Fangface - Season 1

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • A Heap Of Trouble
    A Heap Of Trouble
    Episode 1
    A mysterious blue man-beast called the Heap Creature has been destroying computer inventions all over the city before their unveiling. The gang is invited to stay with Professor Boyd who has yet to have his invention destroyed. Only one other professor hasn't been attacked by the Heap Creature: Professor Arnos, who was fired from the university years ago for performing unauthorized experiments. Fangface and the gang set a trap to try to prevent the Heap from attacking Professor Boyd's home. Fangface eats Puggsy, and while Biff and Kim try to get him free, the Heap escapes with Professor Boyd in tow. The gang follows the Heap's footprints in hopes of solving the mystery and saving the professor in time. The Heap reveals himself to Boyd as Professor Arnos, who has created a metamorphosis ray that can alter a human's appearance. Arnos wants revenge on the scientists who laughed at him, and the gang has to find a way to stop him.moreless
  • A Creep From The Deep
    The gang goes to Mexico to help their friend, Doctor Menendez, recover a stolen tablet that leads to a treasure guarded by a mummy. Will they be able to retrieve it from the thieves or will the thieves make off with the treasure and leave the mummy on a rampage?
  • The Shocking Creature Feature
    The gang sees a glowing monster in the swamp and they go to a house to call the authorities and find that the owner of the house is the one behind the monster and he plans to conquer the world with several of the creatures. Can the gang and Fangface stop the evil madman?moreless
  • Westward Ho To The UFO
    Some aliens are attempting to take over the city. Can Fangface and the crew put a stop to the take over?
  • The Great Ape Escape
    An explorer is captured by some warrior apes and Fangface and the gang go in search of the explorer and rescue him. Can they find Dr. Ling in time before he becomes a sacrifice for the apes?
  • Dinosaur Daze
    Dinosaur Daze
    Episode 6
    The gang visits the Grand Canyon to go rock hunting, where they are caught in the middle of an earthquake. Once the earthquake subsides, the gang witnesses a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the gang decides to follow him. The dinosaur crosses a bridge on the canyon, and he destroys the bridge once he crosses, causing the gang to fall into the canyon, but Fangface uses the tent as a parachute to drift them to safety. The gang goes to the canyon institute to report on the dinosaur, but the scientists are skeptical. One scientist, however, thinks the earthquake might have released the dinosaur from a previously sealed underground cave, and the only way to prove the dinosaur exists is to visit Dinosaur Cavern. Fangface and Puggsy find the T-Rex, and Fangface tries to take him on all by himself. The ensuing pole-vaulting escape attempt is almost foiled by a mysterious lasso-wielding man, but they escape just in time. Now the T-Rex is on a direct path for the city, and the gang has to find a way to stop him. Puggsy and Fangface invent a shrink formula, but they spill it on themselves and it soon turns out to be a fluke. Just what is the dinosaur's purpose for attacking the city, and is he acting on his own?moreless
  • Don't Abra When You Cadabra
    The gang discovers that Mysto the Magician and his female assistants are using magic to commit robberies. Can Fangface and the gang solve the mystery before Mysto makes them disappear?
  • Space Monster Mishap
    A strange space creature frozen in ice crashes into a US space station, and astronauts are sent out to retrieve it. It is held in the freezing room, but a button on the creature's belt activates, and the ice begins to thaw. On Earth, the gang is given a tour of the new space shuttle, and Sherman plays out the old "lunch, not launch" joke by pressing the red button in hopes of filling his stomach. Direct view of the moon changes him into Fangface, and the gang can only wait until the shuttle autopilot takes them to the space station. Back on the space station, the alien creature is loose, and he is stealing the crew's minds. Only Fangface can track him down and stop him.moreless
  • The Invisible Menace Mix-up
    Biff, Kim, Pugsy, and Sherman are watching the air show and their good friend, Sue Chang, disappears into thin air. Can the gang find their friend and why did someone kidnap her?
  • The Cuckoo Carnival Calamity
    The gang visits the local carnival to see Harold "Hal" Hercules, the world's strongest teenager, but something has turned Hal into a monster with telekinetic eye beams. When the gang tracks him down, they find him in a strange trance. They manage to bring him out of it, and he tells the story of the Great Swami Zorak (no relation to Space Ghost's mantis foe). Zorak is the only possible explanation for Hal's odd activities, and the gang decides to keep an eye on the swami and expose him.moreless
  • Begone, You Amazon
    Begone, You Amazon
    Episode 11
    A storm forces the gang's plane down in the middle of South America, where they hear a woman's cry. They discover a woman dangling over a swamp infested with alligators as ants chew away at the honey-soaked ropes that bind her. Sherman is transformed into Fangface and saves her just in time, and she introduces herself as Sheba, queen of the Amazons. Her sister Thena has overtaken Sheba's throne by force, leading the rest of the tribe to believe that Sheba is dead. Sneaking into the Amazon base, Sheba and the gang have to find a way to uncover Thena's treachery, but the base is lined with traps that won't make that an easy task. While the gang and Sheba are imprisoned, Fangface and Puggsy are placed in the arena, where they have to face the Amazons' greatest gladiators and their vicious black panthers. Only by winning the tournament can they hope to rescue their friends and put Sheba back on her rightful throne, and Fangface will have to avoid medallions, armor, and tapestries that resemble the sun and moon.moreless
  • Snow Job Jitters
    Snow Job Jitters
    Episode 12
    Biff, Kim, Pugsy, and Sherman come across a man with a special cat that must be delivered before a villain named The Scorpion can get it. Can the gang get the cat to its destination or will The Scorpion get the cat from them?
  • The Goofy Gargoyle Goof-Up
    The gang attends a costume party at the mansion of movie star Raquel Taylor. Fangface, whom Raquel believes is a man in a werewolf costume, finds true love with the actress. His love is put to the test when she's kidnapped by a gargoyle.
  • A Toothy Shark Is No Lark
  • Where's The Wolf That's The Werewolf?
    A visit to Jungleland Safari Park reveals the rumor that a werewolf (who is decidedly not Fangface) has been abducting animals for unknown purposes. The gang encounters the werewolf on the safari path, and they pursue him in an attempt to discover his secrets (while Fangface hopes to be reunited with a lost cousin). Unfortunately, the crooked werewolf escapes, leaving Fangface to be pegged as the culprit by the park authorities. The villainous werewolf reveals himself to his animal prisoners as the park's own caretaker Zoloff, who has created a serum that can mutate his DNA. In his human form, he has no problem letting Fangface take the fall for his own deeds, and the gang has to find a way to prove Fangface's innocence.moreless
  • Don't Get Mean With the Cobra Queen