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  • More like Fanbutt and ChumpChump.

    This is a very idiotic show. The CGI is just terrible. Did the creators take steroids while making this show? The characters are also stupid. Fanboy is an stupid jerk, ChumChum is disturbed, the villans are sadists, and the other kids are unoriginal. It's filled with pointless parodies, stupid storylines, and generic jokes. The creators must of been on acid to make this show. Sure, Nick has made some pretty bad shows (especially Mr. Meaty and Dora the Explorer), but this show takes the cake. I'd rather kiss a male chimpanzee than watch this show. Thought Out of Jimmy's Head was bad? Well this show is even worse. If you ask me, Fanboy and ChumChum won't last a single season (two if it's lucky).

    In my reviews, shows will be graded by letters, F being the worst, S being the best, and A, B, C, D, and E being in between.

    Presentation: F
    Dialogue: E
    Style: F
    Re-watch value: F
    Overall Grade: F
  • This show is a criminal offense

    Of all the Nick shows I've seen, this is #2 on my list of horrendous ones. It is just a pure assault on your ears and intelligence.

    The intro is just ear grating. It's like someone grinding their fingernails on a chalkboard. And those lyrics... who in their right mind puts brain freeze as a selling point to your show? Seriously, WTH?!

    The animation and designs? it is on par with Garbage Pail Kids. The character models are as hideous as you can get for a 3D animated cartoon.

    And the plots and humor? So painful. I'd rather watch 3 hours of Breadwinners over this garbage. At least their animation style isn't as grotesque as this abomination.

    Seriously, whoever made this show, you are an utter disgrace to the animation world.. This kind of show takes a special kind of bad to make, the kind of bad you have to intentionally set out to do because anybody with any sort of decency or half a brain I might add would take one look at this and kill it with fire.

    Shame on all of you for subjecting kids to this vile creation!
  • Fuckboy and Cum Cum

    Or Failboy and Dum Dum. Absolute trash. Thank god it was cancelled. Whoever likes this abomination is an idiot. That's it. I'm not writing the plot because I don't bother with this load of crap. Nick, you can do better than this. Screw this!!!!!!!
  • I am so glad this show got cancelled!

    I swear to god, it was among the worst shows on TV. I'd rather watch Mr. Meaty than this show (and don't get me wrong Mr. Meaty sucked too) but this show is unbearable. The characters have the stupidest names out of any characters I have seen on TV. Seriously? Fanboy and Chum-Chum? Wow, such creativity (sarcasm) a lack thereof! I can stomach most gross content on TV but this show exceeds what I can tolerate! How this show was "made" to be a children's program is beyond me!

    All this stupid program revolved around were these two idiot kids who act like superheroes because they were obsessed with superhero comics. Not to mention the character designs are so ugly and grotesque looking.

    I swear to god, I put it on the other day, most likely a rerun and just to see how bad it is and I turned it off within 2 minutes (if that) it's simply unbearable. Really? Did the writers think that making the characters' IQ negative 400 would make the show funny? If they did then they are just as stupid.

    I hope that Fanboy and Chum Chum goes down as among the worst shows in TV history. I would rather be locked in a Saudi Arabian prison then watch this garbage!

    Boycott this show at all costs because it is not worth your time. Have a nice day!
  • Thought it was fun at the time, but looking back, its TRASH

    Yes, I was in the minority. While I will admit, at the time it came on, I kinda liked this show, only because I didn't have much of a choice, our cable got cut back and we only really had 20 channels. But anyway, looking back 5 years later, its absolutely pathetic, the jokes are very forced and the plots are done to death. The 80's pop culture references have me at wits end, they are just so forced and out of place.

    It seems as though at least 10 characters in this show are voiced by Jeff Glenn Bennett. Not that he's a bad voice actor, he's one of my favorites. It's just so annoying hearing him voice so many characters with very little difference in the tone and sound. The personalities are weak, the writing sucks, just about everything sucks here. The only reason it's still alive is through constant reruns on Nicktoons. Otherwise, this show should be forgotten or deserves to go down in history as one of Nick's worst series of all time.
  • It's awful

    Fanboy & Chum Chum is about two 10 year old kids (God knows where their parents are at) that are superhero wannabes. They embark in misadventures such as, err... making friends with this gum creature. The plots make no sense and the animation is downright ugly.

    But to make things worse, I used to like this show when it first premiered.
  • Finally this overrated trash is done!!!

    I strongly hate this show because it's nothing more than a black hole of Nickelodeon vomit. This show is horrible, gross and unfunny. If I was Jenny Wakeman and Danny Phantom, I would just destroy these two weirdoes. I hate this show a lot! It's just as bad as: The Problem Solverz, Teen Titans Go!, and other bad cartoons made in the current times. I'm really glad it's cancelled because it's really awful.
  • DEAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terrible

    I hate Fanboy and Chum Chum, More like Gayboy and Crap Crap! It ruined Nickelodeon. Making it have terrible animation!
  • Worst CGI EVER! Hands down

    I dont know what gave Nickelodeon the idea for this show but I do know that it will get canned soon. The only good characters were the wizard boy Kyle and the depressed store worker Lenny. The protagonists are stupid and obviously insane. I mean, what kind of sane person wears pannies over thier pants 24/7? Someone should call the Sanity Department and examine Fanboy and Chum Chum because something is clearly wrong with thier heads.
  • Why did Nickelodeon even bother making this horrible cartoon?!

    Fanboy and Chum is the most stupid cartoon I've ever seen. The episodes are annoying, dumb, boring, poorly written, and I think Nickelodeon made a HUGE mistake even airing this. Nickelodeon sucks so bad now. Some kids might like this show, but I hate it.
  • Annoying

    The show is just plain annoying. The 2 lead characters are very unlikable. The characters that are supposed to be unlikable like the bully is actually one of my favorite characters cause he does what I want to do to those 2 little shits. The other being Kevin since he also hates them.
  • horrible

    Nothing funny or interesting about this show. Ive never seen such stupid show, two ugly ass brainless kids doing stupid shit, and the other characters are disgusting too. Thats a torture, people must be ignorant as well to actually like those ***gots, u imagine if they were real and meeting them? Please...
  • the source of all bad cartoons of today.

    well they all trace back to fanboy and dumb dumb yes all these bad cartoons all trace back to

    fanboy and dumb dumb yes it was fanboy and dumb dumb that started it all what a terrible cartoon that was just is so sad that fanboy and dumb dumb had to be THE ONE as in THE ONE

    cartoon that started it all,so sad ain't it?that it is all fanboy and dumb dumb's fault why there are so many terrible cartoons wounder if fanboy and dumb dumb had not been made all these terrible cartoons wouldn't got made either?

  • Spoiler Alert

    I don't need to write a usual long review to describe this atrocity: disgusting fart humor, dumb kids, poor excuse for a show. Doesn't even deserve a one rating.

    They're making new episodes. ._.

    And CartoonWizzard132 you're an annoying troll, you always give crappy shows 9 /10's stop it.
  • Horrible

    This is stupid, boring, dumb, the plots suck and make no sense and it isn't even funny not even a tiny little bit. So glad this got cancelled.
  • Just a show about retareted chimps staring at you.

    Just don't watch this show.
  • This is awful.

    When I tell you that this show is bad, I mean this show is BAD. Really, really bad. I mean I wouldn't even let a baby watch this. This world deserves better. This should be used as a torturing device in prisons. I mean, Nickelodeon is that what you want to be known for. Fanboy and Chum Chum? It doesn't even sound real. I don't want it to be real. Your channel used to have quality. Some kind of measure to keep animated gunk like this off your network. I'm not only disappointed but ashamed to have watched this. I probably need at least 10 years to purge myself from this travesty.

    Good day.
  • Really horrible.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is the worst show I've ever saw on nickelodeon Sanjay and Craig is like FB & CC but so much better......

    Characters: 0/10

    Really? Nick? Really? can't you ever make a show I can watch? No you can't Dickelodeon! what happened in the 90's you made better shows until FOP,and Spongebob came same goes with Disney and Cartoon Network... okay lets get to the characters Fanboy- fanboy? what kind of name is that? I know! a stupid kind! he's ugly,and idiotic who wears underwear over their clothes you look like an ugly superhero!

    Chum Chum- More like Dumb Dumb! at least he's a little mature than FB he's also ugly,idiotic,and a moron JUST KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boog- What the F&^$#&#&? Boog? what does that mean Boogers? I have no word for him... nut I don't like him either

    Yo- Who is this crazy B3%@^%? just another ugly big-headed idiot..........

    Names 0,000,000/10

    Overall just horrible the names suck! this show should get an award for "worst names on their own tv show in history" i know Zero million isn't a number but their names is just ugh!

    Plot 0/10

    Can't anyone make a plot that makes sense? i mean 2 wacky,ugly,moronic,idiotic,stupid boys who goes on adventures? HA! i'd pay 1,000 buck for whoever can make a show much better than this s4$@
  • Gosh, Why this is still aired on tv?

    I don't know why nick decided to run out of storyline ideas and originality. Let's start with the theme song, It's A N N O Y I N G then L O U D! The colors are too bright and hard to see! then the animation: Oh my god! It's disgusting! They have no personalities and No plot just random fricking plot!

    All Fs, just simple for this shit.

  • Stupidest Show Ive Ever Watched

    I don't think there's a dumber show on the face of the earth. When I watched the pilot episode of this show, I was instantly pissed off. I actually kicked the wall in hatred of this shitty show. Thankfully this show stopped making episodes. I think I'd rather ram a fork through my eye than watch a marathon of this crap. Whoever wrote this should be hung immediately or simply fired from writing. I don't see how anyone could find this show entertaining. It sucks horse nuts.

    I don't even know what Nickelodeon was thinking when they allowed a piece of crap like this on their channel. There are also no words to describe how God-awful this so-called comedy is. Fanboy and Chum Chum are two of the most stupid and annoying characters on any TV show I've ever seen. They don't have any knowledge, are brain-dead morons, and are not funny. The other characters are awful, too! The only good characters on this show are Kyle and Lenny, because they don't act annoying, and HATE Dumboy and Fat Fat. I feel sorry for them. Also, what's with the characters' names? Boog? Yo? Poopatine? WTF? The 3D in this show is no better. It is way too sloppy, ugly, and bright! Long story short, this cartoon sucks, and should die in a fire. Don't watch it, man! It's one of the worst modern Nickelodeon shows you'll ever see (thank God it's cancelled).
  • Hmmmmm.

    If you want to see my full toughts look at the review below me
  • If your looking to effectively destroy your channel reputation. Look no further! Fanboy and ChumChum!

    I can normally watch shows like Fred,Planet Sheen and Marvin Marvin without changing the channel. Don't get me wrong I hate those shows with a passion, but at least their watchable. My friends are aware of my ability to watch at least one episode of a bad show, so one of my friends suggested this show. However once I saw the theme song (That's right the first 30 seconds of the episode) I knew this would be my toughest battle yet. I'm not gonna lie halfway through the episode I changed the channel to Regular Show to restore my humanity. Yes, I'm aware that this show makes references to movies and books outside the target demographic. A lot of shows do this, but they do it in a funny way. Here it's so bland. People will tell me this show is made for nerds not kids. Then one question Why the heck does it have the TV-Y7 rating and if it is for nerds why is it on FRIGGIN NICKELODEON. If you like that stuff that's fine, but keep that junk off of Nickelodeon.

    This is the worst peace of fiction I've seen. Worst then Fred. Worst the Marvin Marvin and Annoying Orange combined. Its NOT EVEN BETTER THEN TWILIGHT. Heck, I would even watch the entire Season 9 Spongebob Dvd. The graphics are worst then Bubsy 3D. Heck this is even worse then Sanjay and Craig, but Nickelodeon couldn't get the the hint how awful this is because they made a new show called BreadWinners. What is it? It's the reincarnation of fanboy and chumchum just as friggin ducks.

  • The only positive thing about this show, IT'S CANCELED!

    Want to make a show that's sure to fail? Take season 7 Spongebob and Patrick, make them even more annoying than usual, make them incredibly sugar high with poor animation, let's add in a Squidward character, rules that are not explained, and over all no pacing. It seems that this show forgets about what makes cartoons good, and the laziest writers in the universe have been hired to make this show. First, let's get to the most obvious problem, the writing. In this show we're only presented with two characters that exist only to annoy the ever living daylights out of people and there's no central plot to the show what so ever. In Spongebob we are shown his daily life and go through adventures with him around episodes that actually have a plot. Even in Adventure Time with it's hijinks, we still get a central plot to every episode and know what Finn and Jake do. Here, we're given a plot but it goes into another plot almost instantly in every episode. Which brings me to the elephant in the room, it's pacing THERE IS NONE! Every episode the plot gets scattered and random everything is thrown at the viewers. Additionally, we get another Squidward like character named Kyle and to me this is a sign of laziness because he's solely there to be Fanboy and Chum Chum's target of annoyance and nothing more. I'm calling it lazy because this seems that this kind of character has been done so many times, placed in there only to be tortured. It's been done with Meg from Family guy, and it's been done with Squidward. Also, it seems that this cartoon universe has rules but they're not followed or explained. There is one episode where they have clones of themselves but we're never told where they came from, what they survive off of, etc. You can make rules for your cartoon universe writers, but they need to make sense and have to be followed. Overall, this is an example of how to lose your job as a writer. The good, it's cancelled.
  • The Best Thing About This Show Is The Whistling At The Beginning Of The Theme Music

    I also take sympathy for Kyle, who has to put up with Dimwit and Bum Bum, two of the most annoying protagonist characters on the planet. This is the worst piece of trash cartoon show in the animated universe, with The Simpsons being on the other extreme as the best. Nickelodeon should have given F&CC the quick hook it deserved, but NOOOOOO--it had to extend the series to a third, and possibly, fourth season, thus making it the most overrated POS as well.

    UPDATE--Is it possible for me to adopt the whistling as my new cell phone ring tone?
  • Avoid at all Costs

    This is probably one of the worst shows ever. It's not even funny, and all it does is irritate you to oblivion. There are several problems with the show.


    Fanboy: The main character of the show. Always dresses like a superhero (which he isn't) and wears his underwear outside of his pants. Main reason for existence is to annoy people.

    Chum Chum: The other main character of the show. Like Fanboy, he dresses like a superhero (which he isn't either). Like Fanboy, he wears his underwear outside of his pants. Like Fanboy, he likes to annoy the crap out of people.

    All the others are dumb extras who are meant to annoy you even further (Boog, Yo) or are completely pathetic ripoffs (Poopatine) The only one I feel bad for is Kyle because he has to put up with Fanboy and Chum Chum all the time.

    Plot: If you like a story about two idiots going around town and annoying the crap out of people, then you'll love this show.

    Sound: Most characters' voices are unbearable, and the theme song is loud and irritating enough it's in a class of its' own.

    Jokes: Dumb and immature. Just about every joke is associated with potty humor.

    Overall Scores

    Characters 1/10

    Plot 1/10

    Sound 1/10

    Jokes 0/10

    Overall: 0.75/10

    The Verdict: If you see this show on the TV-unless you want to get annoyed to death-change the channel immediately. Avoid this show at all costs. Trust me, you do NOT want to watch this show.

    BONUS NOTE: On IMDb, it shows Fanboy and Chum Chum won 5 Emmy Awards, was nominated for 3 other Emmys, and nominated for 6 Annies.

    You have got to be kidding me...
  • Fuckboy and Fart Fart is cancelled yay!

    Overuse of fucking gross humor, freaking pathetic.. Random plot, Ugly characters, Worst names, & Terrible tv show title ever..... breadwinners is even worse with the twerking in IT. This show is a rip off of spongebob. They have no personalities all they act is being stupid and hyper likes to damage other people's stuff and annoy them. nick, If you want a true story plot. Add a villian and storys of them. remove fart jokes and thank god its cancelled more like shitelodeon, BRING BACK THE OLD SHOWS PLEASE.
  • The only good thing I can say about this show is that it is now cancelled

    Gross over use of potty humor, no developed characters, or real plot, ugly animation, combined with the worst super heroes (or wannabe heroes) ever. A really stupid show that is an eyesore as much as it is waste of time. I bet it could lower IQ's. I could go on but so many others before me made the points or lack thereof long before me. I'd much rather do math homework than watch this garbage.
  • WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Okay this is a guilty pleasure of mine, but... FUCK THIS SHOW MAN!!

    Okay someone give me a bucket. I need to shit this shit down the shitter. This show is shit. Fuckboy and Cum Cum is the worst nickelodeon cartoon in history. Makes Johnny Test look like Dexter's Lab and The Problem Solverz look like Johnny Bravo. NEVER WATCH THIS SACK OF WHORESHIT.
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