes with Disney and Cartoon Network... okay lets get to the characters Fanboy- fanboy? what kind of name is that? I know! a stupid kind! he's ugly,and idiotic who wears underwear over their clothes you look like an ugly superhero!

    Chum Chum- More like Dumb Dumb! at least he's a little mature than FB he's also ugly,idiotic,and a moron JUST KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boog- What the F&^$#&#&? Boog? what does that mean Boogers? I have no word for him... nut I don't like him either

    Yo- Who is this crazy B3%@^%? just another ugly big-headed idiot..........

    Names 0,000,000/10

    Overall just horrible the names suck! this show should get an award for "worst names on their own tv show in history" i know Zero million isn't a number but their names is just ugh!

    Plot 0/10

    Can't anyone make a plot that makes sense? i mean 2 wacky,ugly,moronic,idiotic,stupid boys who goes on adventures? HA! i'd pay 1,000 buck for whoever can make a show much better than this s4$@
  • It is cancelled.

    I can't add much more to the complaints about this show than what we already know. It was a terrible idea, and a waste of animation. Yet it seems like Nick has not learned its lesson since we now have Sanjay and Craig.
  • ***boy and Cum Cum

    Let me just say that this show makes me want to shoot myself in the head 100 times. I'm not exaggerating. It's that bad. Every joke on the show is toilet-humor based. For example, the janitor's last name is Seriously? Who writes the scripts? 5 year olds? Also, Fanboy and Chum Chum are annoying ***s who spend all their time annoying the people around them. Actually, every fucking character on this show is unlikeable, except for Kyle. The reason Kyle's likeable is the same reason Squidward is now likeable on Spongebob: you feel bad for him. Under the same circumstances as him, who wouldn't do what he does? Anyway, don't watch this pile of shit. Instead, pray to God that it gets cancelled, because although people say it's cancelled, this page still says "In
  • GET IT OFF!!!!!!!

    I watched an episode. Worst humor ever. I can't blame Kyle for hating them. Hey Kyle I got a task for you, grab some sort of weapon and KILL FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM, PLEAAAASSSSSE DO IT. It is gross. I'm beyond glad that it is not on nickelodeon. No reruns PLEASE.
  • It's much better than any crappy show like Legends of Chima

    It might have a few fart jokes but it is a thousand times better than crappy , uncreative show Legends of Crappy Crap
  • Fatboy and cumcum are not on dickeloleon no more.

  • What the fuck were they thinking??

    Such gross humor in this show! Like that episode when Fanboy decides not to take a bath for weeks and grows a talking mushroom hand. Who honestly wants to watch that? There were only a few things that actually made me laugh. 1/10

    The plots are just a pile of ass! A bunch of ***s running around in ***got gear! The worst CGI EVER! God damn it!
  • Worst CGI EVER! Hands down

    I dont know what gave Nickelodeon the idea for this show but I do know that it will get canned soon. The only good characters were the wizard boy Kyle and the depressed store worker Lenny. The protagonists are stupid and obviously insane. I mean, what kind of sane person wears pannies over thier pants 24/7? Someone should call the Sanity Department and examine Fanboy and Chum Chum because something is clearly wrong with thier heads.
  • Stupidest Show Ive Ever Watched

    I don't think there's a dumber show on the face of the earth. When I watched the pilot episode of this show, I was instantly pissed off. I actually kicked the wall in hatred of this shitty show. Thankfully this show stopped making episodes. I think I'd rather ram a fork through my eye than watch a marathon of this crap. Whoever wrote this should be hung immediately or simply fired from writing. I don't see how anyone could find this show entertaining. It sucks horse nuts.
  • Why does everyone hate this?

    I like how the show looks like and how they make it, but only problem is their voices. After all it's a 9/10.
  • OK GUD

    Yeah ok... I gotta be honest with you guys, when I was just a little bit younger I used to kind of like this show a bit, really. And while I do not hate it as much as many other shows around here (even though it does not say much), I still think it is a rotten shitburger covered in maggots that they somehow got on TV. Robot & Monster is a better CG animated show than this shit, and I could call this a fact.
  • Oh God why.....

    This show is a disaster. It's an annoying Technicolored mess that builds up nothing funny, great, special, fantastic, or even fucking DECENT. The show revolves around 2 kids dressed up like super heroes who live in a water-tower who just fuck around and go to school without any parents, are they brothers? I DON'T KNOW! THEY NEVER TELL US. We get no info about the people around them either, but I guess that's not really important with two fucking idiots always screeching or messing around for no reason, but basically what you can gather from the characters in this show is that they're OBNOXIOUS, ***ED, ANNOYING, and fucking SHIT. The stories for the show MIGHT in a small chance can be saved, but no, the writers of this shit-stain have of way of making the story uninteresting and dumbed-down to the point where a MENTAL-PATIENT CAN WRITE BETTER.

    All the jokes are like some torches they do, it's like having heated knifes and forks being shoved into your ears, they're horrible.

    Then they show, if not painful enough, does something even worse, POP-CULTURAL REFERENCES. They reference star wars, lord of the rings, internet memes, pac-man, they even have a character called Michael Johnson who's a rip-off of Michael Jackson, and this was done after his DEATH. Nice timing their guys.

    I'm not going to go into detail into the animation, because it's the same nick animation, garbage, but I'll just tell you now, I think they made it WORSE.

    So people, if you're going to watch an animated show about wacky people living in a water tower, WATCH ANIMANIACS! Hell, I'll even link you an episode, anything to get you out of this cauldron of ass. 22-g


    this is quite possibly the worst show in history! wanna know why it sucks? BECAUSE IT IS SO OBNOXIOUS!! I wanna say more but everyone is saying the same thing: its disgusting, its annoying, its stupid. can i see into the future at all? because, honestly, how do i know which shows are good and whick ones suck. im not the only one! ive seen other people say they saw the commercials for this abomination and they hated it! alright i'll rap this up by giving one positive thing about this show: its on DVD and the disc can be smashed with a sledgehammer.


    PS sorry this was short.
  • Repulsive

    Really? Really nickelodeon? As long as this show is cancelled, I'm fine. The only thing wrong with this show is EVERYTHING! When I first saw this show, I thought it was eye and ear rape for people, and it WAS. The worst part of it all was the toilet humor. It is $#!*! The CGI graphics are disgusting as mostly other shows that use CGI, but like I said, it is severe eye rape with all those s*** colors used in a horrible manner. The theme song is also crap+ the music. If everyone could give me DVDs of this show and other ***boy and cum cum objects, I would burn them in a huge fire. No need to waste anymore time and words reviewing this crap.
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