Fantastic Children

Animax Entertainment (ended 2005)


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Fantastic Children

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Through out Europe, for the past 500 years, On multiple occasions, mysterious white-haired children have been spotted. They have been given the name "The Children of Befort". Throughout these last 500 years, they have appeared to remain the same age each time they were seen. They have been reported to be searching for the person who made a piece of art, which is the only lead they have to finding this person. Now, in the year 2012 a young boy name Thoma, with an explosive personality, meets a mysterious girl by the name Helga. Her and a friend, named Chitto are constantly trying to escape from the orphanage they are boarding at. Thoma stumbles across Helga, and the story all begins to unfold from there... The rest of the story is left to the curiosity of the mind, and whether you want to find out the result of this puzzling tale...
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  • A story of a girl, some strange children, and a young boy. There futures together seem so different, but in due time, all their lives intertwine to reveal a romantic, action packed, sci-fi anime that will keep you interested until the very end.moreless

    The Show "Fantastic Children" really left an impression on me. In the beginning, I was left without a clue to what was going on. Most people would find it a little boring without the dead give a ways right from the start, but i was curious to know what would happen. My curiosity led me to a series like non other. I really have an emotional bond to this show, and appreciated every moment of it. I highly recommend watching this show, especially if you have a great appreciation for things out of the ordinary. My biggest concern was how under appreciated this show is, mainly because the world is mostly drawn to the appearance of things, and they don't appreciate the inside story. A story is great by how it looks, but how it is told. I will admit,this show at first is not very eye catching by its looks, but if anyone were to sit and watch some of this series, I am sure they would enjoy watching this show, and the story it unfolds.moreless