Fanboy & Chum Chum

Season 1 Episode 3

The Janitor Strikes Back / Digital Pet Cemetery

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 07, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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The Janitor Strikes Back / Digital Pet Cemetery

The Janitor Strikes Back: The evil Janitor Poopatine has been hunting gum with a vengeance and the biggest culprits are none other than Fanboy and Chum Chum. The boys take their favorite used gum wad home for safe keeping and are thrilled when it transforms into a playful gum monster named Yum Yum. But when Yum Yum shows up at school, our heroes must get him out of the building before Poopatine destroys their new best friend. Digital Pet Cemetery: Fanboy and Chum Chum are super excited when their friend Yo asks them to watch her beloved digital pet cat, Scampers, for the night. Unfortunately, they end up accidently breaking it. But not to worry, all they have to do is bury Scampers in the Digital Pet Cemetery and it will return to electronic life. The plan works, and Scampers comes back... as a terrorizing digital zombie! Now, the digital cat is after Fanboy and Chum Chum and looking for revenge.

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  • Worthless episodes

    The Janitor Strikes Back- This episode is pretty much a pitiful parody of Star Wars, such as the name Poopatine- which is a dumb spinoff of Palpatine- which was done very poorly. Also, the Yum Yum bit was incredibly stupid and pretty much all the episode makes no sense at all.

    Digital Pet Cemetery- This is supposedly a parody of the Stephen King book Pet Sematary. This was also dumb as well, with an annoying cat that gets fed a bunch of virtual cupcakes.


    Janitor Strikes Back- Worthless parody of Star Wars. 0/10

    Digital Pet Cemetery- Worthless parody of a book. 0/10

    Overall 0/10. However, the lowest I can give it is a 1.moreless
  • Both pathetic wastes

    The Janitor Strikes Back: The school janitor is searching for leftover gum, and Fanboy and Chum Chum are the main contributers. They have created a bubble gum monster/friend named Yum Yum. Ok, so the janitor was a sad parody of Darth Vader, and everything else was absurdly stupid. 1/10 F-

    Digital Pet Cemetary- Wow, this episode is the worst I've seen yet, I mean a whole plot over a Tamogatchi toy coming back from the dead, but Fanboy fed it too many virtual cupcakes. Just pathetic. 0/10 F-

    Both episodes were pathetic, but Digital Pet Cemetary was the worst of the two. Avoid like the plauge. 1/10 F-moreless
  • A piece of crappy gum in janitor strikes back? Very very lame.

    Janitor strikes back: So, there's a retard named janitor poop-a-tine, or janitor shit-a-tine as I like to call it, trying to just get rid of gum. That's stupid.

    Digital pet cemetery: Just a dumb, stupid cat trying to harass the crap out of the retards, then just gets and eats cupcakes. Lame.

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    • Star Wars:
      The Janitor Strikes Back contains references to the movie series as a whole. The episode title is a reference to the 1980 movie The Empire Strikes Back. The character of Janitor Poopatine is a parody/reference to Emperor Palpatine, who is the leader of the evil Empire in the series. And many of the things Poopatine says and wants to do are parodies of the things Palpatine wanted. Whereas Palpatine wanted to crush the Rebellion resistance in the galaxy, Poopatine wants to destroy all the gum in the Galaxy Hills School District. And when Yum Yum is about to be put into a vat of boiling acid, Chum Chum says: "Yum Yum, I love you!" To which Yum Yum replies: "Me know." This is direct reference to a line said by Princess Leia to Han Solo right before Han got frozen in Carbonite metal.

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