Fangface & Fangpuss

ABC (ended 1980)


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  • Season 2
    • A Goofy Bungle In The Filipino Jungle
      The diminutive Zeno uses his hypnotic ring to take control of the mysterious Filipino Cavemen, using the ancient strongmen to steal Professor Battack's newest invention: a power energizer that can make any man ten times his normal strength. Using the energizer on his caveman slaves, Zeno escapes to his secret airplane hangar, but he didn't count on the ingenuity of Fangface and his friends. Disguising themselves as cavemen, Fangface and Puggsy infiltrate the hangar with Fangpuss hidden in a spring-loaded club very similar to that of Captain Caveman, but Zeno is not so easily fooled.moreless
    • The Film Fiasco Of Director Disastro
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    • The Defiant Casablanca Giant
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    • The Evil Design Of Vulture Man's Mind
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    • The Stone Cold Dragon Of Gold
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    • Royal Trouble With The King's Double
      A parody of The Prince and The Pauper unfolds in the kingdom of Bavaria when the soon-to-be-king Prince Rudolph (who is the spitting image of Puggsy) is hypnotized and abducted by his ambitious cousin Count Basil. The gang just happens to be touring the castle to see the coronation, and when Puggsy discovers his likeness to the prince, the gang plans a switcheroo to make sure Count Basil doesn't ascend to the throne.moreless
    • The Sinister Plan Of The Lizard Man
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    • The Romantic Plot Of The She-Wolf Robot
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    • The Ill Will Of Dr. Chill
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    • A Time Machine Trip To The Pirate's Ship
      The pirate, Ironmask, has built a time machine in order to go back in time and loot ships. Can the gang stop this time bandit?
    • A Scary Affair in the Skullman's Lair
      Dr. Ortega and his daughter Carmen are hit with a shrink ray and captured by the Skullmen and when the gang arrives and tries to rescue them, they too are hit with the shrink ray. Can they rescue their friends and return themselves to normal?
    • The Creepy Goon From The Spooky Lagoon
      Dr. Blackmire and his assistant have captured the lagoon creature and plan to use a simple human's brain to switch with it so the doctor can control the monster. Will Sherman have his brain switched and can the gang save the day once again?
    • Who Do The Voodoo
      An evil man named Count Draco gets help from his partner Nigel and makes himself into a mist monster and he goes around stealing people's spirits turning them into zombies. Can Fangface and the gang stop this evil mist monster before everyone becomes zombies?
    • Dr. Lupiter And The Thing From Jupiter
      An evil scientist named Dr. Lupiter creates molten monsters by using the red gas of Jupiter and is planning on drilling to the center of the Earth to extract the energy from it even if it means splitting the planet in two. Can Fangface and the gang stop this madman?
    • Evil Guider Of The Giant Spider
      An evil genius named Dr. Lazarus Web has created a formula that can make things grow to a giant size and he is planning to take revenge on the people who stopped his research. Can they stop the evil doctor's plans?
    • There Is Nothing Worse Than a Stony Curse
      Fangface and the gang come across a descendant of Medusa who is turning people into stone statues. Can they stop her before they too become works of stone?