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  • The Worst Show Ever

    This is the worst show ever. I get dumber everytime I watch it. Everyone I know hates this show as well. It's basically just 30 minutes of unfunny fart jokes and toilet humor. Those stuff don't even need to be in a kid show. I'd rather watch G1, G2, G3, G3.5, and newborn cuties of My Little Pony. At least those attempt to be good compare to this. The voice acting is also extremely poor. I ussually don't mind boy characters being voiced by girls but to me Chum Chum would be better sounding if voiced by a boy. Fuck this show. If I could, I would go back in time to prevent this show from ever being created.
  • I just turned of the tv after this show was on

    This show is so dumb why doesnt it end already it is killing me. And i mean seriously. 100% worst show ever
  • The main example of how animated shows have gone downhill.

    When this show came into the lineup as Nick's first CGI toon, I thought I'd give it a chance. But after watching it, I think I went too far already. Who would ever think of such a terrible show, so terrible that it makes the cr*p like the modern Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, and TUFF Puppy look like true animation masterpieces. Fanboy and Chum Chum(but more Fanboy) are so freaking happy, it makes me want to reach through the TV and knock them out. The Yo girl is so crazy over Chum Chum, she goes insane and traps Chum Chum in a dollhouse. Boog is probably the only bright spot on this show, and is the only character that brings some humor to the table. The other characters on the show are suicidal, like Fanboy and Chum Chum sucked all the happiness they had in their life. Kyle, the wizard(which is completely random)NAND Lenny look like they want to put a bullet through their head whenever F and CC are within distance. The same goes for their teacher. And seriously, a character named Poopatine? The plots are also very weird. For example, there is an episode where the lunch lady won't let the kids and the teacher leave until they eat their "glop". So they come up with elaborate yet stupid plans to get outta there, but none come up with success. So they finally eat their "glop" and turn into giants. Some are even weirder than that. Also, this show probably has the worst beginning/theme song of all time. You can barely understand what the guy that singing the song is saying until towards the end, when he says "Let's scream at the top of our lungs, and then will have some fun", and by that point F and CC's heads are popping in and out of their bodies on the bottom of the screen. The song then ends by the "singer" rapidly speeding up his words by saying "Fanboy Chum Chum", which is barely understood, which F and CC reply to being as a nice finishing touch. This was enough to defer me from watching the rest of any further episodes, as I knew I would be in for a puke fest if I continued to watch. Some previous reviews say this show is cute. If you're looking for cute, watch Doc McStuffins.

    Overall, I cannot believe that Nick even green lighted this series, yet gave it a second season. It's like they want people to stop watching their network. I have also seen commercials for a new series called Robot and Monster, whose artwork looks very similar to Fanboy and Chum Chum. Whenever you see this show on, immediately turn the channel to some quality shows like "Regular Show" and "Phineas and Ferb", as well as "Gravity Falls". These shows are making an animation resurgence, while shows like "Fanboy and Chum Chum" are bringing it down.

  • Cute and funny

    This Show is Cute and Funny Forget all the Haters Haters Keep your Mouth shut if you Have nothing Nice to say do no say it at all This Show is Funny Robot and Monster is Junk Come on Give it a Chance hey its better then problemselverz on cn
  • This show is like a bunch of children are screaming while jumping on a bed.

    It is horrendously bad, beyond annoying! Every second is like a kick to my face. The story, the characters, everything about it is like a bunch little kids jumping on their bed screaming! It's just loud, grating, and makes no sense! It's one of the worst, people. Possibly one of the worst I've ever had to sit through! It is a piece of There are no words to describe it! There's only one single, solitary image! *Sokka face-palming*
  • When I watch this show I puke out blood! :-O Wait they UNCANCELED IT?

    WOW! When I first watched this show I thought, i hope dora the exlporer is better than this, and i was totally right. Really idoits with underwear!

    Art Designs 2/10: Seriosuly, i can't watch this. I can't even listen to this show. Looking at the screen makes my eyes fall, blow up, and eye ball guts are everywhere. Failure with the art.

    Character Looks 4/10: I will give them credit with the creative looks. They don't look all the same. But boog with the head 30lbs and 1 inch feet.



    They did cancel it. But now I noticed they think we still like this crappy junk! No, no NO stop it now or I'll go to nick studios and cancel it MYSELF! Don't make me do it because I will if I see them no stopping it. As I write this its on and now I feel like burning my T.V....or just change the channel.
  • what is this I don't even

    I recall when I first had to sit through this. It was kind of hard not to gouge my eyes out. THAT'S how bad it is.

    PLOT: Two friends (Fanboy and Chum Chum) wear underwear over their clothing, hang out in convenience stores, and annoy a wizard in training named Kyle and-

    I don't think I need to waste time with this.

    I honestly think that the Nick Execs were on something when they accepted this cartoon. The plot is meaningless, the characters are forgettable, the humor is entirely fart and bathroom-related, annnd the animation is awful. Unless you like crappy shows similar to "Johnny Test", you won't like this show under any circumstance.
  • dont even bother watching this... ugh...

    Terribly disgusting. I hate this gross show so much i just cant see how anyone could ever find this "cartoon" in anyway at all unless they had some serious issues. I ABSOLOUTLY HATE THIS SHOW 100%%
  • The worst Nickeolodeon show ever.

    This has got to be the worst Nickeolodeon show ever followed by iCarly (as second worst). Let me explain why in detail:

    The characters:

    The animation and the character designs are drawn poorly. It looks as if Nickeolodeon spent 2 minutes doing this trainwreck of a show. The characters have boring personalities as well as ***ed names (with the exception of Kyle and Lenny.) I mean, where the hell do they get the names, Fanboy, Chum-Chum, Yo, Poopatine, Boog and some others from? As well as that, Nickeolodeon creators must have been high whilst coming up with this.

    The plot:

    Basically it's about two 'heroes' named Fanboy and Chum-Chum trying to save their city. I watched one episode of this and nothing makes sense at all and the plots are as stupid as hell. Fanboy and Chum-Chum are lame excuses for heroes aswell, I mean, which moron would be stupid enough to be like them? As well as that, this show is the second most questionable show I've seen (with Disney's A.N.T Farm as most questionable)

    The jokes:

    At least this wasn't made by It's a Laugh Productions but still, the jokes are worse than the annoying laugh track! The jokes are mostly either toilet humour, poop, or something else which is absolutely disgusting! I even get put off eating if I come across this! The jokes are as horrible as hell plus I don't know how anyone can laugh at this. The only laughable thing is the attempt of making this a good show!

    Overall summary:

    The worst show Nickeolodeon has created. As I've mentioned in other reviews, Nickeolodeon and Cartoon Network are 50% bringing back old shows but it's 50% following Disney's route. Please cancel this, this show is literally leaving me in agony right now!

    Overall rating:

    Characters: 0/10. Poor design, personalities.

    Plot: 0/10. Doesn't make sense and some episodes are as disgusting as hell.

    Jokes: 0/10. These so-called jokes are good enough to make you VOMIT in a toilet!

    Final total: 0/10. Nickeolodeon, you must've been high or plain stupid making this. Just stop and cancel this already.

  • Failboy and Dum Dum

    This...has got to be...THE WORST CARTOON I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! It is worse than any other show I have ever seen. The Cleveland Show. Alan Gregory. Sit Down, Shut Up. Chalkzone. Spaceballs: The Animated Series. Basically EVERY OTHER CARTOON EVER!!!!

    If the show was about Kyle, it might be a lot better, but NOOOOOO! FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM HAD TO BE THE MAIN CHARACTERS!!!!!!! THEY ARE SO ANNOYING AND I JUST WANT TO BEAT THE @#$% OUT OF THEM!!! Yo, Boog, and Oz are also super annoying! Lenny...he's OK.

    All in all, in my opinion, this is absolutely THE WORST CARTOON IN TV HISTORY!!!
  • More like Failboy and Bum Bum


    Why would people name their kids Fanboy or Chum Chum?

    Character are so weird and have dumb names (Yo?!?!)

    Fanboy and Chum Chum are obnoxious, annoying fails that think they're cool. HUH? Cool means to wear good, proper clothes and to be popular! These boys wear underwear on their pants 0____0! Characters continue.......

    Boog is a big bully and "bops" people. That is stupid!

    Yo is obsessed with Chum Chum. He's not cute!

    Kyle:OK. and has a normal name.

    Lenny has a normal name. Why is it that these OK characters with normal names are annoyed by those two fails? I feel sorry for them (Normal characters, others should die)

    Humor: fart, poo and the like. They're not funny! They're gross!

    Art is so ugly! The characters look so weird.

    Thank goodness it ended(Did it?) If not, Nick should of ended it at the first second! But ,no. Nickelodeon wanted money. Now, money means power. More power, more ruling. To get money, they quickly made all this junk, like teen fail dramas(examples, Icarly and Victorious)

    and fail cartoons like:

    Fanboy and chum chum,

    Spongebob (NEW),

    and Planet Sheen, just to name a few.

    And here is my rant!
  • This show is just awful

    It doesn't make sense at all and is very irritating. All of the characters are annoying and the plots are very stupid.
  • going going glad its gone

    thank god its gone,this show was horrible. Whats the point of them wearing super hero outfits they never act like a super hero and there names are even dumber:Fanboy and Chum chum,really? words.
  • The Worst Television Show of All Time

    I feel terrible for all the kids who've turned into mental ***s after watching this show. It is, without a doubt, the worst show on Nickelodeon, making "Zoey 101" runner-up to that dreaded title, the worst show to be made in 2009, making "Cleveland Show" runner-up, and last but definetly not least, the worst show of all time, finally making "South Park" runner-up to that dreaded title. What makes this show that horrendous? Well for starters, the CGI is obnoxious; the characters are ugly and the colors are painful. The stories are all made of sh#t, with no value whatsoever. Then we have voice acting, which is so horrendously annoying; David Hornsby, Nika Futterman, Josh Duhamel, Estelle Harris and Wyatt Cenac should all be embarrased and ashamed of themselves. And lastly, there's the worst of the worst: It never, f*cking, shuts, up! In every episode, there's loud music, loud sound effects, loud screaming, and anything else to make your ears bleed. This show is simply NOT good for children. 1/10. The most dreadful show. DREADFUL!!! >:-(
  • Not the cartoon for me.

    I'm sorry, but this show is horrible. It's not really the cartoon for me. I was expecting Fanboy & Chum Chum to be about a superhero and his sidekick going to save the world from evil villains. Is it? No! Of course not! Instead, it's about 2 bland kids that go and do bland things in this bland town. This show sucks. If I would watch a Superhero cartoon produced by Nickelodeon, I would watch:

    Danny Phantom

    Wolverine & The X-Men

    Voltron Force or

    Power Rangers: Samurai (Even though it's not a cartoon)

    My average rating: 1.0

    I'm happy seeing how hated this show is! I agree with anybody who doesn't like Fanboy and Chum Chum! Some reviews say they don't know why this show is bad and they like it! I know what opinions are but this show is so bad that I don't even know what opinions even are anymore! It kills brain cells you know! Here are some reasons why People hate Fanboy and Chum Chum! 1) There's too much potty humor, which people hate. Fanboy and Chum Chum wear their underpants over their clothes! Plus there's a janitor named Janitor Poopatine! Chum Chum always says "p**p" whenever Janitor Poopatine is mentioned! It's so annoying!!! 2) The animation is horrible! This animation only belongs on baby shows with dumb animation like Bubble Guppies, the new ripoff of 101 dalmations on Disney jr. The Channel, Little Einstines, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, or Super Why! I read online that this show is from the creators of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. and Planet Sheen. Now i hate all 3D Animated Cartoons and I'll hate them FOREVER!!!! It all started when Fanboy and Chum Chum came! Now 3D animated cartoons will never be watched by me ever again! Back to this show, the eyes pop out, the heads are flat, and their fingers aren't right! 3) Characters are sooo annoying. They get worse and worse in every episode! Kyle is a brat who yells too much, Fanboy and Chum Chum are two ***s who are just asking to go to hell and be murdered! What's even stupider is that the names are stupid and some characters have names that are ripoffs of good movie characters like Boog is in this show, and that name only belongs on Open Season. The Only good thing about Boog from Fanboy and Chum Chum is he bops all the worst characters in this show, But he does it in an annoying way! Yo has her name because She's so spoiled and bratty she's just asking to be hit really hard in the head with a Yo-Yo. One that is poison and can kill her! I'd murder any character in this show! 4) The storyline is pathetic! 2 dorks who fool around in school! Totally not a good message for kids! I've seen kids fool around in school in real life! Fooling around in school got even worse when Fanboy and Chum Chum came on TV. When they are not talking to anybody, they say I Love Fanboy and Chum Chum all day long! WTF I bet Fanboy and Chum Chum's message teaches kids how to be bad, especially at school. Even at the Frosty mart they fool around! Trust me, This is even worse for kids than American Dad or South Park "Even though I love those 2 shows" They're just really bad for kids. 5) The acting is pathetic! All characters sound like spoiled Preschoolers! Its even worse than the acting on MAD and The Problem Solverz. 6) The Graphics are 1993 graphics! Trust me, no stupid show can ever beat this! 7) The Backround music and setting suck! nothing else to day! Conclusion) The main reason why this show sucks is its annoying and it's creepy animation! Trust me, This can't win an emmy award! Critics are crazy! Why did it get a 2nd season? Please, If you make another episode, or I watch this show ever again, I'd die! Its so bad it doesn't deserve to be liked! I've seen several episodes of this show and It's the stupidest thing I have ever seen! You know those top 10 worst videos? I've seen at least 7 or more of them and they all have Fanboy and Chum Chum on them. I'm serious it's that horrible! Fanboy and Chum Chum is so disgusting! If you watch it, Its gonna make you puke in the toilet! Or Anywhere! This is the most stupidest TV Show I have ever seen! They wear their underwear over their pants, not under their pants! Its just the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! Worst nickelodeon show that ever aired! You probably knew this was coming. Many of you probably knew this was coming. Fanboy and Chum Chum the worst excuse for a kids TV show I have ever seen. Characters wear their underpants over their costumes. If you want to see why this is a bad excuse for a kids TV show and how stupid Fanboy and Chum Chum is, I'm sorry but your gonna have to watch it yourself. Its just annoying and stupid. Like its just these 2 little kids and they just go around being obnoxious. Its like spongebob but his version of stupidity and grossness is charming and descent. Fanboy and Chum Chum are two Retarted children running around and thinking they're cool. Their superhero underpants. No you're not cool, you 2 stupid children!
  • Annoying and not very good

    This show is loud, annoying and has very unlikable characters. It often resorts to gross out humor, and by often I mean always. A few good allusions are in the show, but it mostly falls flat for me.

    The first time i saw the commercial for this show i saw potential in it i have heard so many bad reviews so i decided one day to give it a shot and see how bad it was after 10 minutes of watching my first episode i had to press the MUTE button no words can describe how horrible this show is AND HOW IN THE WORLD CAN IT POSSIBLY WIN AN EMMY let me guess was it JOSH DUHAMEL that made this show a good excuse to win an EMMY. i don't understand what type of excuse this garbage is for an animated show the jokes are so immature, so much dry humor, and i cant believe JOSH DUHAMEL voices a character in this show. this show is so overrated and annoying. it makes you want to shoot yourself all you hear is talking every time your surfing channels ( trust me i tried it ) overral this show is negative infinity/ 10. please DONT WATCH THIS SHOW!
  • And I found 2nd place for worst cartoon ever

    As if Nick wasn't getting worse,they make this cartoon. And let me say,I cannot believe the Emmies were stupid enough to give this show an award. This show is about two superheroes named Fanboy and Chum Chum. And nope,they don't save the world,they are just running around acting like idiots and farting in each others faces. Now,the show's first problem is the animation. The CGI looks really bad,and why are everyone's eyes so shiny? The second problem are the characters. Fanboy and Chum Chum are two braindead idiots who are not even superheros. Yo is an annoying girl who loves Chum Chum. Oz is just a fat nerd who is a HUGE rip-off of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. He's even voiced by Josh Duhmel. Why he's even in this show is what I wonder? Boog is a huge jerk who has an irritating obssession with the word "bop". I really want to get into the tv,and kill that bastard everytime he says "bop". Kyle seems like the only good character of the entire show. He acts normal,and I'm willing to be that he's thinking "I don't belong in this crapfest of a cartoon". The humor is even worse. It relies on nonstop toilet and gross humor like farting,brains and stenches. And if it doesn't rely on toilet humor,then it relies on running gags that are repeated nonstop to the point that you just want to get a gun,and shoot yourself. The plots are just ridiculous. I mean,switching brains with a robot? Digital pet zombies? Bringing a viking to life? It feels like the creators are just writing down ideas and pulling them out of a hat. The spoofs are bad and fail at so many levels. For example,the janitor is just a spoof of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars,who is just idiotic. Overall,this show sucks at being funny,it sucks at animation,it sucks at making characters,and it sucks at entertaining people. To think that this is getting a 3rd season,which is just proof that Nickelodeon just fails now. Do not ever watch this show,EVER.
  • This show is just plain bad! Trust me, I watched this show and it was a crapfest and a bad idea. I'm not joking around!

    Quick review

    Art: 4/10 - The art is rather ugly and lazy

    Music: 2/10 - Very annoying and stupid.

    Character: 2/10 - The characters are so god awful annoying and disgusting. The only characters I like are Kyle and Lenny really.

    Plot: 1.5/10 - Pointless, dull, and annoying.

    Animation: 3.5 - Too much CGI Animation. Yes, there is GOOD CGI Animation like Jimmy Neutron, but for this show, it was rather lazy and unoriginal.

    Presentation: 2/10 - Fails epically at entertaining people and just flat-out irrevelent.

    Overall: 1/10 - Don't watch this show, okay. If you do, you will lose 30 minutes of your life by watching this dumb show. I would watch the WWE of today over this s*** any day and even that sucks. I am not joking! This show sucks nuts! Get this show off the air NOW!
  • What the (bleep) is this show?!?

    Wow, this show just sucks a lot. Where do I begin. This show is the most annoying, irritating, awful, horrible to look show that ver to aired on Nick. Its so bad that I'd rather watch Mr. Meaty that this junk. The characters are really annoying and irritaing. The storylines majorly suck. Its not even funny. And the whole show is annoying. Now my friends said that this show was awful, but I'm someone who gives chances and I checked this show out and it was worse than terrible. Any avoid this show at all possible. Overall 1/10.
  • What is this... What were the creators of this show on?

    This show seems to be so predictable and has jokes that have been done way to many times and relies way too heavily on fart jokes. It's a show that has very dry humor that can not make any one laugh. But what is with the names Fanboy and Chum Chum, I'm sorry but they could have came up with better names than this. The animation is just CGI, but on a budget and just looks horrible( by the way I don't even like CGI in genaral.) Like many have said stay away from this show please!!!!
  • I'll give it a 9 because to be honest it's definitely not a perfect show

    I like it, I'll admit it. I've heard and read a lot of horrible criticism about this show and to be honest I've seen a lot worse shows out there than this one. The reason why I like this show is that sometimes, believe it or not, the show can be funny and it's not because I laugh at everything and have a weird sense of humor, it's because we all laugh at different things that we all find funny while there are others out there who either just don't get the jokes or they think it's funny, but they're just too afraid to laught about it in public. Anways, 9/10 would have been a perfect 10 if the show was funnier than what it is.
  • I like it because it's terrible.


    This show is awful, I'll admit. But I still like it. (for some odd reason)

    Once you get past the brain-melting theme song and the really bad humor, it's alright.

    Review character breaker:








  • Ugh...

    I don't know what else to say about this show. It seems everyone else has beaten me to it. This show is practically insulting to children's intelligence. No amount of repetitive pop culture references or poop jokes can hide the fact that this show is loud, obnoxious and irritating.
  • This Sucks

    this is the worst show on nick ever it should be cancelled and it should never air on tv
  • For the love of God, please kill me now

    I heard so much crap about this show, I decided to see if it was as bad as everyone made it out to be, and you know what I should have listened to everyone. Fanboy and Chum Chum is a show that has not only fails at comedy, but at being a cartoon altogether. The animation is one of those 3D animations like Jimmy Neutron, but unlike that show, F & CC's animation looks choppy, the characters look terrible, and it is way too brightly colored for a kid's show. The characters themselves are just uninspired and very generic with no personality. The stories themselves are uninspired and it tries to be unique with its "jokes". To put it bluntly, he jokes are just abysmal, its just farting, burping, and toilet humor, its just terrible and doesn't have juvenile appeal at all. I have seen only a few episodes, but I can't bear to watch this show anymore, it's just too painful to watch. Don not watch this show unless you want a faster way to commit suicide.
  • If my Future Children Laughed at This, I'd Slap Them.

    I cannot believe that Nickelodeon the creators of spongebob have sank this low. This show aims for the lowest common denominator, borderline retarcIed children (the c and capital i stands for a d). This show is like a fever dream after watching Jimmy Neutron and Spongebob, reading Captain Underpants, and watching Pink Floyd's The Wall. The CGI is worse than Alpha and Omega(which is saying a lot) the characters are flatter than paper (and as annoying as paper cuts), the plots are more over-used than the "that's what she said" jokes, and the comedy shouldn't be considered even close to the real definition of comedy which is something humorous and as you can see this can't even make the mentally unstable laugh. Another problem I have is the lead characters lack of intelligence, I can't relate to two losers who will never accomplish anything in life because of their inability (or just outword laziness) to do what they're supposed to do in school, they arent dumb like spongebob where you at least felt bad for him because of his optimism and that he had other emotions other than annoyingness. While these miserable f*** keep themselves under the delusion that they can actually accomplish something other than most worthless people alive. No wonder their parents aren't around, I'd also leave if I found out I helped in making the slowest minded children in the universe without getting my wife an abortion. Seriously, that baby born without a brain has more of a purpose in life than these miserable ***s do. I'm going to buy some happy pills so I can kill the creators of this show without remorse. Goodbye!
  • What In The Blankity-Blank?!? Constant Payne Falls By The Wayside Haplessly For The More Degenerate, Horse-Feathers Nicktoons Like This?!?

    I never even really cared to check for this large pile of horse-crap all that much after reading others' reviews on here, IMDB and Common Sense Media. Because I was willing to take their word for it and it was convincing, and legitimate enough for me to believe. But a few late nights/early mornings ago, I decided to see bits of an episode/segment so that, for one reason, I can give my review too. I didn't exactly stay on that always, as I was turning back and forth among other shows/channels. The episode or segment I caught at that time was the one in which Fanboy (or as he should more appropriately be called Flamboy) is assigned to look after his classroom's pig and teaches it karate. I had the audio on the t.v. on mute when I tuned into that, but I might have had the captions on at least, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, I knew others weren't kidding or exaggerating about the show, with the nasty humor, such as when the pig's power used to fend off a bear is by breaking wind in the bear's face. The gross-out/sick humor that has been used in the majority of cartoons in recent years has reached it's pinnacle for quite some time and it's gotten to the point in that it's ruined because it's since become overkill. What could've been made for the perfect show, conceived and executed differently and turn out much better instead remains the quintessence or exemplification of deplorability.

    I won't go into details on what this mess of a program is about, since others have already covered it here and elsewhere, and those who aren't already (albeit unfortunately) well acquainted with it can read any of those instead. But I would like to add a few other things I'd like to vent and get off my chest. My Nickelodeon viewing began winding down in the very late '90s, like within two or three years before the new decade, century and millennium arrived. But considering the fact of subsequently reading comments concerning some, certain Nicktoons from over the last decade years later, I can see that I apparently haven't been missing much. Although one of the very few Nicktoons that caught my eye, which is just a featurette, I was unaware of at the time, and either never aired on t.v. or it did air on and go straight to it (unsure due to the inconsistency according to IMDB is Constant Payne, when I watched it months ago for the first time on Youtube). One reason, which is a dumb-donkey one, why this never was permitted to expand into a series was the 9/11 incident, which has since affected episodes of some other series depicted crashes into buildings, explosions or implosions of buildings. Horse-feathers, they'll no longer allow those scenes of those to be shown but allow it in action movies. Constant Payne would've no doubt been my all-time favorite Nicktoon series, if only the bastards had let it extend into one, dern them! I come across a perfect Nicktoon and then they had to go and reject it. Another reason was some dispute or unsuccessful negotiations. I'd take this over Flamboy and Numb Numb any day if I chose. If Nick didn't want to buy the rights to airing Constant Payne, then how and why is it it couldn't have and wasn't shopped around to another network that might have been interested in picking it up? This is horse-crap the way it is, blank the fact that it went bust and there was failure in doing so. It makes me so sick that it seems that unluckily the majority of cartoons airing these days are in the lowest forms and there are simply way too dern many polluting or over-flooding the airwaves when airtime can, and should be given to much better shows. I'm so sick of it, it's overkill as well, I can't take it!!!. Whoever brought up the creator possibly being on drugs (or is really dense) when he came up with this is right and whoever was in charge, and responsible for green-lighting it to let it ever see the light of day( which is just another one of those that never should've seen the light of day nor deserves so), and whoever nominated and gave it Annie awards in the first place are dense-donkeys. The latter probably must've never even seen a single episode and is just going by the ratings. Aside from the upcoming Avatar: The Legend of Korra, I just may continue to be done with this channel for the most part, since the network people keep pushing the less-than-stellar shows. In fact, if they continue (which they most likely will after coming this far to this point, anyway) with this kind of programming, then I hope they fall under and are no longer at the top. I know that despite it not being among the best, it's successful due to some support and ratings. But it wouldn't have ever come to that had the creator not pitched his idea to the network and the greedy, careless, thoughtless behind people there accepting it. Dern all of them for jacking up a formerly great channel. I'll never get over Constant Payne losing the battle of being the more worthy, potential series to watch than junk like Flamboy and Numb Numb, dern it!!! This makes me ticked how that couldn't get a break so much. I wish we had more control on what gets brought to air and what we'd like to see, I mean other than providing support and signing petitions. But it isn't as easy as choosing the records/CDs to buy and listen. To close out this review, I, too, am not feeling Flamboy and Numb Numb and will put in short that there are many bad things wrong with it and there are a lot of unredeeming factors. Those who haven't seen it, I advise to skip it also (unless you're channel surfing back and forth amongst other shows and are still curious anyway), it's lacking in everything I'm sure. Constant Payne gave me a whole new appreciation for the kind of shows like it, unlike this load of rubbish or sewage.
  • Three words: Worst show ever.

    Okay, this has got the absolute worst show on Nickelodeon. It's about two "superheroes" going on random "adventures". If you knew it was going to be bad, I had expected that too. What the heck is up with their names? Fanboy? Chum Chum? Yo? Boog? Janitor Poopatine? Are you serious? The 3D animation is horrible. Everyone's eyes look hideous, and the colors are way too bright. The voices are off, the plots are strange, weird, and unoriginal, and there is no humor to this show. The theme song is catchy, but those lyrics make no sense to me, or anyone else. Therefore, my grade for Fanboy and Chum Chum: 2 out of 10. If you want some REAL entertainment from Nick, go watch T.U.F.F. Puppy instead, THAT has REAL comedy.
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