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  • GET IT OFF!!!!!!!

    I watched an episode. Worst humor ever. I can't blame Kyle for hating them. Hey Kyle I got a task for you, grab some sort of weapon and KILL FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM, PLEAAAASSSSSE DO IT. It is gross. I'm beyond glad that it is not on nickelodeon. No reruns PLEASE.
  • It's much better than any crappy show like Legends of Chima

    It might have a few fart jokes but it is a thousand times better than crappy , uncreative show Legends of Crappy Crap
  • Fatboy and cumcum are not on dickeloleon no more.

  • What the fuck were they thinking??

    Such gross humor in this show! Like that episode when Fanboy decides not to take a bath for weeks and grows a talking mushroom hand. Who honestly wants to watch that? There were only a few things that actually made me laugh. 1/10

    The plots are just a pile of ass! A bunch of ***s running around in ***got gear! The worst CGI EVER! God damn it!
  • Worst CGI EVER! Hands down

    I dont know what gave Nickelodeon the idea for this show but I do know that it will get canned soon. The only good characters were the wizard boy Kyle and the depressed store worker Lenny. The protagonists are stupid and obviously insane. I mean, what kind of sane person wears pannies over thier pants 24/7? Someone should call the Sanity Department and examine Fanboy and Chum Chum because something is clearly wrong with thier heads.
  • Why does everyone hate this?

    I like how the show looks like and how they make it, but only problem is their voices. After all it's a 9/10.
  • OK GUD

    Yeah ok... I gotta be honest with you guys, when I was just a little bit younger I used to kind of like this show a bit, really. And while I do not hate it as much as many other shows around here (even though it does not say much), I still think it is a rotten shitburger covered in maggots that they somehow got on TV. Robot & Monster is a better CG animated show than this shit, and I could call this a fact.
  • Oh God why.....

    This show is a disaster. It's an annoying Technicolored mess that builds up nothing funny, great, special, fantastic, or even fucking DECENT. The show revolves around 2 kids dressed up like super heroes who live in a water-tower who just fuck around and go to school without any parents, are they brothers? I DON'T KNOW! THEY NEVER TELL US. We get no info about the people around them either, but I guess that's not really important with two fucking idiots always screeching or messing around for no reason, but basically what you can gather from the characters in this show is that they're OBNOXIOUS, ***ED, ANNOYING, and fucking SHIT. The stories for the show MIGHT in a small chance can be saved, but no, the writers of this shit-stain have of way of making the story uninteresting and dumbed-down to the point where a MENTAL-PATIENT CAN WRITE BETTER.

    All the jokes are like some torches they do, it's like having heated knifes and forks being shoved into your ears, they're horrible.

    Then they show, if not painful enough, does something even worse, POP-CULTURAL REFERENCES. They reference star wars, lord of the rings, internet memes, pac-man, they even have a character called Michael Johnson who's a rip-off of Michael Jackson, and this was done after his DEATH. Nice timing their guys.

    I'm not going to go into detail into the animation, because it's the same nick animation, garbage, but I'll just tell you now, I think they made it WORSE.

    So people, if you're going to watch an animated show about wacky people living in a water tower, WATCH ANIMANIACS! Hell, I'll even link you an episode, anything to get you out of this cauldron of ass. 22-g


    this is quite possibly the worst show in history! wanna know why it sucks? BECAUSE IT IS SO OBNOXIOUS!! I wanna say more but everyone is saying the same thing: its disgusting, its annoying, its stupid. can i see into the future at all? because, honestly, how do i know which shows are good and whick ones suck. im not the only one! ive seen other people say they saw the commercials for this abomination and they hated it! alright i'll rap this up by giving one positive thing about this show: its on DVD and the disc can be smashed with a sledgehammer.


    PS sorry this was short.
  • Repulsive

    Really? Really nickelodeon? As long as this show is cancelled, I'm fine. The only thing wrong with this show is EVERYTHING! When I first saw this show, I thought it was eye and ear rape for people, and it WAS. The worst part of it all was the toilet humor. It is $#!*! The CGI graphics are disgusting as mostly other shows that use CGI, but like I said, it is severe eye rape with all those s*** colors used in a horrible manner. The theme song is also crap+ the music. If everyone could give me DVDs of this show and other ***boy and cum cum objects, I would burn them in a huge fire. No need to waste anymore time and words reviewing this crap.
  • This show is..

    I watched it accidentally while scrolling through channels one day and i gotta sake,i spent only 10 minutes on it and yet,it almost make me wanna smash the television...

    This show is utterly freaky in character design and many other point and should be vaporized from ever being existed...
  • This show sucks so much! Shame on you, Nickelodeon, for making this terrible show!

    My first ever TV review.

    Oh my god! Oh my *** god! This show is SO much worse than Teletubbies, Barney and Friends, Dora The Explorer, Mr. Meaty, The Jerry Springer Show, and even Boohbah! Seriously, I'm not even joking! This show is disappointing. I hate it so much. This is so bad, I wish could still let us rate shows under 1.0 out of 10! I want to strangle the people who made this super annoying show. The characters' names on this show make this show more stupid and idiotic than terrible and even annoying! I mean, seriously, look at the characters' names:


    Chum Chum



    Mr. Mufflin



    WTF? Nickelodeon must've been on drugs when they made this show! It sucks donkey @$$! I'd rather watch iCarly, Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, Teletubbies, Barney and Friends, Boohbah, Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go, and any other show but this stupid, terrible, suckish, bad, disappointing, show! This show is definitely getting a 1.0 out of 10! I wish this show was never ever EVER EVER made! This is the worst show that I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life! This show makes me want to rage! I AM SERIOUSLY NOT JOKING! This is the worst, most disappointing, most annoying show ever on the WHOLE face of the Earth! This show is so bad, I don't want to even calm down! It's the worst show that has ever been made! Whoever made this show need get SLAPPED RIGHT IN THE FACE! I am serious! This show makes me angry and even frustrated! As a matter of fact, this show makes me so mad, I don't want to even talk about this show anymore since my rant on hating Fanboy and Chum Chum is giving me a severe headache. Bye, and good day to you!!!!!

    My rating: A big fat 1.0! >:(
  • Pancoy and Cum Cum

    If I wanted actually funny vulgar humor I'd go to the Angry Video Game Nerd.
  • this the worst show on nick

    There are no words to describe how much I hate this. Here is what is wrong with the characters

    Fanboy- annoying, he and chum and chum are the worst characters on this show and that is saying a lot.

    Chum Chum- first problem is like Fanboy he is annoying, though he is even more so. Another problem is that he is younger than the rest of the characters but still goes to their class the creator of the show said that Fanboy just brought him to class and not one noticed that he was younger. That makes no sense, just make him the same age!

    Kyle ok, no complaints but one ok charter does save the show

    Janitor- I know that not he real name but this real name is just bad, just look it up. It tells you that this show is going for low humor

    Yo- why do you have a crush on chum-chum he is like a few years younger than you, It serves no point.

    All the characters, expect for Kyle, are annoying, I find the plot weird and all over the place and filled with unfunny jokes.

    nick please cancel this please.

  • Fan-stupid& crap crap

    This show needs to burn pronto 1/10 or 0/10 disaster.
  • fanboy and chum chum is geting canceled maybe

    you lunatics there is no 3rd season its ending 2013

    It's ruining Nickelodeon and that channel is already bad enough with that shitty Marvin, Marivn. Please for the love of God, cancel this piece of shit abomination, Nick!!
  • Today, I will be reviewing one of the worst TV shows of all time, if not worst.

    My god, this show is terrible! I heard it's getting a 3rd season, and I hope that is not true. The plot.... well..... it's centers around two kids who dress up as superheros in their underwear and their adventures. That's probably not the plot at all, but that's what I can remember. This show, to me, started the downfall of Nick! It might have been something else, but I think it is. This is one of those shows that uses 3D Animation like Jimmy Neutron. But unlike this show, Jimmy Neutron was funny and was one of my favorite shows of all time. This show, however, is one of my most hated shows of all animation is terrible, the characters look ugly, and the humor is god awful! Now, on with the characters.

    The main characters are Fanboy & ChumChum. First of all, who names their kids Fanboy & ChumChum? Were their parents on crack? Speaking of parents, where are they? Maybe they left because they didn't want to be with those two idiots. Back on topic, these two are the worst main characters of all time. They act like they're 3 years old, and I agree with DreadAngelus, a one year old can do better than them! Oh, and I'll say it again, WHY ARE THEY CALLED FANBOY & CHUMCHUM! None of the other characters are likable and are just annoying the same way as those two idiots, not to mention their names are stupid too! The only good characters on this show are, you're not going to believe their names, Kyle and Lenny. WHAT? You mean to tell me you give all the characters bad names, but you give both Kyle and Lenny proper names? What is the point? Anyway, these are the only good characters in this show because they act like us! They want to shoot themselves whenever they see Crapboy & DumDum.

    The episodes, I'm not even going to talk about them. They were abysmal.

    Final Score: 1.0/10

    Grade: F-
  • Not much better than a sharp stick in one's eye...

    I have seen some pretty bad cartoon shows in my youth (The Osmonds, The Jackson 5ive, The Brady Kids, , but NOTHING could have prepared me for the visceral horror that is, Fanboy And Chum Chum.

    A show that sets back CGI animation decades, with plots so infantile & characters that are grating as they are ugly, this makes Rocko's Modern Life look like Seinfeld.

    What compelled Nickelodeon to even pick up this show? Thankfully, it wore out its welcome after only 13 episodes.

    Nickelodeon should just save face by putting this show out to pasture & replacing it with more wholesome fare like You Can't Do That On Television repeats.
  • Hey guys check it out!

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is back on Nick! Yea, prime time! 7:00 am! Ha! No but seriously, this show sucks! I am the biggest hater of toilet humor and this one crosses the line. Seriously, this show is not funny at all! I hope it gets canceled again. I have never gotten one chuckle from it.
  • Can I hunt down the writers now?

    Some parts of the review are from "xGummyBear1000", "cjarvis11" and minorly "MadMan4000096"'s reviews.

    Screw this show. Screw this show to HECK!! This is the worst show I've ever watched, period. It's the only show where I actually thought about throttling every single character of the show AND every single person employed by Nickelodeon soundly. And that takes a TON to make me do that. The acting is awful, the characters are annoying, the jokes are disgusting, the plot is nonexistent, the dialogue is stupid, the music makes you deaf, the writing is puerile and childish, the style is stupid, there is no re-watch value, and overall sucks.

    Let's rant on these characters now.

    1. Fanboy

    2. Chum Chum

    3. Kyle

    4. Lenny

    5. Yo

    6. Boog

    7. Oz

    1. Fanboy: I will find you and I will DESTROY you. I will smash your head into the ground until you become a big bloody mess. Do you know why?! Because, first, you're just so annoying. You go on the most ***ed adventures, and you're not even a hero, since all you do is go to the mart, drink a god-darn slush and annoy people. I could become a better hero than this idiot ever could. Then, you annoy poor Kyle who is the only logical one, next to Lenny. Where are your parents anyway? I don't think they fed you considering you're hideously thin. Screw you.

    2. Chum Chum: You're probably the second worst out of the whole show. The reason why is because you're just so annoying, more than Fanboy. The reason I just hate you so much is because you remind me of one of those hyper kids who can't even drink a friggin' can of soda because then you'll get hyper and then you're going to go on a big sugar rush which would probably make you the most annoying little fat short dwarf in history. And you're not cute, you're just ugly, and you're like that one guy that everyone wants to punch in the face that makes jokes but no one laughs yet you still try. Plus, your voice is so annoying that I want to rip your head off.

    3. Kyle: I can't say any bad things to you, but I will say this: Even you and Lenny can't make this show any better.

    4. Lenny: Once again, I can't say anything bad about you. I feel your pain.

    5. Yo: Why are you obsessed with Chum Chum? He's not even cute! You're both such idiots and I just want to punch you both in your little fat faces. I hate his high pitched voice. Yo, you're a freaking idiot.

    6. Boog: Let me have a word with you. First, TALK OUT YOUR MOUTH, NOT YOUR ANUS. Secondly, I hate that stupid word "Bop". That is the most annoying word on the face of the Earth. You're not cool when you say "Bop". You're not tough when you bop somebody on their heads. That just makes you a fat little idiot that nobody likes. And why are you obsessed with Chimp Chomp?! You're obsessed with a ARCADE GAME!!! THAT proves you have no life. You treat it like it's your life. Anyway, nobody thinks that's funny when you bop people. Stop being a idiot.

    7. Oz: I can't really describe you but you're saying "Seriously" too many times.

    Everyone else sucks.

    Screw this show, and screw Nick!!!

    Acting: 0/10

    Writing: 0/10

    Plot/Plot Devices/Morals: 0/10

    Drawing/Animation: 0/10

    Characters: 0/10

    Plot: 0/10

    Music: 0/10

    Total: 0/10

    Don't even consider watching a second of this, you'll live longer.

  • A decent show, but nothing too special.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is an OK show. But its nothing too special. The animation in this show is good and bad at the same time, it's a creative concept taking cartoon-like animation and mixing it with 3d, (it's very hard to explain). The voice acting is pretty good most of the time, its about as good as in SpongeBob or something. The humor is gross most of the time, but just enough to be funny. This show's main characters act stupid and yell all the time (Chum Chum tells us that Fanboy only has an outside voice).
    So definately give this show a chance and if you dont like it, I understand.
  • This show show.....just sucks....PERIOD

    Ok Nick are you pulling our legs or what i mean seriously this show sucks and its really immature its about 2 stupid boys who think they are super heroes (wearing *cough wearing underwear cough*) named Fanboy (who looks like sheen from Jimmy neutron and chum-chum who are retarded and only think about farts,body fluid and other discusting things,Theres not even creative names i mean there is a girl nameed ''yo'
    (WTF).I mean nick couldve used this as a cartoon short for commercial blocks and it wouldve been fine with me but replace this crappy show that i would have a pleasure missing for awsome shows like Invader Zim is a BIG no no! (me thinks the nickoldean programmers need a spanking :P) Anyway the bottom line: If you are stuck between watching this show for a day or going to Jail for a day choose Jail.


    The Theme song sucks its just a bunch of fanboy and chum chum running around like idiots and the lyrics are pitaful Its basically just Fanboy and Chum Chum and thats sucks now i know CatDog another childhood favorite show of mine is the same But at least it had a catchy tune and that show is way better than this i dont see how anyone can watch this or let alone enjoy it unless thier mentally challenged.
  • How was this Show even Possible?!

    Okay, I'm editing my first review, so.. here we go.

    Okay, there are so many things wrong with this TV show. SO MANY THINGS. As you can, everyone hates it! It sucks so badly!

    CHARACTERS: There's something wrong with all of them. Fanboy [***gboy] is the most annoying kid you could ever imagine! Not only does he make ONLY poop-themed jokes, but his voice gives me headaches that last forever! Chum Chum [Scum Scum] is a fat and short little nub of a boy. He's just like Fanboy, but... shorter. Yo (what's with their names?) is a very... strange person. She has a weird obsession with Chum Chum (like my obsession with Link, but weirder!) and is constantly playing those annoying digital pet games. There was even one episode where she tried to make Chum Chum INTO a digital pet. Waaat...? Let's move on Boog[er]! He's, like, some 16 year old bully that picks on the other kids and is a complete slacker (nice thing to teach the kiddies) and cares only for his car, and most importantly, an old arcade game. Why, out of all things, an arcade game? WHY!? When there are things like COD and Bioshock out there, he'd rather play an arcade game about a monkey. Way to go! Oh, and did I forget to say that he's obsessed with the word 'bop'? Didn't take long to get annoyed with that one. The only sane characters are Kyle and Lenny, and with their attitudes, I can tell they're thinking, "Omg someone halp me get out of this TV show!"

    PLOTS: Like I said before, there was an episode where the Yo girl tries to make the fat kid into a digital pet. Isn't that enough for you? No? Well, this is going to be fun [oh dear Link help me!]. All the plots in the dang show DON'T MAKE SENSE! An episode about a gum monster. Yay. Fun. An episode about banned tooooys...? Alrighty, then. And another great episode, and my favorite, the episode where Fanboy loses his... 'brain' and Chum Chum replaces it with a sponge and tried to teach him again! So the creepy girl takes advantage of this, naturally.

    HUMOR: Do I need to say it? It's all toilet humor! I can mind one or two jokes like that in an episode, as it's funnier that way, but when the WHOLE SHOW is made up of potty jokes... the small krutch holding up the show will break. SNAP and million peices...

    ANIMATION AND ART: Omg, LOL it's pathetic! The CGI makes your eyes bleed, and the bright colours make you wanna puke rainbows. The animation is laughable, not in the good way...! Oh, and why do their eyes looks like they're made of glass? They seriously freakin' shine! It's scary :<. The character designs are weird, too. Fanboy has a flat head, Boog's whole body is his head..., Chum Chum is missing a neck, and so on...

    CONCEPT: This show... THIS---THIS SHOW. It is about two stupid kids with two stupid lives and one stupid house and some stupid friends and they go on 'adventures' together while wearing underwear and never taking off their masks and costumes.

    MUSIC AND SOUND: Lemme start with the theme. Makes you go deaf. Go blind in your ears... and if not, it's like the Lavender Town theme and gets stuck in your head for the rest of your life! Pointless. Couldn't it be one of those shows with NO theme song? Maybe I could hear then! The voices are so loud, even with the volume lowered majorly, you can still hear their tiny voice perfectly! The sound effects and music is so annoying. It's like Johnny Test when it comes to that!

    I think that's actually all I can rant about. And like Kristofferyfi said, RIP those kids who were forced to watch this
  • More like Fanbutt and ChumpChump.

    This is a very idiotic show. The CGI is just terrible. Did the creators take steroids while making this show? The characters are also stupid. Fanboy is an stupid jerk, ChumChum is disturbed, the villans are sadists, and the other kids are unoriginal. It's filled with pointless parodies, stupid storylines, and generic jokes. The creators must of been on acid to make this show. Sure, Nick has made some pretty bad shows (especially Mr. Meaty and Dora the Explorer), but this show takes the cake. I'd rather kiss a male chimpanzee than watch this show. Thought Out of Jimmy's Head was bad? Well this show is even worse. If you ask me, Fanboy and ChumChum won't last a single season (two if it's lucky).

    In my reviews, shows will be graded by letters, F being the worst, S being the best, and A, B, C, D, and E being in between.

    Presentation: F
    Dialogue: E
    Style: F
    Re-watch value: F
    Overall Grade: F

    How is this still on? No, no a better question. How did this get premiered! I mean really. Okay, Nick stop ruining my childhood with ruining formly good shows like spongebob. Canceling actually decent shows like Barnyard and replacing it with THIS. This is why I don't watch kid's networks anymore and now watch Seinfeld! Okay, enough ranting and let's get to the show.

    The plot is that there are two boys named fanboy and chum chum (great name guys) and they dress up like superheroes and were underwear outside their body...... yeah... So they just do random crap in the episodes and make jokes about crap. No I'm literally serious, the majority of humor is bathroom. How old are the creators? Because I know some little kids hate this show. Ugh. I want to falcon punch fanboy badly. There is only one saving grace about this show and that's Oz. He's the only thing that makes it horrible instead of devatatingly bad. The other characters are forgettable and the overall show is awful. The original Toy Story has better animation and it's ONE of the worst show I've ever seen.

    I'd rather play Spelling Challenges (worst game I've ever played) than watch this.

    Other than Oz the comicbook guy NEVER watch this show, ever. This show makes me RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay enough talking about this if I do I'll go into a coma.
  • I almost got a seizure watching this when it first aired in 2009. This is the worst Nick show ever.

    This show needs to get canceled, I have no fucking clue why it's so popular, and how it could win Daytime Emmy Awards, it's terrible. It's a ripoff of Beavis and Butt-Head, not to mention a version of Beavis and Butt-Head for kids. The animations and the character designs are so terrible, not to be gay, but some of the characters look like dicks. The characters are disgusting and dimwitted and ugly ass pieces of shit, and the plot is terrible. And who the hell names their kids "Fanboy" and "Chum Chum"? Their moms must have been on drugs or alcohol to give them their names, and the fact how stupid they act. and what kind of a name is Yo?!?!? The names are very stupid. And why don't they have parents, did they die from drug or alcohol abuse? I wouldn't be surprised cause that stuff can kill you, Why are they dressed up as superheroes? they don't fight crimes and it's not Halloween, why do they wear them? Plus, they have dirty underwear over their costumes, don't the ever wash their clothes? and the voice acting, please don't get me started on the voice acting. the voice acting is so terrible, Chum Chum's voice makes me wanna kill myself every time he speaks. I'm pretty sure it's a woman doing his voice, but whoever the hell thinks they do a good job with that voice should be ashamed and should never voice boys ever again. whoever voices Chum Chum really should not try to voice boys ever again because she can't, Chum Chum sounds like a little girl, that's not how a boy is suppose to sound. Damn, this show needs to get canceled and never seen again. Nickelodeon died of brain cancer when this first aired. Nick is not good. I would rather play Superman 64 than watch this shit. I hope this show doesn't get a third season, I hope it gets canceled ASAP. F@gboy and Cum Cum need to die or something. Don't ever watch this show, you'll live longer.
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    Crappy show.

    Plot: Two dumb kids running around with underwear on the outside.

    Graphics: Worst than bubsy 3d and superman 64.

    Characters: Bad names, the only good names are kyle and lenny.

    Nuff said.

    This show is disgusting. The jokes are terrible. The plots are unoriginal. The only thing I REALLY like about this show is the CGI. It's amazing. But the show? Ugh.
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