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  • I am lost for words ... (may contain other shows)

    I have a few things to say ... it may be a mix of other shows by the way ...

    All the new shows are a bunch of wannabes trying to grab an audience but obviously fail since parents don't allow their children to watch.

    I don't really watch TV cartoons (cause I rather read manga which ACTUALLY grabs a big audience across the globe, and watch anime since it's better than poorly made 3D cartoons), that's when I realized the shows my sister watches are very annoying and she's been influenced. No lie, she keeps saying random things and she always talks to herself. For example: Planet Sheen is so stupid. I mean, who names a character "Dorkus?" Seriously, wouldn't little elementary kids get in trouble for saying the word "dork?"

    Now, for Fanboy and Chum Chum. Seriously, kids wearing underwear and acting all superhero like? Superman makes the costume better. And by the way, where are the parents? What the heck? Is Fanboy and Chum Chum trying to teach children to be parentless? I mean c'mon people ... who lets their kids off like that? Who does that? If they had no parents wouldn't they be in a foster home?

    Nick should just get rid of the wannabe shows. I am so sad my teen years have to last with fail cartoons. Same goes for Jessie, Wizards of Waverly Place, Shake it up, ect. Okay I know Jessie is about a nanny who watches over a big family. Wow ... all the kids on that show are stupid like Fanboy and Chum Chum. And Wizards? Really? They're gonna announce a new episode to show who the family wizard is? It's so obvious, either the main MAIN character or it's a tie. The one show I actually appreciate is Good Luck Charlie. The name speaks for the videos cause the family is special and the baby needs to know how to survive. Either way, I kind of hate it ... 2% since there will be a new baby. I can't believe the owners of Nick and Disney allow this ... worst shows forever.
  • In my opinion, this show not 100% awful, but I do agree with the haters on the names...

    I don't think this show is very bad, but I just think it's a poor show. I do agree with the problems. The problems in the show (which make reasons why everyone hate this show a lot) are the names, the music, the fart humor, and some characters. The names are pretty stupid. The most stupid name had to be Yo (as well as Fan Kyle Chum). The music (no offense to the guy who composed it) is just bland. It is nothing but some weird instrument. I wish this show has better background music. I don't even like the dramatic ones either. The fart humor are very dumb also. I'm sick of seeing fart cloud (like the boys did to Kyle once in that prank episode) coming on after a lame joke appears. Also, we even hear poop (the janitor name) and some fart noise. The fart humor is the huge reason why everyone hate this show. If this show didn't have that much problems that I listed above, it should been a decent show to everyone. Now, let's go to the characters. The characters that I liked are Oz, Kyle, Lenny, Man-Artica, and sometimes Fanboy. The characters that seems to bug are Chum Chum (not all the time, but he just annoying in season 1), Boog (60% of the time when he just bop the boys), and Yo. Oh, don't make started with Yo. She has to be the worst character in the whole dang show. I'm glad that everyone hates this annoying character. She is my huge problem whenever she appears (Prank Master, Brain Drain, Fanboy Ahoy, Incredible Shrinking Fanboy, and Battle of the Stands). I'm sick of her obession with Chum Chum. It's annoying and not funny at all. I just wish Chum Chum (as well as Fanboy) shuts Yo's annoying mouth up. Seriously, that girl scared the living heck outta me (she always come out of nowhere). I don't Yo had never been an unlikeable character. Enough said on that girl. Fanboy can annoy me sometimes when he and Chum Chum act idiots like SpongeBob and Patrick. Mr. Mufflin (their teacher) is alright, but sometimes get on my nerves when he's mean. I liked him better when he act like a fun person. Lupe is okay as well and so does the others. I only watch this show when there's new episodes airing. I don't watch reruns because it will get me annoyed seeing Yo annoying , boog painfully bopping, and the boys acting like idiots. The worst episodes are Precious Pig, Monster in the Mist, and the episode when Fanboy uses his hand. Overall this show is just lame. I only made my score a little higher because some of the characters are likeable and I don't really think it's awful. 4/10
  • Not to get Off-Topic of the TV thing here, but I would rather play Sonic (20)06 on Very Hard Mode with a broken xbox 360 controller than watch this.


    I will try to be as calm as i can,

    as you may know, this might have to be the Worst show Nick has ever put on! Let's start with the names of the Characters, for example: Fanboy, that sounds like a Super Hero that has a fan on his head, only not. Chum Chum, that has got to be the dumbest and worst excuse to put on a name for a character. if you want to name that as a Super hero that can transform into Chum (which is pathetic) and back to human being, Fine. but using the name as just for a small neckless character, that's going too far. Boog, Really? is that the smartest move you can make for a name? you're just saying Boogie, but without ie. Yo, once again, is that the smartest move you can make? if you're saying "Yo" as in "Hello", then you'll confuse either yourself or you're friend. For example, "are you talking about 'Yo', the character from 'Fanboy and Chum Chum,' or do you mean 'Yo' as in 'Hello?' " Confusing, isn't it? Oz, yet again, the smartest move you made? it's like saying Wizard of Oz, only without "Wizard of." Mr. Muffin(?), why would you name some teacher a name of a desert? if you listened to his name on the show, you would be confused of him saying "Mr.Mufflin", but if you listen closely, you'll actually hear "Mr.Muffin." Janitor Poopatine, not a good name for a toilet humor. Seriously, that's gross, and saying "poop" in a stupid and (trying to be) humorous way is NOT funny. it's like these writers either could have been high, or couldn't think of a good name, and had to use stupid names.

    Now, lets get into the plot of the Story, The plot is about Two kids who dress up like Super Heroes... and that's it. No, Really, that's all the plot is about. but the plot sometimes is bare-bones and doesn't make creative ideas with it's ideas. The episodes are stupid, like switching noses for Picture Day, and making a giant monster out of gum. Now, Why was switching noses and making a giant monster out of gum was really necessary? Sure, Creating a robotic sidekick makes sense (does it?), but making a monster out of gums, that's just plain stupid.

    The characters have little dimension or personality. Fanboy and Chum Chum are sugar-filled kids, drink frost-freezey-freeze, are REALLY annoying, and never shut up. (Although Chum Chum does look adorable) Yo looks creepy and has an obsession over Yamogochi and Chum Chum.

    Speaking of creepy, the animation is very poor. sure, it is 3D, but The eyes look like there's glass over them and it's rather choppy and slow just like in Planet Sheen. I mean come on, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius was normal paced, but why not in Planet Sheen?

    Back on Topic, Boog is a selfish jerk and bully who cares more about a Donkey Kong Jr. rip-off than life in general. what a low-life. Oz is the manager of a comic book and action figure store, but refuses to sell his collection. if you won't sell you're collection, why is it still called a store then?! Come on Oz, if you won't sell you're stuff, just let you're mom take you're place and turn it into a yogurt shop already, or better yet, Remove the name "store" you LOW-MINDED IDIOT! And then there's Kyle, a wizard who hates Fanboy and Chum Chum with a passion (I can't imagine why.) Kyle is okay, but too overrated. I just don't find him funny.

    Speaking of funny, the jokes are awful. It's just references to The Shining, Terminator, Star Wars, King Kong, and also pee, fart, burp, and poop jokes. I guess young kids might like that, but I would never show my future Pre-teen or teenager this type of humor when I'm older.

    Overall, don't waste your time on this show. it's completely terrible. Show your kids Spongebob or Invader Zim. Shows with Actual humor, that's Actually FUNNY!!! and due to how much this show is terrible, i'll give this show a:

    1 out of 10, i think it's for the best this show to die in a fire.

  • I have lost all hope in the world. Let this be my final moments before I free myself and am cast into the arms of god!


    I have written this to tell you that my life will shortly be coming to an end. The happy and joyous life I once knew is gone, replaced with rubbish and dismay. Everywhere I look I can find only hatred and bad humor. I feel that it is fitting I symbolize my scorn for the world and reach out to you in my final moments by reviewing the TV show. Goodbye crewel world, I knew ye well.

  • Perhaps one of the most influential cartoons ever made.


    Well, where do I start? I am at a loss for words at how great of a cartoon this is.First off, let's start with the animation. CGI. The future of animation! The graphics are great! They're bold, deep, full of emphasis and hard work. Perhaps the most detailed piece of art I've ever seen. It would make Mozart cry! The characters look handsome. Just like they do in the real world!Next, the music. The music can cure cancer. It's just beautiful. My grandma who lost her hearing years back could hear again after watching Fanboy and ChumChum. The music is intense. It makes me want to get off the sofa and dance!The characters are amazing. How original of an idea to have two main characters and an enemy character! And then there's the flirty girl character who loves ChumChum. Bless him. It's really cool how they made one of the character's names a parody of a Star Wars character! (Janitor Poopatine.) The teacher character is so unenthusiastic. The only bad character in the program. He's the only weird character. Why can't he just get along?!This show is hilarious. Fart. Hahahahah! OMG Bahahahahaha bogies! omg that's so funny lol! Hahahaha Fanboy STOLE CHUM CHUM'S NOSE Hahahaha! Fart! Hahahahah! Burp! Hahahaha OMG I'm peeing myself laughing!I couldn't stop watching this show so I had to rewind and watch the entire episode from the beginning again, and pause at the exact moments of the humour!This program is the work of a true genius! He shall have his name up in lights and a statue should be carved in his name. This program will go down in history as the building blocks for the future of amazing programs. Nickelodeon, you've done it again!....





    In all seriousness, this show is appalling. Please don't watch it for your own sanity. Thankyou.

  • So far, Nickelodeon has been coming up with crappy ideas for an animated series...

    I knew that this show would be terrible from the minute I saw the ads. I acutally watched an episode before the 2-day "Ed, Edd n Eddy" marathon would start, and boy was this awful! "Fanboy & Chum Chum" has to be the worst Nickelodeon show in a while. If you thought "Mr. Meaty" was bad, well, this show is even worse. It's about two best friends named Fanboy and Chum Chum who go on boring adventures such as a trip to a snow cone shop called Frosty Freeze, or whatever it's called. The characters are unlikable, with the exception of Chum Chum, whom I have to admit is kinda cute. But everyone else in this show is annoying, especially Oz, who is a rip off of Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons". And the animation is so terrible that it must've cost only one penny to make. Bottom line: "Fanboy & Chum Chum" is a show that may be entertaining for very small children, but will make everyone else cringe. Take this garbage off the air NOW, Nickelodeon!
  • I was suprised.

    I absolutely adore this show so far. The animations are smooth and clean, the characters are interesting and have A LOT of character, though some of them need a bit more background story, and the humor is cute and fun. Has anyone who's rated so low actually seen more than five minutes of an episode? I was extremely skeptical at first, especially with all these cruddy new shows like "Chowder" and "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack," but I actually found this show quite enjoyable. However, they could cut down on the "poop" jokes, I agree.

    I really enjoy the allusions to Star Wars, myself being a casual Star Wars fan. Janitor Poopatine is a quite fun character. I also very much like the character Kyle, though he does seem randomly placed. Something I really like about this show is the fluidity. Fanboy and Chum Chum are supposedly powerless boys, yet they will randomly float into the air. Anything can happen; there's no way this show could ever "jump the shark" because it's all so interestingly zany.

    It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I don't think it should have as bad of a review as it's gotten so far. It's definitely worth giving a shot. :]
  • Terrible Simply Terrible


    Another unoriginal CGI crapfest only it's a daily broadcast show.This show is worse than Planet sheen. Even my little niece thinks this show is stupid. I think this show is not only dumb but it insults kids intelligence too! Repeat after me Stupidity does not always equal funny!

  • This is by far the worst TV show I have seen in my lifetime! Who in the world would name their children Fanboy and Chum Chum?!?!

    Everything about this show is so stupid I just want to throw the people who made this show in jail or send them to the electric chair.This show is just horrible when I first saw it I almost threw up all over my TV the characteers are so stupid! The least they could have done was put it on Nick Jr. but by now it would probably be off of there!Waring!Do not watch this show no matter what you have to do!It is not suitable for any ages!From the episodes that I have seen I give this show probably a -infinity/10 thats how bad it is.
  • Wow. This show s***s.

    Soooooooo, we have Fanboy and Chum Chum, two STUPID lame-*** kids who wear underwear outside of their clothes, and they get themselves into a LOT of predicaments. This show mainly s***s because of the SUPREME overuse of toilet humor. I mean, sure, the creators could have ****ing done something else that excludes toilet humor, but they just HAD to **** up the show with all that toilet humor. So, I suggest either avoid wwatching even a SECOND of it, or don't watch Tv AT ALL!

    0/10 Below F---- This show sucks. Don't even watch it, i'm serious as ****.

    See You Next Time!
  • Never in my entire life on Nickelodeon have I ever seen a show so annoying,stupid,disgusting,idiotic,heart attack causing and fart joke related.

    Nickelodeon really hit the ball on this show,because it sucks. Fanboy and Chum Chum is about two superheros named Fanboy and Chum Chum who go on adventures at school and at their town. As if the premise sounds bad,it gets worse. First off,all of the characters are morons. Not only do they have terrible names like Fanboy and Chum Chum and Yo,they act like idiots. Fanboy and Chum Chum fail at being called heroes because they don't even save the world. They just act like idiots in their underwear making fart jokes. Yo is potrayed as a japanese girl,but is annoying and stupid. Kyle is actually the only good character of the show,since he's not an idiot. Boog is the worst character of the show. He's a complete selfish jerk who constantly says "Bop" and only cares for a stupid arcade machine. Lenny is just like Kyle. Oz is a complete rip-off of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. He looks like him and sounds like him,but even worse,he's voiced by Josh Dumel. Josh,why? You were great in Transformers,but why would you want to be in this junk? Janitor Poopatine(Ha,he has the word "poop" in his name. Not funny) is a rip-off of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars too. The spoofs are just terrible like The Terminator,Lord of the Rings,King Kong and even Michael Jackson. The jokes are all related to disgusting toilet humor,farting,stinky jokes and burping. Is that supposed to be funny? Don't even get me started on the animation. It looks horrible in CGI,everybody's eyes look like they have been shined and everybody moves slowly. The voice acting sounds like someone is yelling in your ear and talking nonstop. The music sounds horrid to listen too. And also,if you thought that was bad,this show is getting renewed. Are you kidding me? After all the bad reviews this show got,it gets renewed. It even won a EMMY. What? This show doesn't even deserve an award. Please cancel this,Nick and also cancel The Mighty B and iCarly perhaps. I just hope this gets the boot somehow.
  • two mentally slow boys and the strange adventures they go on, often involving their odd obsessions.

    Oh god where do I begin. the animation looks cheap the jokes are not funny the plots are uninteresting and I actually feel myself getting dumber while watching it. The worst part of it is that I could forgive some of that if it just wasn't for the fact that every one of their jokes timing is off. When making a joke timing plays a big part a funny joke can become unfunny and an unfunny joke has hopes of being saved if the timing is right but for two kids who act like they are on a constant sugar rush they sure are slow. I seriously can't wait for the cancellation of this program.
  • Why the Heck Is This Still Here.

    Before I saw the premire of Planet Sheen and TUFF Puppy, I had to go through 30 minutes of this garbage. It's hard to watch for 5 minutes. The show is animated in CG. The colors colorful ,but too colorful. The Character designs don't appear appealing, and kind of ugly. There's just way too much bad texturing, that makes the character's look just plain ugly. Its way to Bright and Colorful. It has some of the worst and overused plots i've ever seen. There is the ever popular "protective bubble" episode. Some plots look original but there is nothing else here to bring up my feeling feelings of this show. I mean, this show is bad all around. I was polite to this show when I first saw it, but now I realize its bad. It has the most annoying theme song ever. It's so flashy and annoying, I can just laugh at it. There's no humor in Fanboy and Chum Chum. It's pretty much potty-humor kids stright out of preschool would laugh at. Basicly,it's a show that appears to target preschoolers outside of Nick Jr. That's why it isn't a suprise almost half of Nick's viewership comes from preschoolers. I never knew many young kids who haven't watched Nickelodeon, but one thing is that they constantly watch it from sunrise to sunset. Lots of kids today don't see many shows outside of Nickelodeon. They don't know about smarter programing that exists outside of Nickelodeon, which aren't ruined by Nickeldeon's brand of "entertainment" better character development, better plots and are full of a variety of different writers with more colorful and creative input than what Nick puts in. I can guess that emmys are given to shows with more viewers, instead of shows that deserve them. (Quantity over Quality)

    Let's move on with the character development... There's essentally a Spongebob/Squidward type setup here, without the wit or enjoyment. Fanboy and Chum Chum annoy their friends, but are emmotionally invulnerable to their insults. Spongebob is a more likeable character than Fanboy or Chum Chum, but just like Fanboy and Chum Chum annoy their friends ,the viewer can feel the annoyance as well. They pick their noses and blow boogers. It doesn't seem like a slice of cake since, they are actually quite annoying. These things and several others combine to create an awful mix. This mix of things seems to rub off on me(and other people here) really bad. Why would a show with two poor lead characters win an emmy? Why did Nick pick this show? Why?! I'm sure their was better stuff in that Random Cartoons! We may never know the answers to these questions and others. Other members here and I denounce Fanboy and Chum Chum for it's existence.
  • Possibly one of the worst shows Nickelodeon's ever aired. And somehow, this won an Emmy and has got a second season!

    This abomination is one of the worst things Nick has ever done. I'm not joking. The other reviews below me should have given an indication on how bad this show is and now I'm ready to give my opinion.

    I hoped from the previews that this would be at least somewhat watchable, but no. Let's start with the main plot; Two boys known as Fanboy and Chum Chum (like the title indicates), go on wild adventures. You might think; "Hey, it doesn't sound that bad!", but no. It's WAY worse than it sounds. Let's list the cons:

    - The plot isn't original. It's been done thousands of times before. You can tell from afar that's not a good sign of a decent cartoon.

    - The animation. It's done in 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation, and we all know CGI's the Scrappy in the animation world! (I.e: It's the least favourite animation style). Also, the animation's too choppy and colourful and can make your eyes bleed if one stares too long.

    - The characters. Nearly all of them are unlikeable, with terrible names such as "Boog", "Chum Chum" and "Yo", ugly character designs, annoying voices and bland personalities. The only likeable character is Kyle, who despite the fact is a wizard, has a normal name and a normal personality.

    - The theme song. It may be catchy, but it's still terrible, with lyrics that fall into gibberish.

    - And possibly the worst aspect of the show; the humour. It's made up of gross humour, with fart, pee and poop jokes. Jokes that only make toddlers laugh. Also, like CGI is the Scrappy of animation, gross humour is the Scrappy of, well, humor. This show is just plain immature. Avoid this show like you would the plague and just stay away from it. The reviewers below me have sacrificed their sanity to review this tosh and I have done the same.

    In a summary, this so-called "comedy", fails at being a comedy. Or a cartoon for that matter. I was hoping this show got canceled, but apparently, Nick's ordered a second season! And a message to Nick themselves; PLEASE don't send your already wrecked reputation down the gutter even further by re-airing this rubbish!

    I give this show a 1/10. It's that bad.
  • I'd rather brush my teeth with a razor blade than watch this again.


    Well, we're at the last current nicktoon, and after 4 bangs and a dud, we come to the last, and boy is this one a huge, huge, huge dud! First off, what's with the names? Fanboy? Chum Chum? Boog? Yo? Oz? Mr. Muffin? Janitor Poopatine? (Ha Ha, it says POOP, Funniest thing EVARRRR!!!!!!! sarcasm) Were these writers high?! At least the odd names worked in Invader Zim, what with it feeling like another Earth completely different from ours. Here it's idiotic and more stupid than the show already is.

    The plot is about two kids who dress up like superheroes.....and that's it. The plot sometimes is bare-bones and doesn't make creative ideas with it's ideas. The episodes are stupid, like switching noses for Picture Day, and making a giant monster out of gum. Euwwwwww!

    The characters have little dimension or personality. Fanboy and Chum Chum are sugar-filled kids, that never shut up. (Although Chum Chum does look adorable) Yo looks creepy and has an obsession over Tamogatchi and Chum Chum.

    Speaking of creepy, the animation is very poor. The eyes look like there's glass over them, and it's rather choppy and slow.

    Anyway, back to the characters. Boog is a selfish jerk and bully who cares more about a Donkey Kong Jr. rip-off than life in general. Oz is the manager of a comic book and action figure store, but refuses to sell his collection. That's just STUPID!! And then there's Kyle, a wizard who hates Fanboy and Chum Chum with a passion (I can't imagine why.) Kyle is okay, but too overrated. I just don't find him funny.

    Speaking of funny, the jokes are awful. It's just references to The Shining, Terminator, Star Wars, King Kong, and also pee, fart, burp, and poop jokes. I guess kids might like that, but I would never show my future kids this type of humor when I'm older.

    Overall, don't waste your time on this show. Show your kids Spongebob or Invader Zim. Shows with ACTUAL humor, that's ACTUALLY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 out of 10.

  • WHAT!? Why the heck is there so many negative reviews for this show!?

    I was shocked when I saw so many 1's and 2's for this show. I don't think this show is that bad. I think it's great. The show has interesting and entertaining characters, storylines, and environments. Every single episode is different and they all have strong storylines. Even though the show is so great, it isn't very original. Fanboy and Chum Chum rips off shows like Spongebob, The Fairly Odd Parents, Phineas and Ferb, and The Mighty B. I was glad that Fanboy and Chum Chum got a 2nd season and I wish it would get a 3rd season. But I don't think that is going to happen. Since the 2nd season premiere, episodes haven't aired for months. I hope they start making more episodes soon.
  • Wonder why there aren't so many positive reviews of this show? It's because the people who enjoy it are busy actually watching it and laughing at the misadventures of the duo. Do you want to know WHY they're laughing? Read on...

    (Note - Words/Phrases with a * by them have a footnote. I'm pretty sure all of you already know this, but just in case you don't, I'm just sayin'.)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    My name is Alexis. I'm a fifteen year old DC and Marvel obsessed, Lord of the Rings worshiping fangeek, I enjoy watching cartoons and drawing comic books, and I will start by saying this - Fanboy and Chum Chum is NOT an Educational show.

    It's not meant to be.

    If your children take lessons for cartoons, I'm sorry, but that is your fault for not teaching them otherwise.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is not meant for "life lessons" and the such, but just to sit back and laugh at something funny after a long day of... what do you call it? Ah yes. Reality. I think it's healthy for anyone and everyone to just sit down once in a while and laugh at a bit of nonsense. Even parents.

    Actually, parents may enjoy this show as much or more than their children and teens.

    FBaCC is chock-FULL of culture references that normally fly over the younger viewers heads. Sure, there are the obvious references; Janitor Russ Poopatine (Emperor Russ Palpatine - Star Wars) and The Dollar-nator (Terminator - The Terminator Series). But it's the smaller references that'll get you! Just one example is seen in the episode "Digital Pet Cemetery." - -

    1) It has a similar plot to Stephen King's "Pet Semetery", which a good chunk of the older audience of the show has read. 2) In another tribute to King, Scampers bashes through a door and cries "Here's Scampers!", a parody of "Here's Jhonny!" from "The Shining", which, again, most of the older audience of the show has read. 3) For a third (and not even the final one), Oz busts through the Fanlair door - with a battleaxe - and shouts "There can be only one!", a reference to the "Highlander" movie. A lot of you who were around when that came out (or have parents who were and introduced it to you, as in my case,) should have gotten that.

    Even more! Boog Shlizetti is, himself, one big culture reference! Boog has mentioned twice that he grew up in a plastic bubble (a homage to John Travolta, who starred in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble), and it becomes a major plot point in "Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble." Boog even talks like Travolta's character, Vinnie Barbarino, in Welcome Back, Kotter. He has a prized car named Sandy, which is a possible reference to the movie Grease.

    There are so many of you who should get that!

    But... maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you didn't get that, or don't know what the *frak I'm talking about. Maybe you just really can't get over the more juvenile humor in the show enough to see the really funny stuff.

    Maybe you can't relate to all the childhood fantasies and misadventures this show is about.

    And that's okay if you don't. That just means that this show isn't for you and you should change the channel and stop complaining.

    I repeat, This show is for nothing but humor.

    Do any of you remember **"Freakazoid!"? It's like that. While I love Fanboy and Chum Chum because it's got loose humor and energetic characters, the little references really make this show for me. If you pay attention, you may recognize something too! For those of you who say you don't like this show, take another look and ***watch another episode! While the animation is questionable****, you should be able to relate to the characters, and if you can't do that, try to find the little things that poke at you and say "Hey! Lookit! It's a Joke! Get It!?" Just sit back and let your subconscious drift.

    So stop being so serious, sit back, and learn to laugh at the twisted, nonsensical adventures of Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    *If you think I'm just using "Frak" as a replacement for another certain "word" and you actually don't know that it's from Star Trek, than you should just stop reading this right now.

    **For info on "Freakazoid!" go here -

    ***Although I will admit, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha", "Cold War", "Moppy Dearest", and "Night Morning" were pretty lousy episodes as far as older humor is concerned. Watch an episode besides one of these. Even I didn't like 'em.

    ****I agree with most of you on one thing - the opening song for this show stinks.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum is the worst thing to hit Nick since "Mr. Meaty".

    Nickelodian has already been slightly struggling but now they decide to release this crap? What the hell are they thinking? The humor in this show for one is just flat out retarded. It's mainly just a bunch of farts and potty humor. Who would be stupid enought to watch this crap. As obvisous, looks like Nick decided to play stupid and make this show for ages 3-5. But still, this show is so absurd that I don't see how any toddler or baby could even watch this unless he has a un-contrable addiction for potty humor. The storylines are terrible in this show. Robot toys coming to life, bubble gum monsters, and wizards? Is that the best you've got? Who the hell is writing this anyways? I'd definetaly like to meet the adult who made this toilet humored infestation. Oh, and to top it off, the animation sucks in this show. The characters all look ugly, and you take no interest in any of them. Everything looks the same in bland enviorements.

    Stick to Spongebob. This show is terrible.
  • Jesus jumped up Christ, what the hell did I just get myself into?

    This is the most annoying show ever and thats all I have to say, it focuses mostly on fart jokes, poop jokes, boogers, anything else in the great beyond. That's all it is. 1/10 F
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  • I can't say that I hate the show BUT I can't also say that I like the show either... I do agree that it's one of the worst cartoons ever made in the history of animation


    Well... I would give this show a 1 like most of the users but I just gave a 4 because I don't hate it entirely. I do agree that it's one of the worst cartoons ever made in the history of animation. Don't hate me because I gave this cartoon a "4"... it is my opinion on what I think. I rather watch this cartoon than "Planet Sheen" to be honest. I don't think "Fanboy and Chum Chum is an abysmal cartoon like most of the users do but I just think it's a poor show. Not the all-time worst I've seen but it's unwatchable. I don't blame you users if you give this cartoon a "1" and I do understand why. I seriously don't blame you for hating on this show. I do hate this show but not entirely. Well... I can't exactly say that I hate the show but I also can't say that I like the show either. It's not even considered an okay show... it's just poor. The characters in this show are pretty ridiculous. I do sometimes find this cartoon to be enjoyable. Not most of the time because the plots are unoriginal and ridiculous but sometimes. Fanboy and Chum Chum do annoy the living hell out of me though. Also, what is up with the freakin' characters' names? "Fanboy" "Chum Chum", "Boog", "Yo", "Janitor Poopatine" (seriously a toilet name... now that's just gross and wrong in so many ways). Are the creators of this show just childish or something, I can come up with creative names than that. Most of the characters in this show are just alright. To be honest, I think Ozzy is probably the best character in this show. I don't know why but he is just an awesome character and can be pretty funny at times. Also, most of the humor in this show are nothing but toilet jokes so I really don't find most of the jokes in this show funny... mainly because we've heard it thousands of times before. The characters I can't stand are Yo and Boog. I hate Yo because she is so dang annoying when she wants Fanboy and tries to get Chum Chum away from him. I hate Boog because he harasses Fanboy and Chum Chum a lot especially when he always likes to bop them. Kyle is a decent character in this show... while he isn't my favorite character, he is decent and I do feel bad for him because bad things happen to him whenever he is around Fanboy and Chum Chum. So yeah, "Fanboy and Chum Chum" is a cartoon that has no originality, choppy and crappy animation, weird and childish storylines, and everything else just isn't good. Overall, while this cartoon is (sometimes) entertaining and kinda funny, it is just unwatchable and ridiculous BUT I don't blame you people for giving this cartoon negative reviews... I seriously don't, I understand all of you completely why you hate this show. For me, it's not abysmal but it's just poor. 4/10

  • Wow, this show sucks.


    This is the worst show!!!!!!!!!! Theworst showI've ever seen!!!!!!!!!! This show is so stupid I want to puke ahhhhhh*pukes hard* You know, these names are so dumb and stupid like come on yo? Chum chum?? Fanboy????? Oh my god, you've gotta be kidding me. The only good character is kyle. He has a good name, he's wayyyyyy wayyyyy more smart than fanboy and chum chum. I definitelydefinitely like phineas and ferb better than fanboy and chum chum. Because fanboy and chum chum is a lot worse than phineas and ferb. Oz sucks ass. This show is so sooooosooooo shitty I want to strangle the creators.This show is soooooooosoooooooo annoying.

  • What.....the......*bleep*

    OK, out of all the garbage I have seen on Nick, this show has to be at the bottom of the barrel. I mean, I would rather watch Victorious than this bogus. So basically, the premise is about two idiotic boys going on with "adventures" at school. First of all, the premise is so unoriginal. Yeah, two kids act like superheros. Gee, that has been done before (shows obvious sarcasm). The plots are very uninteresting and unoriginal, and the plots that are new are incredibly stupid. I mean, seriously, a brain is plant into a robot body? Is this the best the producers can come up with? Moving on, you will notice how terrible the artwork is. Everything is blocky and too colorful, and all the characters look hideous and uninviting. And what's up with the freaking glass eyes? The animation is far worse , though. All the movements are choppy, and most of the lip syncs are off. The voices of the characters are really annoying and are earsplitting. Speaking of the characters, they are just about annoying in every way possible. Fanboy and Chum Chum are idiots who are mindless and have IQs of 0. Yo is annoying is just WAY too creepy. Boog is also mindless idiot who pretty much has no life. The only character that is good on this show would have to be Kyle. He is the least annoying out of the group, and the most serious one, too. The character names are terrible too. Boog, Yo, Chum Chum. Really? The humor is probably the worst aspect of this show, though. All the "humor" is pretty much potty humor about brains, farts, pee, etc. Are you out of your mind Nick. Seriously, if you keep on post drek like this, No one is going to be watching Nick anymore.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is not only a show that would rot brains, it would also remind of what Nick has become of now. Just stay far from this show as much as possible, and hopefully it would never be seen again.

    Presentation: 0.5/10 The story is unoriginal, and all the plots are very stupid and uninteresting, to say the least.

    Animation: 1.5/10 Character designs look hideous, and the animation is very rough and horrible to look at.

    Entertainment: -10/10 All the humor is mindless and is gross, and nearly all the characters are very uninviting.

    Lasting Appeal: 0/10 Nothing here is enjoyable, just like most of the stuff Nick has nowadays. Just run away from this as fast as possible.

    FINAL SCORE: 0/10 What the heck?
  • This show is F***k*d up.

    OMG, How did this show get to air on TV. Seriously, How? Impossible, Nobody hardly watches this show, and how did this show won so many Emmies and Annies and go so much nominations. If I Owned Nickelodeon I Would have canceled this show after the first episode, actually I wouldnt have aired it at all . But this is still impossible, How does this show keep airing and why dose it have so many fans ( Even One is allot ) . Lets not forget the animation and story lines, Who writes this Crap! Do Not watch, You have been warned.
  • whens 2012 , cause seriously this makes me wanna tell god to hurry up with ending this world because of shows like this and icarly - nickelodean is really going to rot in hell isnt it

    man just like icarly i sat down and watched one episode and i just could not finish even watching it , this show is garbage is this the show that replaced allgrown up because it sure as heck isnt working out to good i even tried turning my volume down and i just cant seam to watch this , nickelodean of the 90s were so much better in fact there should be a channel by now that i can watch all the old shows becuase this channel sucks suck sucks sucks and im suprised they havent made a wii game off of this garbage nickelodean what have you done , did you wake up one morning and say ok its time to cut off doug
    hey arnold
    cat dog
    all grown up
    wild and crazy kids
    legends of the hidden temple
    ren and stimpy ahh real monsters
    and rockos modernlife? because you air not only less inspiring shows but less shows altogether
  • I Hate This Show So Much That I tried to commit suicide 3 times when I first watched it (but I did not want to commit a crime)and i barfed 4 times!This show did not deserve and Emmy!This show is so bad I wish would let us rate it below a 1!

    This show is about a cheap and stupid guy named Fanboy,and his ugly gay little sidekick named Chum Chum!Who think they are going trough adventures except do really stupid non funny things like go to the ice cream shop and get "brain-freeze".Or this f****** little girl named Marsha tries to steal chum chum away from fanboy,this show also has alot of farting and pooping!Here is my review:

    Storyline- Below Zero

    Action/Adventure- Below Zero

    Humor- Below Zero

    Romance- 1.0

    grossness- +100000000

    total- Below Zero

    I Hate This Show!Nothing Good About it!I miss 90's Nickelodeon!And The animation looks terrible! I can't believe this show even was good enough to air on T.V.!
  • What can I say? It's about two dorky kids that screw around everyday in unrealistic cheesy twists, and gross humor.

    Now, I can understand that this show is for kids, whom find fart jokes/boogers/prank jokes hilarious. But, when you look at it in the perspective of an intelligent adult, it is ear rape. The plot of every show is monotonous, and overdone. The humor in the show is cliche and nothing new. The animation though is quite impressive, and is pretty clean. But it does not make up for the plot and the humor, which we have ALL seen. The things that happen in the show are extremely unrealistic, to the point where it isn't even funny; (In an episode, Fanboy took out his brain and inserted it into a robot so he could be a machine. I understand that it is a cartoon, but REALLY?).It's nothing new, it's ridiculous. 3.0, at best for me.
  • What was Steve Tompkins thinking when he decided to leave "The Simpsons" and "The Critic" to become executive producer for this piece of trash?

    "Fanboy and Chum Chum" is nothing original. Fanboy is essentially Bart Simpson with his Bartman getup, only in a slimmed-down version, while Chum Chum is an even geekier version of Milhouse (if that is humanly possible). The convenience store and the comic book shop are obvious rip-offs of the Kwik-E-Mart and Android's Dungeon that have been so central in many of the "Simpsons" episodes that centered around Bart and Milhouse. "Fanboy and Chum Chum" should have been only a side entry to the more-popular "SpongeBob SquarePants" in the same way "The Ant And The Aardvark" was to "The Pink Panther". It might have worked better that way. Instead, F&CC turns out to be a piece of trash that is better left unwatched--even by children and senior citizens.
  • This show represents the decline of a once great network.


    It's hard to believe that even as little as ten years ago, there was a movie and a TV series about a boy genius who liked to invent things to improve everyday life and go on adventures with his friends in Retroville or outer space. A show that actually got children and adults of all ages excited about science and space travel and was fun to watch. A show whose ride was recently shut down at Universal Orlando to make room for a new ride.

    Go back even further to the 90s when you had shows like Hey Arnold or Doug, whose stories centered around the typical everyday life of an average kid with teachable morals and life lessons at the end of every episode.

    Fast forward to 2006 when Nickelodeon introduced a short-lived show about two puppets who worked at a fast food restaurant which everyone was thankful to see canceled after one season.

    And now here we are in the 2010s, a new decade, and we have Fanboy and Chum Chum - a show that promotes stupidity, reckless behavior, and teaches zero morals or values whatsoever. Basically, what it teaches is that it's okay to act up and misbehave, annoy your teacher and your neighbors and everyone else around you no matter how many times they tell you to stop and leave them alone, and be as stupid as you want to be. Because who cares about education anyway? It's not that important. You don't need one if you want to work at McDonald's. You get my drift here.

    I was shocked beyond belief to see a panel at this year's Comic-Con devoted entirely to Fanboy and Chum Chum. What a real waste of brain cells and time that was to watch. I swear, the people who work on this sad excuse of a show all look stoned like they're on something, and it wouldn't surprise me if the writers are either drunk or high on drugs while they're writing all of these terrible episodes. Maybe if you're high you might think this show is funny, but for all of the sober people like myself, it's just plain awful.

    I was shocked even moreso to see the awards this show has won, and if I had to bet money on it, I'd say the awards show judges must have been paid off. This show is not award-winning material. Not only is the writing deplorable, but the animation is hard on the eyes and simply despicable to look at.

    Nickelodeon was once a network that set very high standards for their programming - they set the bar for quality shows. This kind of show never would have made the cut 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or even 30 years ago. But now, it's all about the money. It's all about greed. They've gotten so cancel-happy with their "good" shows, it's not even funny.

    Nick ends a good show like Jimmy Neutron, for example, and replaces it with garbage like this, because of the tired excuse that 'JN (or some other show) was too expensive to make, production costs and all that.' I'm sure Fanboy and Chum Chum costs just as much to produce as JN did, but Nick's execs, being the idiots they are, decided that in the long run, they feel that Fanboy and Chum Chum will be more profitable to the network.So they keep it around, while many good shows get the proverbial middle finger, or the shaft, for no reason whatsoever. I don't see anything fair about that at all.

    On the news every night, you hear stories about declining test scores all across the board (elementary through high school) and teens dropping out of high school before graduation being on the rise and it's really no wonder. Fanboy and Chum Chum and shows like it are promoting the idea that school and education are not important and are not needed in the everyday world. It's brainwashing kids in the worst way possible. Without education, America's future will be quite bleak for our youth.

    Nickelodeon, meanwhile, does not care. This show is making them lots of money and that's all they care about. Whether kids grow up intelligent or stupid is of little or no concern to them.

    If there are any parents out there reading this review, I urge you to monitor what your children watch on television and do not allow them to watch shows like Fanboy and Chum Chum. There are so many other shows out there that are far more entertaining and educational than this mind-numbing series.

    I honestly think that viewers deserve better than this. You pay a premium price for cable every month. Why should you have to pay to watch crap like this? Nickelodeon should not be dictating to its viewers what we should be watching, we should be dictating to them what we want since the money we spend buying products from their sponsors along with our monthly cable fees is what's keeping Nickelodeon afloat. If it were not for us, there would be no Nickelodeon.

    Only you, the viewers, in large numbers can make a difference and make a change. It's just a matter of whether you want to remain docile and say nothing or speak out and try to make change. It's entirely up to you.

  • Entirely devoid of anything unique, funny, clever or at least slightly interesting, Fanboy and Chum Chum is a brainless, insufferable insult. In fact, that's a mere understatement.


    Fanboy and Chum Chum is the kind if show that, as soon as you catch one glimpse of it, or listen to less than three seconds of the show's abomination of a theme song, a cold shiver runs down your spine and makes you turn away. There is no word to describe how dreadful, how unbelievably insulting this kids' programme is. Fanboy and Chum Chum is so abysmal that it doesn't even feel true, as if it was created so it could be an example to budding animators of what the worst animated show possible would look like. But it isn't that, this an actual programme which Nickelodeon actually expects its viewers to enjoy.

    I mean, the show doesn't even have a proper plot, to begin with. The show stars two moronic, creepy American kids dressed in superhero garb. And they do stuff. Well, not just any old "stuff", they decide to get all hyperactive and pretty much ruin everyone's lives via an avalanche of tired, unwatchable slapstick. Fanboy and Chum Chum act so stupid so often that regardless of your level of intelligence level in any subject, their actions will make you feel much, much smarter than them. The two man characters are painful to watch as they do things which will murder millions of your brain cells by the second. It's also disturbing that their names literally are "Fanboy" and "Chum Chum". These aren't nicknames, people.

    As for the rest of the characters, they too are annoying, but also boring. To put it simply, none of the characters are likable on any level. Most of them are seen-it-all-before stereotypes. And because there's absolutely no character development, no character is ever really an actual memorable character. You could watch a version of the show while it was still in production and it would feel no worse than it does now. The animation is massively dated and so crude that it may cause your eyes to water with agony; even wallpaper is less painful to stare at for a 22 minute duration. The characters are irredeemably hideous and sets are designed so awkwardly that they look appalling.

    As for sound, like I said before, it's enough to set fire to your ears like a tasteless death metal song. The theme tune is one of the most putrid songs ever devised, the voices of every character sound like they were selected from an archive of malfunctioned speech rehearsal tapes, and the background music and immature sound effects add nothing to the experience, no matter how hard you try to like them.

    And the final reason why this show should be avoided like the plague is the simple fact that it is in no way innovative. There is not a single moment where you will notice something or hear anything new. Every joke has been done to death, the characters are zero-dimensional, and there's no sense of imagination or even basic experimentation anywhere. I just find it disgusting that such a show is allowed to be aired on our screens. And it's meant to be aimed at children? Why, Nickelodeon, do you want the children of Planet Earth viewing such filth? This is not only THE worst kids' show ever released, but also one of the worst overall shows in history. It's the cartoon equivalent of the apocalypse.

  • Is the newest Nicktoon of superhero or sidekick caliber? Or should it leave the business to someone else?

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is a spin-off of Nickelodeon's "Random! Cartoons" that was given the green light and turned into a series. By all the advertising, one might think that this show is what Nickelodeon wants their new hit series to be but does it have the qualities?

    The show centers on a young boy who goes by the name of Fanboy. Along with his best friend, who is called Chum Chum, the two have a series of misadventures. Nickelodeon has definitely introduced a line of lovable memorable characters over the years such as Invader Zim and Danny Phantom to name a few. Fanboy and Chum Chum dress like superheroes but really have no special qualities about them except for being hyperactive and imaginative, something that another Nicktoon managed to make entertaining. Along with that, the characters can be flat-out annoying with their traits. If they're not obsessing over something insignificant, then they're making all sorts of loud noises. The other characters on the show fail to impress, I must admit. Either they've already been done so many times before or you're just left wondering what the producers were thinking when they were making all of this. For example, one of the side characters is called Yo. Either that's really lazy or really imaginative, guys.

    The animation is in CGI/3-D, what we've come to see so much of these days. Not only do some of the backgrounds lack texture and detail, but the characters all look so bizarre and aren't very easy on the eyes. The show makes use of exaggerated anatomy with cylinder-shaped heads and big bulging eyes, but by taking a good look at the show, one would realize that exaggerated anatomy doesn't work in 3-D. The animation isn't very smooth as actions like arm movements can happen so suddenly, another thing that doesn't work as well in 3-D.

    Despite the gripes about production values, there are still some good times to be had in Fanboy and Chum Chum. There are a nice variety of plots, some of which have been done before like the mysterious new kid, and many traces of both slapstick and verbal humor. Most of the humor is generated from the show's title characters and their antics are as likely to entertain as they are to annoy some viewers. One thing that has to be said is that there are numerous accounts of crude humor in this show. If you haven't seen it in the show, then you've likely seen it in the commercials. This is a rather touchy subject and varies between the viewers.

    My verdict: Fanboy and Chum Chum is not the worse show that any network has seen in recent history, but at the same time, it's not the best show. Sure, there are good times to be had but most of the show has either been done before or seems uninspired. To be honest, I doubt that Fanboy and Chum Chum is likely to replace The Mighty B! as my primary aspiring-superhero cartoon. For those in the market for at the least, a light laugh, then the show will deliver that. It offers a nice change of pace from the disturbingly-high amounts of live-action and most people should at least give this show a chance.

    Animation: 6.5 – Most CGI/3-D animation these days looks good but the show is definitely lacking in some categories, namely characters.
    Sound: 7.0 – The theme song is as hyperactive as the characters, which, although fun, can be a bit annoying.
    Fun Factor: 7.5 – There are a variety of plots and plot devices throughout the show but since most of it has been done before, nothing will really seem new to you.
    Appeal: 6.5 – To some, the chunky character designs and copious amounts of gross humor will be a turnoff.

    Final Score: 6.9 – Meets the mark. Although not the best show, you can still find some entertainment in this show and at the least, you should give it a chance.
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