Fantastic Four

Season 1 Episode 8

Imperious Rex

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 09, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Imperious Rex
Namor the Sub-Mariner arrives with a decree banning humankind from the oceans. Susan and Johnny go underwater to negotiate, but are taken prisoner in Atlantis. Ben and Reed must fight their way through sea monsters and Namor to save their teammates.

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Brian Dobson

Brian Dobson

Benjamin Grimm/The Thing

Christopher Jacot

Christopher Jacot

Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Hiro Kanagawa

Hiro Kanagawa

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

Lara Gilchrist

Lara Gilchrist

Susan Storm/Invisible Woman

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    • Johnny: Hey, giant elf! What's up with your pointy ears, huh? And those itsy, bitsy wings on your ankles? (laughs) Lame!
      Namor: What did you say to me?
      Sue: Johnny...don't!
      Johnny: I said, next time if you really want to impress us, don't wear your sister's pants, Okay? Oh, and grab some deodorant while you're up here, because that fish smell? Uh-uh. No good.

    • Namor: Imperious Rex!
      Ben: Is that like "tyrannosaurus rex"?

    • Sue: Wait! We need to talk!
      Johnny: Yeah. First off..
      Sue: Shh. I meant "me," not "us."
      Johnny: But I…
      Sue: Shush.

    • Johnny: Well, well… fine! You can have your stupid ocean, who needs it?!?
      Sue: Are you serious? No, don't answer that.

    • Reed: I go to all the trouble of making communicators that work across time and space. But does anyone use them? No.
      Sue: (over the radio) I heard that!
      Ben: Busted!

    • Sue: We belong to a team known as the Fantastic Four.
      Namor: "Fantastic." (chuckles) Indeed, you were captured with fantastic speed. Oh, the arrogance of the surface world.
      Sue: Obviously you know something of the surface world. You speak English better then half my team.
      Johnny: Hey!

    • Namor: It would not be honorable to take advantage of their natural inferiority.
      Ben: Who is this guy? And when can I clobber him?

    • Sue: Look, this is serious. Why do we always have to fight? Why can't we talk?
      Johnny: Oh, oh. Because talking is… boring.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Henry Peter Gyrich
      First appeared in Avengers (Vol. 1) #165. He was appointed government liaison to the Avengers. During his tenure, he would frequently threaten to cut off the Avengers' priority status if they didn't shape their team as he ordered it. He later became a member of the Commission on Superhuman Activities. Gyrich has expressed an extreme dislike of super-powered humans over the years, especially mutants (like the X-Men), but remains devoted to the government and the constitution.

    • On Cartoon Network in the U.S., this show returned after an approximately six month hiatus with this episode, in conjunction with the release of the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer on June 15, 2007.

    • Namor - The Sub-Mariner
      Namor first appeared in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly (April 1939), and in the modern era in Fantastic Four #4 (May 1962). The son of an Atlantean princess and a human captain, Namor grew to rule the kingdom of Atlantis, and possessed the ability to breathe underwater, vast strength, and the ability to fly. He has been both an ally and enemy of the "air-breathers" from time to time depending on whether they threaten his underwater realm or he needs their help as allies. He was created by Bill Everett.