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  • For the love of God, please kill me now

    I heard so much crap about this show, I decided to see if it was as bad as everyone made it out to be, and you know what I should have listened to everyone. Fanboy and Chum Chum is a show that has not only fails at comedy, but at being a cartoon altogether. The animation is one of those 3D animations like Jimmy Neutron, but unlike that show, F & CC's animation looks choppy, the characters look terrible, and it is way too brightly colored for a kid's show. The characters themselves are just uninspired and very generic with no personality. The stories themselves are uninspired and it tries to be unique with its "jokes". To put it bluntly, he jokes are just abysmal, its just farting, burping, and toilet humor, its just terrible and doesn't have juvenile appeal at all. I have seen only a few episodes, but I can't bear to watch this show anymore, it's just too painful to watch. Don not watch this show unless you want a faster way to commit suicide.
  • More like Fanbutt and ChumpChump.

    This is a very idiotic show. The CGI is just terrible. Did the creators take steroids while making this show? The characters are also stupid. Fanboy is an stupid jerk, ChumChum is disturbed, the villans are sadists, and the other kids are unoriginal. It's filled with pointless parodies, stupid storylines, and generic jokes. The creators must of been on acid to make this show. Sure, Nick has made some pretty bad shows (especially Mr. Meaty and Dora the Explorer), but this show takes the cake. I'd rather kiss a male chimpanzee than watch this show. Thought Out of Jimmy's Head was bad? Well this show is even worse. If you ask me, Fanboy and ChumChum won't last a single season (two if it's lucky).

    In my reviews, shows will be graded by letters, F being the worst, S being the best, and A, B, C, D, and E being in between.

    Presentation: F
    Dialogue: E
    Style: F
    Re-watch value: F
    Overall Grade: F
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum is the worst thing to hit Nick since "Mr. Meaty".

    Nickelodian has already been slightly struggling but now they decide to release this crap? What the hell are they thinking? The humor in this show for one is just flat out retarded. It's mainly just a bunch of farts and potty humor. Who would be stupid enought to watch this crap. As obvisous, looks like Nick decided to play stupid and make this show for ages 3-5. But still, this show is so absurd that I don't see how any toddler or baby could even watch this unless he has a un-contrable addiction for potty humor. The storylines are terrible in this show. Robot toys coming to life, bubble gum monsters, and wizards? Is that the best you've got? Who the hell is writing this anyways? I'd definetaly like to meet the adult who made this toilet humored infestation. Oh, and to top it off, the animation sucks in this show. The characters all look ugly, and you take no interest in any of them. Everything looks the same in bland enviorements.

    Stick to Spongebob. This show is terrible.
  • It's terrible indeed!

    The most terrible 3D cartoon that ever made, Fanboy & Chum Chum recieves the title. Bad at anything.

    Plot: Bad. It's like it came from a tard that has a plastic toy for brains. It's about kids who needs 24/7 disciplinary and military training. No plot! Nada. Nothing you can find in this saturated pile of crap.

    Characters: Terrible! They can't even produce a good name! Ex. Boog, Poopatine, Oz, and the others are named as baby words. *sigh*.

    Humor: Humor of an 3rd yr old, my 1 yr old brother can do better! (who is now 3 in next month, but still can do better than this)

    Animation & Art: Using the power of dimension from Jimmy Neutron, they mixed it up with an terrible theme of animation and humor, TERRIBLE!

    Episodes: Huh. Couldn't last even one minute, if it weren't for the atrocity that is present in this abomination. Also, the theme song is annoying!

    Total Score: 0.1

    It's bad in all sides, as I said, it must have been coming from a person with that has a foreign object for brains.
  • This show show.....just sucks....PERIOD

    Ok Nick are you pulling our legs or what i mean seriously this show sucks and its really immature its about 2 stupid boys who think they are super heroes (wearing *cough wearing underwear cough*) named Fanboy (who looks like sheen from Jimmy neutron and chum-chum who are retarded and only think about farts,body fluid and other discusting things,Theres not even creative names i mean there is a girl nameed ''yo'
    (WTF).I mean nick couldve used this as a cartoon short for commercial blocks and it wouldve been fine with me but replace this crappy show that i would have a pleasure missing for awsome shows like Invader Zim is a BIG no no! (me thinks the nickoldean programmers need a spanking :P) Anyway the bottom line: If you are stuck between watching this show for a day or going to Jail for a day choose Jail.


    The Theme song sucks its just a bunch of fanboy and chum chum running around like idiots and the lyrics are pitaful Its basically just Fanboy and Chum Chum and thats sucks now i know CatDog another childhood favorite show of mine is the same But at least it had a catchy tune and that show is way better than this i dont see how anyone can watch this or let alone enjoy it unless thier mentally challenged.

    How is this still on? No, no a better question. How did this get premiered! I mean really. Okay, Nick stop ruining my childhood with ruining formly good shows like spongebob. Canceling actually decent shows like Barnyard and replacing it with THIS. This is why I don't watch kid's networks anymore and now watch Seinfeld! Okay, enough ranting and let's get to the show.

    The plot is that there are two boys named fanboy and chum chum (great name guys) and they dress up like superheroes and were underwear outside their body...... yeah... So they just do random crap in the episodes and make jokes about crap. No I'm literally serious, the majority of humor is bathroom. How old are the creators? Because I know some little kids hate this show. Ugh. I want to falcon punch fanboy badly. There is only one saving grace about this show and that's Oz. He's the only thing that makes it horrible instead of devatatingly bad. The other characters are forgettable and the overall show is awful. The original Toy Story has better animation and it's ONE of the worst show I've ever seen.

    I'd rather play Spelling Challenges (worst game I've ever played) than watch this.

    Other than Oz the comicbook guy NEVER watch this show, ever. This show makes me RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay enough talking about this if I do I'll go into a coma.
  • Perhaps one of the most influential cartoons ever made.


    Well, where do I start? I am at a loss for words at how great of a cartoon this is.First off, let's start with the animation. CGI. The future of animation! The graphics are great! They're bold, deep, full of emphasis and hard work. Perhaps the most detailed piece of art I've ever seen. It would make Mozart cry! The characters look handsome. Just like they do in the real world!Next, the music. The music can cure cancer. It's just beautiful. My grandma who lost her hearing years back could hear again after watching Fanboy and ChumChum. The music is intense. It makes me want to get off the sofa and dance!The characters are amazing. How original of an idea to have two main characters and an enemy character! And then there's the flirty girl character who loves ChumChum. Bless him. It's really cool how they made one of the character's names a parody of a Star Wars character! (Janitor Poopatine.) The teacher character is so unenthusiastic. The only bad character in the program. He's the only weird character. Why can't he just get along?!This show is hilarious. Fart. Hahahahah! OMG Bahahahahaha bogies! omg that's so funny lol! Hahahaha Fanboy STOLE CHUM CHUM'S NOSE Hahahaha! Fart! Hahahahah! Burp! Hahahaha OMG I'm peeing myself laughing!I couldn't stop watching this show so I had to rewind and watch the entire episode from the beginning again, and pause at the exact moments of the humour!This program is the work of a true genius! He shall have his name up in lights and a statue should be carved in his name. This program will go down in history as the building blocks for the future of amazing programs. Nickelodeon, you've done it again!....





    In all seriousness, this show is appalling. Please don't watch it for your own sanity. Thankyou.

  • How was this Show even Possible?!

    Okay, I'm editing my first review, so.. here we go.

    Okay, there are so many things wrong with this TV show. SO MANY THINGS. As you can, everyone hates it! It sucks so badly!

    CHARACTERS: There's something wrong with all of them. Fanboy [***gboy] is the most annoying kid you could ever imagine! Not only does he make ONLY poop-themed jokes, but his voice gives me headaches that last forever! Chum Chum [Scum Scum] is a fat and short little nub of a boy. He's just like Fanboy, but... shorter. Yo (what's with their names?) is a very... strange person. She has a weird obsession with Chum Chum (like my obsession with Link, but weirder!) and is constantly playing those annoying digital pet games. There was even one episode where she tried to make Chum Chum INTO a digital pet. Waaat...? Let's move on Boog[er]! He's, like, some 16 year old bully that picks on the other kids and is a complete slacker (nice thing to teach the kiddies) and cares only for his car, and most importantly, an old arcade game. Why, out of all things, an arcade game? WHY!? When there are things like COD and Bioshock out there, he'd rather play an arcade game about a monkey. Way to go! Oh, and did I forget to say that he's obsessed with the word 'bop'? Didn't take long to get annoyed with that one. The only sane characters are Kyle and Lenny, and with their attitudes, I can tell they're thinking, "Omg someone halp me get out of this TV show!"

    PLOTS: Like I said before, there was an episode where the Yo girl tries to make the fat kid into a digital pet. Isn't that enough for you? No? Well, this is going to be fun [oh dear Link help me!]. All the plots in the dang show DON'T MAKE SENSE! An episode about a gum monster. Yay. Fun. An episode about banned tooooys...? Alrighty, then. And another great episode, and my favorite, the episode where Fanboy loses his... 'brain' and Chum Chum replaces it with a sponge and tried to teach him again! So the creepy girl takes advantage of this, naturally.

    HUMOR: Do I need to say it? It's all toilet humor! I can mind one or two jokes like that in an episode, as it's funnier that way, but when the WHOLE SHOW is made up of potty jokes... the small krutch holding up the show will break. SNAP and million peices...

    ANIMATION AND ART: Omg, LOL it's pathetic! The CGI makes your eyes bleed, and the bright colours make you wanna puke rainbows. The animation is laughable, not in the good way...! Oh, and why do their eyes looks like they're made of glass? They seriously freakin' shine! It's scary :<. The character designs are weird, too. Fanboy has a flat head, Boog's whole body is his head..., Chum Chum is missing a neck, and so on...

    CONCEPT: This show... THIS---THIS SHOW. It is about two stupid kids with two stupid lives and one stupid house and some stupid friends and they go on 'adventures' together while wearing underwear and never taking off their masks and costumes.

    MUSIC AND SOUND: Lemme start with the theme. Makes you go deaf. Go blind in your ears... and if not, it's like the Lavender Town theme and gets stuck in your head for the rest of your life! Pointless. Couldn't it be one of those shows with NO theme song? Maybe I could hear then! The voices are so loud, even with the volume lowered majorly, you can still hear their tiny voice perfectly! The sound effects and music is so annoying. It's like Johnny Test when it comes to that!

    I think that's actually all I can rant about. And like Kristofferyfi said, RIP those kids who were forced to watch this
  • This is by far one of Nick's worst shows of all time....

    I'm still questioning myself how Nick allowed such a shallow piece of garbage like this to go on air. Even the most dim-witted can tell that this show is a mess in every area. The animation sucks flat on. The jokes are full of farts, poop, toilets, burps, and a wide variety of potty humor. This show takes stupidity to the top notch. By that, I mean the story sucks in every episode. It's not creative, well thought out, bizarre, or whatever else the hell the producers, creators, and directors think is "funny". Speaking of producers and such, how immature are these grown adults who make this show? I think 4 year old could find out the stupidity in this show.
  • So far, Nickelodeon has been coming up with crappy ideas for an animated series...

    I knew that this show would be terrible from the minute I saw the ads. I acutally watched an episode before the 2-day "Ed, Edd n Eddy" marathon would start, and boy was this awful! "Fanboy & Chum Chum" has to be the worst Nickelodeon show in a while. If you thought "Mr. Meaty" was bad, well, this show is even worse. It's about two best friends named Fanboy and Chum Chum who go on boring adventures such as a trip to a snow cone shop called Frosty Freeze, or whatever it's called. The characters are unlikable, with the exception of Chum Chum, whom I have to admit is kinda cute. But everyone else in this show is annoying, especially Oz, who is a rip off of Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons". And the animation is so terrible that it must've cost only one penny to make. Bottom line: "Fanboy & Chum Chum" is a show that may be entertaining for very small children, but will make everyone else cringe. Take this garbage off the air NOW, Nickelodeon!
  • this stupid show is about two obviously mentally challenged kids how dont have lives, or a chance to get girlfriends who wear their underwair on the outside because they think that they are the coolest people ever. which they are not.

    This show is a waste of money to be general. This show really sucks so hard. Why would nickolodeon get rid of so many good shows like the X's, Catscratch and many others for this crap show. This is definately one of the worst shows ever thought of. It does not have a plot at all and should definately be cancelled after the first season. I remember when nick had shows like Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, and Jimmy Neutron. What has Nickolodeon thinking? Those shows were some of the best shows that nickolodeon ever made. Worst show of all time

    Ok. Well. Let me see the characters I want to rant with.


    Chum Chum



    The comic book store owner guy

    Fanboy, I really want to rip your mask off, stick it up your a**, knee you in your face, and put my leg up, and then heel kick you with the bottom of my heel onto you head. Then I want to grab the back of your head and smash it on burning charcoal repeatedly until you die. ou know why Fanboy? Because, first, you're just so annoying. You go on th most stupidest adventures and you're not even a hero since all you do is go to the mart and drink frosty freezy freezes. Then, you annoy poor Kyle who is the only logical one, next to Lenny. Where are your parents anyway? I don't think they fed you considering you're skin and bones you skeleton motherfu*ker. Eat a sandwich and learn how to discipline yourself.

    Chum Chum, You're probably the 2nd worst out of the whole show. The reason why is because you're just so annoying, more than Fanboy. The reason I just hate you so much is because you remind me of one of those hyper kids who can't drink a can of soda because then you'll get hyper and then you're going to go on a big sugar rush which would probably make you the most annoying little fat short dwarf in history. And you're not cute, you're just ugly and you're like that one guy that everyone wants to punch in the face that makes jokes but no one laughs yet you still try.

    Boog, let me have a word with you. First, TALK OUT YOUR MOUTH, NOT YOUR A**. Secondly, I hate how you say "Bop". That is probably the most annoying word on the earth. I hope you know you're not cool when you say bop. You're not tough when you bop somebody on their heads. That just makes you a fat little ***ot that nobody likes. And why are you obsessed wih Chimp Chomp, an arcade game? See, THAT PROVES you have no life and no friends. You treat it like it's your girlfrie- wait, did I say Girlfriend? I meant boyfriend. Anyway, nobody thinks that's funny when you bop people. Stop being a jerk and grow up, nobody likes you.

    Yo, why are you obsessed with chum chum? He's not even cute! He's so gay and I just want to punch him in his little fat face. I hate his high pitched voice. Yo, just get out. Just get out.

    Comic book store owner: You're such a rip-off of the comic book guy from the Simpsons. And you never even sell any of your comics, so why even make a store if you're that greedy and selfish? You probably just opened it to brag about the newest addition of "***ot Man!"

    Jokes: They're not even funny. All of them are potty humor jokes that no one likes except 5 year olds. That's not funny humor, that's actually gross humor.
  • This show sucks so much! Shame on you, Nickelodeon, for making this terrible show!

    My first ever TV review.

    Oh my god! Oh my *** god! This show is SO much worse than Teletubbies, Barney and Friends, Dora The Explorer, Mr. Meaty, The Jerry Springer Show, and even Boohbah! Seriously, I'm not even joking! This show is disappointing. I hate it so much. This is so bad, I wish could still let us rate shows under 1.0 out of 10! I want to strangle the people who made this super annoying show. The characters' names on this show make this show more stupid and idiotic than terrible and even annoying! I mean, seriously, look at the characters' names:


    Chum Chum



    Mr. Mufflin



    WTF? Nickelodeon must've been on drugs when they made this show! It sucks donkey @$$! I'd rather watch iCarly, Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, Teletubbies, Barney and Friends, Boohbah, Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go, and any other show but this stupid, terrible, suckish, bad, disappointing, show! This show is definitely getting a 1.0 out of 10! I wish this show was never ever EVER EVER made! This is the worst show that I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life! This show makes me want to rage! I AM SERIOUSLY NOT JOKING! This is the worst, most disappointing, most annoying show ever on the WHOLE face of the Earth! This show is so bad, I don't want to even calm down! It's the worst show that has ever been made! Whoever made this show need get SLAPPED RIGHT IN THE FACE! I am serious! This show makes me angry and even frustrated! As a matter of fact, this show makes me so mad, I don't want to even talk about this show anymore since my rant on hating Fanboy and Chum Chum is giving me a severe headache. Bye, and good day to you!!!!!

    My rating: A big fat 1.0! >:(
  • I'd rather brush my teeth with a razor blade than watch this again.


    Well, we're at the last current nicktoon, and after 4 bangs and a dud, we come to the last, and boy is this one a huge, huge, huge dud! First off, what's with the names? Fanboy? Chum Chum? Boog? Yo? Oz? Mr. Muffin? Janitor Poopatine? (Ha Ha, it says POOP, Funniest thing EVARRRR!!!!!!! sarcasm) Were these writers high?! At least the odd names worked in Invader Zim, what with it feeling like another Earth completely different from ours. Here it's idiotic and more stupid than the show already is.

    The plot is about two kids who dress up like superheroes.....and that's it. The plot sometimes is bare-bones and doesn't make creative ideas with it's ideas. The episodes are stupid, like switching noses for Picture Day, and making a giant monster out of gum. Euwwwwww!

    The characters have little dimension or personality. Fanboy and Chum Chum are sugar-filled kids, that never shut up. (Although Chum Chum does look adorable) Yo looks creepy and has an obsession over Tamogatchi and Chum Chum.

    Speaking of creepy, the animation is very poor. The eyes look like there's glass over them, and it's rather choppy and slow.

    Anyway, back to the characters. Boog is a selfish jerk and bully who cares more about a Donkey Kong Jr. rip-off than life in general. Oz is the manager of a comic book and action figure store, but refuses to sell his collection. That's just STUPID!! And then there's Kyle, a wizard who hates Fanboy and Chum Chum with a passion (I can't imagine why.) Kyle is okay, but too overrated. I just don't find him funny.

    Speaking of funny, the jokes are awful. It's just references to The Shining, Terminator, Star Wars, King Kong, and also pee, fart, burp, and poop jokes. I guess kids might like that, but I would never show my future kids this type of humor when I'm older.

    Overall, don't waste your time on this show. Show your kids Spongebob or Invader Zim. Shows with ACTUAL humor, that's ACTUALLY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 out of 10.

  • I knew this show would be terrible before I even watched it.

    Nickelodeon is going downhill by the minute. They canceled shows like Catscratch, The X's, and Mr. Meaty (which personally I didn't think were that bad) because they knew not many people liked them. So you'd think that by now they've learned their lesson, right? I guess not.
    Now, when "Fanboy and Chum-Chum" first had commercials airing I thought to myself, "Oh great, another stupid show." I figured I'd give it a chance though, and I can't believe I wasted my time watching it. The animation is flat-out terrible, and it the storylines are 0% interesting and completely unfunny. Plus the names are stupid and not at all creative. I can't stand to even watch the commercials! I have no idea what they were thinking when they agreed to air this show. You mean to tell me that not one person working for "Fanboy and Chum-Chum" sat down and thought to themselves, "You know what, this show isn't all that funny or interesting, I don't think it'll make it." Apparently not. I mean, if you like really like this show, fine. But in my opinion, if you want to watch a show with nice, enjoyable humor, watch SpongeBob. If you want to watch a show about young superheroes, watch Teen Titans. Not Fanboy and Chum-Chum!
    I still believe that Nick would be SO much better off bringing back the old shows. and canceling the ones that are stupid and nobody obviously likes. That would make millions of viewers so happy and bring it right back up to the top. I'll be waiting!
  • Where did this even come from.

    One thing I have to say is that this is probably one of the worst shows on Nick to ever be made. I really have nothing good to say about it. There is absolutly no good humor at all and the plots are always lame and stupid. One thing they over do is make big fits about stealing. A lot of plots have them worried about stealing and it really makes me annoyed. It's not that I want them to steal, I just hate how they over do that plot. Also, I don't like the characters at all. It stars two annoying, ugly dorks in Halloween costumes that do a bunch of crap, and annoy other characters.

    Overall, I don't get why Nick made a show that possibly came from the junkyard. I can't believe it's still airing. I think it would be best to give this show a big, fat F-!
  • Two words: Epic Fail....

    When I heard about the show Fanboy & Chum Chum, I thought "Ugh," but I wanted to give it a fair chance & watched it after Truth or Square. After seeing it, I was apeechless at how bad it was. First of all, they have really strange names. I mean, what kind of name is Chum Chum??? :S This show's just too weird for my tastes. Then there's a girl called Yo?? Wha--? That's just weird. I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone. If you wanna watch GOOD shows that don't gross you out or boring, watch Spongebob or pretty much anything else. I don't think I'll be watching this show anytime soon. Sorry fans.

    1/10 stars
  • The rock-bottom of Nicktoons, which can bring the entire channel at the knife-edge.

    A show that will make you change the channel, or rather turn off the TV. It's simply boring, I could not even sense any comedic scenes anywhere in any episodes. I know it's labelled as 'Gross humour show', but they could have done with much less intensity. Despite all the negative criticisms, I don't really know how this show could get millions of views and receiving 3 Emmy awards.

    You would lodge complaints for defective goods that you buy. Similarly, if you pay for cable television, you should get back acceptable television shows.

    Now with another season coming up, it might take up more of the schedule formerly occupied by the best Nickelodeon shows. There's no way to take cover. Besides Avatar, Nickelodeon has really spoilt their reputation they had enjoyed so much during their early years.
  • I have to agree with the other people, this show is bad. See my review for more details.

    I gave this show a chance, and wow it was terrible. But, to make this intro short i will review it like this :

    Opening : The opening is just stupid. All it is Fanboy and Chum chum running around like idiots. The music is just plain weird.

    Characters : The Character's names are random and stupid. Seriously, a girl named Yo, a bully called Boog, and an evil janitor who is a rip off of palpatine from star wars? Oh and in a recent episode they had a guy named Manarctica or something like that who was pretty much a rip-off of santa. Plot : The Plots are dumb as well. Seriously, gum monsters, an ice monster, and wizards ( Though, Kyle is sort of funny)? Also, Fanboy and Chum Chum don't even have powers and they act like superheroes. Wow, that is just sad. Don't get mad at me, I MAY give this show another chance, but i'm not really sure. Overall Grade: D
  • ....And i thought Nickelodeon was cool. If you thought Nickelodeon could'nt get worse, they came up with more and MORE CRAP! READ more of this review.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, If you are looking for a show to be nominated for "Worst Cartoon Show", Fanboy and Chum Chum is your pick.

    Nickelodeon has come up with a lot of crap, and this is one of them. If you thought "THE MIGHTY B!" was bad, wait until you hear this show.

    First of all, The show is gross. It centers around two goofball boys (who look like odd mistakes), Fanboy and Chum Chum who go on thier so-called "adventures". They fart, barf, dig thier noses, and..... let's not mention more. I don't want YOU to BARF too.

    Second of all, this show is an example of "Rugrats" on crack. I know it is a so-called cartoon but can they be at least one thing (that makes sense) and not unexplainable crap.

    My only plus is the animation tho, its cool. OVERRALL, terrible show!!

    Anyone who thumbs me down doesn't know what "COOL" means!. The writers are on crack and they should cancel this ASAP! before i go on a violent rampage. Don't watch this show!

    This is the reason why SPIN-OFFS don't work on Nickelodeon.
  • this show is unwatchable

    this is horific i cant even watch an entire episode what has happened to this channel every show is terrible on exept for spongebob. nick is definitly as bad as disney channel possibly worse i didnt think i would ever say that. this show is unwatchable you may say only a stoner would find this funny but thats mean i mean your assuming they like this horrific $h!! i dont know anyone that would like this remember this channel had great shows remember when it wasnt just stupied jokes, unoriginal plots and characters, remember when nicks shows had time put into them at this point all we have left is memories.
  • What is this... What were the creators of this show on?

    This show seems to be so predictable and has jokes that have been done way to many times and relies way too heavily on fart jokes. It's a show that has very dry humor that can not make any one laugh. But what is with the names Fanboy and Chum Chum, I'm sorry but they could have came up with better names than this. The animation is just CGI, but on a budget and just looks horrible( by the way I don't even like CGI in genaral.) Like many have said stay away from this show please!!!!
  • Possibly one of the worst shows Nickelodeon's ever aired. And somehow, this won an Emmy and has got a second season!

    This abomination is one of the worst things Nick has ever done. I'm not joking. The other reviews below me should have given an indication on how bad this show is and now I'm ready to give my opinion.

    I hoped from the previews that this would be at least somewhat watchable, but no. Let's start with the main plot; Two boys known as Fanboy and Chum Chum (like the title indicates), go on wild adventures. You might think; "Hey, it doesn't sound that bad!", but no. It's WAY worse than it sounds. Let's list the cons:

    - The plot isn't original. It's been done thousands of times before. You can tell from afar that's not a good sign of a decent cartoon.

    - The animation. It's done in 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation, and we all know CGI's the Scrappy in the animation world! (I.e: It's the least favourite animation style). Also, the animation's too choppy and colourful and can make your eyes bleed if one stares too long.

    - The characters. Nearly all of them are unlikeable, with terrible names such as "Boog", "Chum Chum" and "Yo", ugly character designs, annoying voices and bland personalities. The only likeable character is Kyle, who despite the fact is a wizard, has a normal name and a normal personality.

    - The theme song. It may be catchy, but it's still terrible, with lyrics that fall into gibberish.

    - And possibly the worst aspect of the show; the humour. It's made up of gross humour, with fart, pee and poop jokes. Jokes that only make toddlers laugh. Also, like CGI is the Scrappy of animation, gross humour is the Scrappy of, well, humor. This show is just plain immature. Avoid this show like you would the plague and just stay away from it. The reviewers below me have sacrificed their sanity to review this tosh and I have done the same.

    In a summary, this so-called "comedy", fails at being a comedy. Or a cartoon for that matter. I was hoping this show got canceled, but apparently, Nick's ordered a second season! And a message to Nick themselves; PLEASE don't send your already wrecked reputation down the gutter even further by re-airing this rubbish!

    I give this show a 1/10. It's that bad.
  • Jesus jumped up Christ, what the hell did I just get myself into?

    This is the most annoying show ever and thats all I have to say, it focuses mostly on fart jokes, poop jokes, boogers, anything else in the great beyond. That's all it is. 1/10 F
    F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F
  • This show is F***k*d up.

    OMG, How did this show get to air on TV. Seriously, How? Impossible, Nobody hardly watches this show, and how did this show won so many Emmies and Annies and go so much nominations. If I Owned Nickelodeon I Would have canceled this show after the first episode, actually I wouldnt have aired it at all . But this is still impossible, How does this show keep airing and why dose it have so many fans ( Even One is allot ) . Lets not forget the animation and story lines, Who writes this Crap! Do Not watch, You have been warned.
  • Really Nickelodeon? Really? This is the best thing you could come up with??

    What type of excuse for a TV Show is this, Its awful. I Certainely don't recomened this show to anyone. Is Nickelodeon even ashamed of airing this garbage on TV.
    Theese are my questions about this show.
    1. How does this show air on TV
    2. How isn't this show cancelled yet (Should have been canceled after the Pilot)
    3. Why did this show won 3 EMMIES and nominated for another emmie and was nominated for 4 other annies.
    This show should stop airing on tv all around the World, All its merchandise Recalled, and everything that has to do whit Fanboy ad chumchum have to be put in a box, The Box needs to be Burned/Disintigrated and the show should be forgotten FOREVER!
    Ok lets start the Review
    1. Animation
    Now that's Nasty!! All the charachters are odly shaped, The 3-d/Cgi animation is a disaster.

    2. Charachters
    Like I Said Charachters are odly shaped. All the charachters have bad voices, None of them are Likable.

    3. Theme song
    Like a Dril in your ear drum, The words are gibberish (Gawawgawawawa wawawawa wa wa Fanboy, Chumchum!!!!!)

    4. Voices
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum is on? Grab the cyanide pills!

    Wow. My God. I cannot believe this is called entertainment by kids and even some teenagers. I mean wow. I think this, along with Fred and Family Guy proove that we have became a Brainless civilization. This is beyond bad. This is beyond horrible. This is the thing that will kill you if you watch it. I honestly cannot believe what nick was thinking when they greenlighted this show. Whats the problem? you ask. Where do I start? Annoying characters, mediocer animation, rip-offs, fart jokes to the point where your brain will explode, Disgusting ideas, bland plots, characters that look like they were inbred, bad role modles, and to top it all off only one tolerable character ( the wizard kid.) Bottom line: This show Suuuuuuukkkkkssss!!

    Judgment: 0/10
  • First the Mighty B and now this?? Faaaaaiiiil

    WTF? When I first heard a character on a show was going to be named Fanboy, I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. This show has some of the most immature humor I've ever seen, seriously. Listen to the theme song, it's just fanboy and chum chum running around acting like complete retards. They don't even try to have an understandable plot in an episode, it's just fanboy doing something gay and embarrassing after another. In one episode, this girl named YO (Wow, what an original name) wants fanboy and chum chum to take care of her pet, and she's begging him to do it like he doesn't want to, and throws herself on the ground and starts sobbing. That's like telling little kids "Hey! Whenever you want someone to do something, just throw yourself on the ground and start balling, and you'll get anything you want!" That's a horrible message, especially since the only people who will watch this are 2-5 year olds. They're the only people who would think it's funny. I mean seriously, the main villain of the show is this evil janitor named "Mr. Poopintine" or something like that. Again, what an original name for a character on a show. The animation sucks, too. It looks like an unfinished episode of Jimmy Neutron with superhero posers running around in their underwear. That's pretty much all I have to say, this show SUCKS!!!
  • more disgusting crap courtesy of nickelodeon

    well they come out with at least one new show every year and then cancel an old one most likely the new one from the year before. i wonder which show it will be this time? (prays it be the mighty bee)anyway the show is about two complete moron boys running around in their underwear pretending to be superheroes. most likely got it from the captain underpants books ugh. the humour from the comercials is awful and disgusting. and the character designs are the usual miss for nick and its low budget shows. i can bet pedophiles will love this. the voice acting seems decent. the writing is pretty bad. hope this goes on the trash heap fast.
  • More Nickelodeon crap

    This is yet another abysmal show from Nickelodeon. Lately, they've been putting out some bad stuff (The Mighty B is a good example,) and this yet another example. This show is about 2 boys who do stupid stuff together, like sleepovers and watching Tomigotchi pets (I know really.) It doesn't help that all the characters personalities are all generic cliche knock-offs, like the strong tough idiot guy (Dugg) Boring teacher (Mr. Teacher) and so on. The only character who has a chance is the wizard kid, yet his role is really underutilized. And then, they use stupid gags repeatedly, like Mr. Teacher buying a ton of something thinking it's a coupon. Lame. Overall, if Nickelodeon wants to beat CN at their own game, they really need to step it up now. 1/10 F-
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