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  • this show is unwatchable

    this is horific i cant even watch an entire episode what has happened to this channel every show is terrible on exept for spongebob. nick is definitly as bad as disney channel possibly worse i didnt think i would ever say that. this show is unwatchable you may say only a stoner would find this funny but thats mean i mean your assuming they like this horrific $h!! i dont know anyone that would like this remember this channel had great shows remember when it wasnt just stupied jokes, unoriginal plots and characters, remember when nicks shows had time put into them at this point all we have left is memories.
  • Its so bad Jigsaw Killer should use it as a way or torture.

    Ok, so its a show about two friends named Fanboy and Chum Chum who go on "adventures" in their neighborhood, or, something like that. It sucks buffalo crap.

    I mean, really, Fanboy and Chum Chum? Its like Ren and Stimpy on crack! It has bad animation, horrid story lines and gross looking characters with dumb names. Unlike most TV shows, it has no likable characters, their aren't any you can relate to. You have to be living under a rock and be missing both ears and an eye to find it funny (That or a three year old).

    It gets two thumbs down.
  • Quite possibly THE worst show to come out for some time.

    It is quite possibly one of the WORST things I have ever seen in my life. You know how THE ROOM was such a bad movie, but it was one of those "SO bad, it's good" movies? Well this show is SO bad, that it's BAD. Seriously, there is NOTHING funny about this show what so ever. The animation is pretty lazy at times, and the jokes are either re-hashed from other shows on Nick, or they are tired and unfunny jokes and puns. One of the only decent things about the show is the voice acting, but that only applies to very few characters, as it seems that the creators went out of their way to give Fan Boy and Chum Chum grating and annoying voices. Overall I wouild advise that you steer clear of this show at all costs, and if you have anybody in your house that actually wants to watch this show, quickly turn to another channel and watch something that is actually decent.
  • OMG OMG OMG, I am stuffed to my neck of dumb nicktoons

    This show is disgusting in its very own way, the characters are idiotic, stupid, senseless, stupid (yes, again) and soooo, but sooo ugly I wanna kill my self gahhhhh *gets shot*, you now, IF and only IF I had children, I would NEVER, EVAH, EVAH, EVAH let them watch this, you know, Fred Seibert USED to be my idol, now I don't know if I should hate him or feel sorry for him, I mean RLY, what the hell is wrong with Frederator(WTF) they produced many cartoons I like, Oh Yeah, Kablam and stuff, please nickelodeon, cancel this damn soon
  • This show is hard to watch in public.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is what everyone will come to expect once simply thinking of the name. It's unfunny, childish, and is just poorly made in general. I dislike the characters in it. They're annoying to a point of insanity. Chum Chum is a prime example of this. My only positive note I give to the show is it's animation, which is well shaded and nicely smoothened out. Sadely, Fanboy and Chum Chum is another one of those shows that fails to bring new viewers over to Nick and instead drives old ones away. This show may just need to be put out of it's misery.
  • This is one of the worst shows that I have ever seen. The show is not entertaining, completely stupid, and disgusting. This show follows the two main characters, Fanboy and his sidekick Chum Chum, on their daily adventures and problems.

    This is the worst show that Nick has ever allowed to be shown on its network. The animation on the show is terrible, and completely unrealistic. I understand that this is just a cartoon, but it still should follow some of the natural rules and laws of nature, like people's brains should not be able to come out of their heads at will. The characters should also actually look like people, not some kind sort of odd looking monster. In addition to this problem, the show is just completely stupid. The characters do stupid things, and the dialogue is absolutely horrible. The characters are also annoying to listen too.

    The last thing that I have to say is that this show is just disgusting. The characters are misshapen and often do things that no parent in their right mind would want their kids to see.

    This show only shows the deterioration of the network, and the network will only improve if it get rid of these shows. I hope that this show is canceled in the near future.
  • this is what kids watch now??? seriously, this will make kids really stupid, they will go around running like idiots wearing their underwear out, and being so annoying that anybody would give them a headshot

    a really stupid show, I saw it and those kids were always talking and talking and talking, why do they pass this on tv??? they don't have nothing better to do?? i remember my times when they knew how to do a cartoon, but now you see an obese kid with another with the size of the CN tower and they don't have brain, did their fathers used them as footballs??? because that cartoon wins the award to the most stupid show on earth, this makes me miss a lot old school cartoons like Tom & Jerry, the Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, if you read this before watching you found heaven and saved your life from watching it, if you already watched it, now you know how hell is
  • WOW! SpongeBob and Patrick 2.0 3D Deluxe on Ice - human version!

    This is a ripoff of Spongebob and Patrick friendship in 3D, mixed with supernatural stuff like Billy and Mandy.

    Two kids with superhero complex in exaggerated situations of the life.

    I give 4/10 to this crap, cause the 3D animation is very creative for a CGI show. But the potential in the concept is overshadowed by the silly-goofy personality of the main character.

    Like watch Spongebob and Patrick's love seed (if they were a gay couple) with an affair on Bessie Higgenbottom.

    Really annoying.

    Here in Latin america premiered the last week, so i gonna give them one more chance to win my heart (there are not hope i think...)
  • this stupid show is about two obviously mentally challenged kids how dont have lives, or a chance to get girlfriends who wear their underwair on the outside because they think that they are the coolest people ever. which they are not.

    This show is a waste of money to be general. This show really sucks so hard. Why would nickolodeon get rid of so many good shows like the X's, Catscratch and many others for this crap show. This is definately one of the worst shows ever thought of. It does not have a plot at all and should definately be cancelled after the first season. I remember when nick had shows like Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, and Jimmy Neutron. What has Nickolodeon thinking? Those shows were some of the best shows that nickolodeon ever made. Worst show of all time
  • I have to agree with the other people, this show is bad. See my review for more details.

    I gave this show a chance, and wow it was terrible. But, to make this intro short i will review it like this :

    Opening : The opening is just stupid. All it is Fanboy and Chum chum running around like idiots. The music is just plain weird.

    Characters : The Character's names are random and stupid. Seriously, a girl named Yo, a bully called Boog, and an evil janitor who is a rip off of palpatine from star wars? Oh and in a recent episode they had a guy named Manarctica or something like that who was pretty much a rip-off of santa. Plot : The Plots are dumb as well. Seriously, gum monsters, an ice monster, and wizards ( Though, Kyle is sort of funny)? Also, Fanboy and Chum Chum don't even have powers and they act like superheroes. Wow, that is just sad. Don't get mad at me, I MAY give this show another chance, but i'm not really sure. Overall Grade: D

    OK. One thing I have to ask is "How did Nick accept this show?" This show is pretty bad honestly. Although, I do give it props for its CGI. But the show itself is just UGH! The characters are so dumb and have bad voice actors. Also, the fart jokes..... they are SO overused. One or two fart jokes would be okay but not hundreds. I hate how the plot is almost the same every time! I dunno what else to say about the show except "IT NEEDS TO DIE.....NOW!" It's been on Nick since November and it sucks hard. When I saw the commercial for this show before it premiered I KNEW it was going to suck. This show should have never seen the light of day. Rating on the show: BIG FAT F! Bye, Bye Fanboy & Chum Chum. That's my review!
  • This show is giving Nickeldeon a bad name. They gotta cancel it...

    This show is about two stupid, nerdy, annoying, little kids who wear underwear and tights and do stupid stuff. I will grade everything about this show.

    ANIMATION: 1/10
    It looks ugly and unfinished.

    HUMOR: 1/10
    All of it is just disgusting, immature, potty humor such as farting, pooping, toilets, burping, stinky stuff. And god-awful spoofs of Emperor Palpatine, Tomagotchi Toys, The Terminator, and even Michael Jackson.

    You gotta be kidding me? Bubble Gum Monsters? Tomagotchi rip off zombies? Karate Pigs? How old are the writers for this show, 5?

    CHARACTERS: 1/10
    All of them are completley annoying and dull. And the characters names, Come on! What kind of names are Fanboy, Chum Chum, Boog, Yo? VOICE ACTING: 1/10
    Annoying And Stupid. I cant stand Fanboy, Chum Chum, Boog, and Lenny's voice.

    This show is annoying, stupid, immature, and one of the worst abominations to ever hit Nick. I cant believe they got rid of great shows just to fit this terrible show onto Nick. Come on Nickeldeon! Do something right and cancell this show!

    This show gets an overall grade of an F---------. Im out!
  • This could be the new definition of terrible!

    This is the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life. If you thought Glen Martin was bad, ladies and gentelmen, we have a new winner. The show is about two kids that go on stupid adventures like to the frosty mart and live in a tree house the size of a real house. I could tell by the preview this show was going to be F- material. Guess what? We were right! I said we because I hope you feel the same way. The characters are stupid, have verrrrrrrry annoying voices, and tell stupid jokes. The animation is ok, so i'll give it that. Overall, this show should be cancelled ASAP. Please nick, take this damn excuse of an abombanation of tv down!
  • ....And i thought Nickelodeon was cool. If you thought Nickelodeon could'nt get worse, they came up with more and MORE CRAP! READ more of this review.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, If you are looking for a show to be nominated for "Worst Cartoon Show", Fanboy and Chum Chum is your pick.

    Nickelodeon has come up with a lot of crap, and this is one of them. If you thought "THE MIGHTY B!" was bad, wait until you hear this show.

    First of all, The show is gross. It centers around two goofball boys (who look like odd mistakes), Fanboy and Chum Chum who go on thier so-called "adventures". They fart, barf, dig thier noses, and..... let's not mention more. I don't want YOU to BARF too.

    Second of all, this show is an example of "Rugrats" on crack. I know it is a so-called cartoon but can they be at least one thing (that makes sense) and not unexplainable crap.

    My only plus is the animation tho, its cool. OVERRALL, terrible show!!

    Anyone who thumbs me down doesn't know what "COOL" means!. The writers are on crack and they should cancel this ASAP! before i go on a violent rampage. Don't watch this show!

    This is the reason why SPIN-OFFS don't work on Nickelodeon.
  • .......................................................... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS IT!

    Thats it, this is it this is finlly it. probily the worst cartoon ever made in history. i mean its entertaning for the most part, but its just terrible altogether. ugh so lets begin So this show im reivewing is called fanboy and chum chum ok" so the show is about to suger rushed boys running around in there underware a few charicters named yo. who are obbsesd with chum chum. and a few other charicters.
    why this cartoon is just plane boring. all it is, is just too annoyinng kids running around in there underware... is that the best you can come up with!?!?!?!?. well lets see we got the animation lets look.... my god that is the worst animation style i have ever seen. and boy are these some ugly cartoon charicters the charicter desighns suck! So what else is there?.. well we got the names of the charicters boy!? chum chum!? yo!? boog!? kyle.. well thats pretty normal. but what parents name there kids fanboy and chum chum oh boy well i will give it one good part the theme song.. thats it the theme song thats all thats good i will admit the show is pretty entertaning so it gets a two. this is weirdgamer2001 sighning off.
  • A revival to Nick. This is the greatest cartoon I ever watched.

    Nah, not really. Just another show to take out to the dumpster. The show is not funny. The duo are the superhero wannabe stoners. The secondary characters are no different. Kyle is the least annoying guy on the show. Though there's not really anything that's interesting about him either. May i ask what is up with the JANITOR? A LAME mix of Star Wars and house cleaning. The animation is pretty choppy and the art direction is very ugly. And if you like retarded fart humor, then this might be for you. 1/10
  • One of the stupidest things I Have Seen On TV

    My friend suggested this show because he finds it hilarious. I watched an episode, it was one of the most boring 11 minutes of my life (thank goodness it's only two 11 minute episodes and not one 22, that way you don't spend as much time watching if you disliked it). I then watched another out of boredom, that was even more painfully boring and just absurd, and not in a good way. This is probably one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen. Granted, I've only seen like 2-3 episodes or so, but they were TERRIBLE, I thought. If this is what kids are watching now (and I only say this because I assume it's generally aired towards kids, this does not mean adults/teens don't watch, I just assume kids do more so), I fear what kind of children programming they will have in the future. "F"
  • this is bad

    it is unfunny, wrong, strange, stupid and it makes no sense. the guy had to be high when he wrote it that is the only way it makes sense. the characters suck, the names of the characters suck i mean fanboy, chum chum, Yo!!!!! It is also really gross. i hate this show more and more every day it is a terrible show with a terrible idea and terrible plots. this the wost show on nick i hope that one day nick will wake up and cancel this piece of crap. it should be replaced with invader zim or anything else. it should go down as once of the wost ideas ever for a show. i think it had all ready won that. it sucks so much that it is not even funny. it is so random and dump that is amazing. how could anyone in their right mind like this?! i hope thats this get canceled soon before i lose my mind
  • This show is lame, stupid, annoying, and just plain SUCKS.

    OK, I honestly didn't think it looked too bad according to the previews, so I gave it a chance and watched one of the 11-minute episodes that came on the day it premiered. Let me tell you, those were the only 11 minutes of my life that I truly believe I've wasted. This show could not get more annoying! None of its jokes are funny, and both FanBoy and Chum Chum are just...disgusting. Not only that, but it took the place of Making Fiends's Sunday time slot on Nicktoons, even though it's lame! I hate this show, and I hope it dies...SOON.
  • just stupid!

    this show is soooooooooooo stupid and piontless and the only reason i am even reviewing is because I have nothing better to do! who really likes this show? I know I don't! waste of money to even consider making this garbage! I mean why make new shows when you already had amazing shows on like Rugrats and Hey Arnold! I completly hate this show!! The shows on nick now are lame! is there even a posative review cause the ones i read wasn't! but I have to amit that I like the theme song but I can live without it! They should take this show off!
  • Makes Mr.Meaty look like a winner

    I can't stand this show everytime I see this show on television I wanna rip my eyes out of the socket. I think The Mighty B suddenly stopped making episodes because of this show. I'd rather watch The Mighty B other than this. I saw one episode once, and the humor is very horrible. Like for example, Fanboy mistakes a fire hydrant for a hot dog. When I watched that bit I was like... I hope this show gets cancelled ASAP, the animation is horrible, the characters are ugly, the theme song makes me wanna shoot my TV. Who made this show? I must find the person responsible! Nickelodeon is just as worse as Cartoonetwork. If they want to keep Victorious, Brainsurge or maybe any other show that ruined the network, I suggest they cancel this first right away, it's one huge eye sore. What are kids watching these days? They need to see the shows that were great for television back then. I'm glad I was born as a 90's kid. Anyway, if you never seen his show, don't try to give it a chance, you'll end up throwing your tv into a lake. Final Grade: Big Fat Huge F-----
  • I was horribly wrong for liking this show!!!

    Third time I reviewed this.But so horrible.Nick had one chance and they spent it on idiotic shows.The show's about a stupid,nose pickin pack of superhero's.Dare to know there names.FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM!!!They don't even have super powers,which is a waste of imagination,while Adventure Time has plenty of imagination.You think that's bad?Then check out the Other characters names.A girl named Yo,a bully named Boog and a rip-off of Comic Book Guy named OZ.And then there's the owner of the Frosty Mart and a wizard.You dare to know there names?Kyle and Lenny!Really?Once you get stupid names,you get Kyle and Lenny?Geez.And like Johnny Test,they have stupid villians and others with Digital pet zombies,Bears stealing money,Gum people and Ice heros.And dumb spoofs of Star Wars,King Kong and Michael Jackson.And it's humor is so stupid.Like when Chum Chum was trying to get a superhero to come to his house and he had the wrong snack,Cookies and Milk.And so he figures out the right snack.And you know what it is?Milk and cookies!WTH?That's a fail.I give it a F for failing.Score:

    Animation:The useless thing that CGI does.And every eye is cheap because it looks like glass.

    Humor:No humor at all with idiotic superheros.

    Voices:Terrible voice acting.Fanboy and Chum would never shut up!

    Music:Stupid.The musical numbers are stupid too except the He's My Best Friend one.

    Theme:The worst one I ever heard.It's just the two idiots acting like dummyheads.

    The 4th worst show of all time.This worse than the Garfield Show,but Johnny Test is worse.
  • The rock-bottom of Nicktoons, which can bring the entire channel at the knife-edge.

    A show that will make you change the channel, or rather turn off the TV. It's simply boring, I could not even sense any comedic scenes anywhere in any episodes. I know it's labelled as 'Gross humour show', but they could have done with much less intensity. Despite all the negative criticisms, I don't really know how this show could get millions of views and receiving 3 Emmy awards.

    You would lodge complaints for defective goods that you buy. Similarly, if you pay for cable television, you should get back acceptable television shows.

    Now with another season coming up, it might take up more of the schedule formerly occupied by the best Nickelodeon shows. There's no way to take cover. Besides Avatar, Nickelodeon has really spoilt their reputation they had enjoyed so much during their early years.
  • Why, Fred Seibert, Why?!

    Remember the good Nicktoons that used to play on TV? Kiss 'em goodbye! Because Fanboy and Chum Chum is taking their place. Do they succeed? HECK NO!

    The premise of this show is two retarded boys going on "adventures". Pretty gripping, isn't it? (sarcasm) Yes, the storyline is bad. The rest of the show is just as craptastic.

    The show is dubbed as a "comedy" by Nickelodeon, but, sadly, it fails at being one. All the "humor" comes from toilet jokes. That's it. Every episode is nothing but fart and poop jokes. I swear the show was designed for/by toddlers!

    The animation is also bad. My crap looks better than this show. Animation is supposed to be nice and fluid, not choppy and stiff. Also, the show is way to colorful. It's weird how a show so bright and colorful will make you wanna commit suicide after watching it.

    The opening theme for the show is, not surprisingly, bad. A lot of the haters on say it's kinda catchy, but they're wrong (no offense). I've heard that song a million times and I STILL don't know what they're saying!

    Finally, the characters (spoiler: they suck). Their designs are extremely morbid and painful to look at. They also have very annoying voices (it's like the writers were doing a casting call for people with strep throats). To make it worse, they have hideous names like: Boog; Yo; Janitor Poopatine (yay another poop joke); Fanboy; Chum Chum; Oz; etc. If my parents named me something like that, I would NEVAH forgive them. The only exception to all of these is Kyle, the wizard-kid. He has a normal voice, a normal name, and can make you smile sometimes (but he still looks abnormal).

    If you love your life, stay as far away from this show as possible. This is possibly the worst thing ever to play on Nickelodeon (and television in general).

    BTW It got renewed for a second season D:

    Humor: 1/10 (12 minutes of potty humor)
    Visuals: 1/10 (Choppy and too colorful)
    Opening: 1/10 (Yay, Ear Rape)
    Characters: 1.5/10 (They all suck, except for Kyle)

    Overall: 1/10

    Thank you for reading my first review.
  • Why an Emmy? Why not a Jemmy? Or a Blemmy? NOT AN EMMY!!!

    This show won an Emmy?! Who nominated this show? Someone, an idiot, a woeful twit who doesn't know the meaning of entertainment must have nominated it along with Regular Show, and--I voted for Regular Show over this crap. Seriously, this show hasn't even made a season without flopping up the timeslot. Where have new episodes been, huh? Nowhere...and this show won an Emmy. From professional award people, they gave this piece of ear-bleeding crud an Emmy. I'm sick just thinking this piece of garbage got one, and puking at the cheerful legions of fandorks who praised this show and its stars. Also, how old are the writers for this show, two? The plots suck big time, and are just shredded off of other redone plots.
  • Two words: Epic Fail....

    When I heard about the show Fanboy & Chum Chum, I thought "Ugh," but I wanted to give it a fair chance & watched it after Truth or Square. After seeing it, I was apeechless at how bad it was. First of all, they have really strange names. I mean, what kind of name is Chum Chum??? :S This show's just too weird for my tastes. Then there's a girl called Yo?? Wha--? That's just weird. I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone. If you wanna watch GOOD shows that don't gross you out or boring, watch Spongebob or pretty much anything else. I don't think I'll be watching this show anytime soon. Sorry fans.

    1/10 stars
  • More Nickelodeon crap

    This is yet another abysmal show from Nickelodeon. Lately, they've been putting out some bad stuff (The Mighty B is a good example,) and this yet another example. This show is about 2 boys who do stupid stuff together, like sleepovers and watching Tomigotchi pets (I know really.) It doesn't help that all the characters personalities are all generic cliche knock-offs, like the strong tough idiot guy (Dugg) Boring teacher (Mr. Teacher) and so on. The only character who has a chance is the wizard kid, yet his role is really underutilized. And then, they use stupid gags repeatedly, like Mr. Teacher buying a ton of something thinking it's a coupon. Lame. Overall, if Nickelodeon wants to beat CN at their own game, they really need to step it up now. 1/10 F-
  • Fanboy and - *changes the channel*

    Oh my god...Fred Seibert, the creator of What a Cartton, the show that brought that gave birth to, Dexter's Laboratory, Mike Lu & Og, Cow & Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, I.M Weasel, Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd n Eddy and the Powerpuff girls. The man who also I believed worked on Oh Yeah Shorts! which I believe gave birth to Fairly OddParents...He has allowed Eric Robles creation, Fanboy and Chum Chum to be made at his Frederator Studios...You know what? This is one of his worst ideas ever!

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is a monstrosity of a show about two boys called Fanboy and Chum Chum who get up to the weirdest stuff that should only be done in an animated cartoon, not CGI. Oh, did I mention that the CGI is horrific, it looks like Pet Alien but a Thousand Times Worser!

    The opening theme is somewhat catchy yet after a few rewatches it'll grate on your ears and as soon as your hear it, you'll be like, "Oh great this show..." -_-; *Turns over the channel* Seriously, you will, unless you're into ridiculously gross humour that would even make a pool of puke, puke in disgust. It's just plain nonsense, it has no plot and it should have never been made!

    Seriously, even Johnny Test is better than this bull and even that show is pretty bad, although it's not as bad as this but it still jumps the shark.

    I do not recommend you even watch 1 second of this show, don't let your kids watch it either, especially if they love drawing. Imagine if they became big time animators and made a show as awful as this!

    On a scale of FAIL - A+, FAIL being the lowest and A+ being the highest this show is...

    0.0/A+ = FAIL/A+

    I can't show 0.0 on the rating thing because it won't allow me, so I just wrote it here!


    I hate to announce that Nickelodeon have renewed this show for another series! D:

    Please end the madness, end it now!
  • I'd rather watch iCarly than this garbage.

    Fanboy and Chum Chum is one of the worst, if not the worst, shows Nickelodeon has ever made in their previously glorious history of classic cartoons like Spongebob. I cannot stress how much I detest and abhor this show with my most compassionate part of my soul. As soon as I hear Fanboy and Chum Chum's theme song, I feel like I want to murder everyone. So much annoying gibberish and whistling.

    It's not funny at all. Need I say more?

    If you ever catch a glimpse of this satanic show, please switch the channel, or you will be trapped in an endless cycle of self mutilation, stupidity and possibly even suicide.
  • I couldn't stand five to watch five minutes of it.

    (I'm not writing this review to insult any fans; I'm simply expressing my opinion) I know this show was going to be bad just from the commercials, but oh, I never imagined that it'd be as awful as it is. The only positive that I've gotta say about this show is the theme song is somewhat catchy, but even then it's completely random. It's an automatic red flag for any viewer. Nevertheless, I continued watching it anyway despite my better judgment. Nickelodeon, can I please have those twenty two minutes I wasted on this crap when I could've done something more productive back? This show was a total waste of time for me, and was the only show that's painful for me to watch: the random gags, the annoying characters, the terrible animation, and the teeth clenching voices. The characters are so annoying that they make me want to rip my hair out, except for Chum-Chum who I think is somewhat cute, and even funny. But Fanboy, Kyle, Yo, and the others take away any enjoyment that Chum-Chum gives me. Everybody on this series looks like crap, and whoever's drawing them clearly has never see a decent-looking human, or simply has no artistic abilities whatsoever…or they're working on a dime. The only thing that I'll give credit for is that they combine the traditional animation with the CGA. Bottom line is that Fanboy and Chum-Chum is one show I advise you to stay away from at all costs.
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