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  • Everyone's favorite fantastic group of superheroes just can't have a decent TV show or movie

    Fantastic Four had so much potential and could have been a great show for fans, but it ended up being another bad addition along with the movies they had. If you haven't seen the first movie or the comics then here's the premise. The protagonists in this show involve 4 scientists named Reed Richards, Susan and Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. They go out into space and are all exposed to cosmic rays that give all of them superpowers. Reed is super stretchable, Susan can go invisible, Johnny can engulf his entire body in fire, and not injure himself, and Benn has unfortunately been permanently turned into a rock creature. They each give themselves names like Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing. With their new powers they become the Fantastic Four and defend the world from evil like Dr. Doom. So the show does a nice job introducing the characters and villains in the first few episodes and it looks like it could be such a great show, but sadly the creators failed to make it so. The characters can range from acceptable to just awful. Reed is portrayed rather well, and sticks close to the comic books. Johnny is arrogant like in the comics, but here they push his arrogance a bit too far. Ben is rather boring, but he has his moments. Susan though is by far the worst of the heroes. She is always in a bad mood, snaps at everyone, acts like she's queen of the world, and is so unlikable the less screen time she got the better. The villains are OK as well. Dr. Doom is portrayed well like in the comics, and is a very cunning villain. The others are OK, but some of them came off as complete idiots who were more funny than threatening. The plots are good and are somewhat original, but some like the trial on another planet, and time machine are just rehashed. The action scenes are decent, but I have seen better, and it has a nice pace to it. This show though relies too much on humor though. Pretty much 70% of the show is antics done by the heroes and their neighbor lady down bellow their base. I don't mind humor in a superhero show, but this show uses comedy too much. Also the character lack any heart or soul at all in them, and come off as nearly one dimensional. The artwork is decent in this show, but the character designs look rather weird, and have bad proportions to them, and some of the heads look terrible as well. The animation is good though, and flows smoothly in this show. Overall this could have been a good show, but it's not only mediocre in many ways, but it also has bad characters, lazy artwork, and too much humor. While not as bad as the movies, this show is rather left avoided. What's even more shocking is that this show was done by Moonscoop the same company that did Code Lyoko. How they managed to create such a bad show is beyond me. Maybe there was a new creative team, or maybe this show was rushed into production. Whatever the case is don't waste your time with it.
  • The first anime in my life that doesn't suck!

    Title: could be a bit shorter, though.

    Theme song: quite good.

    Art: really good!!! Not only 2D but also 3D which makes it look a bit futuristic.

    Characters: mainly the same. Reed, Sue(they are not married yet) her annoying, yet funny to watch bro and the pestimistic "thing". I should also note that theyr voices are fantastic!

    Humour: Johnny makes me laugh almost everytime I see him. And even Herbie and Reed has some kind of humour :)

    Misc: did you know that the actors who did the voices of Ben Grimm(good guy) and Doom(the main bad guy) where brothers? A bit strange huh?

    In conclusion: many people say that the 94 version was better. Hell no! This is ten times better! The only problem - I hate how they make Johnny sometimes look like an idiot...
  • Fantastic Four modernized

    This show can be kind of corny sometimes, but it is oriented to be viewed by olden children, and not younger audiences, who are bound not to understand the plot and the jokes as much. The animation of Reed and Johny is pretty good, and the Invisible Woman and the Thing are okay. There are few relationship scenes involving Reed and Sue, which is a good thong, as the audience that will view this show is going to want nothing more than action and comedy. There are some shining episodes, but remember that this show was invented for a child audiencce.
  • this show has a lot of potential,but...

    This show is isnt so new anymore,its been 2 years since,but i see they still didnt make any new episodes.thats a shame,cause this show has a lot of potential.basicly,this show is a remake of the original fantastic 4 from 1969,80-is and ive even seen one from the 90-is.its kinda strange that they have been remade as much as "alvin and the chipmunks".each time would be very similar but with a little moderatization in their style and surraunding,but they would keep the basic villians:doctor doom,the scrolls and moleman.
    this show has been threw a lot of makeover.some parts are CGI animated and some characters are partly anime animated.the artwork is nice but the new character design isnt so good.susan storm and reed richards look good,i have nothing to complain about but johnny and ben look awfull.its annoying to see johnnys pointy hair sticking out all the time.and his facial structures are too similar too his sisters and make him look wimpy and girly.
    ben on the other hand,has been even more butchered.
    they made him bigger then before,thats ok but his head is sooo freakin small!and he has no neck and now hes too blocky and edgie even for someone made out of stone.
    next comes the voice acting.its decent,exept for johnnyes shrieking voice and forced laugh.makes you wanna reap off your ears.
    storyline is,on the other hand great.the ideas are fresh and creative.the episodes are very original exept the time mashine one,and the one when reed shrinks them aka "honey,i shrank the children".but i should go easy on them,cause we are in "simpsons did it" era.beeing creative and original is very,very hard this days.
    but here is the reason i i dont consider this show personal favorite.if i remember other superhero shows,they always had something rememorable.last superhero show i enojoyed was jusice legue had great characters,great storyline,villians,but most importatly,it had,what fantastic 4 seriously lacks,DEPH.the story behind every character,their hopes,dreams and fears,story about their origins,love stories,carrying for their team mates...there is nothing like that in fantastic 4.there was just a story about how they got their superpowers with doctor doom,but nothing more.susan and reed seem very cold and distant,keeping very strickt college friend has seen this show and asked me"Shouldnt susan and reed be married or something?"yes,they should,like in the movie,or atleast in some sort of love relathionship.but nothing.they dont seem even remotly interested for eichother.
    and shouldnt ben be married to the blind women shellia?their relathionsheep seems too shallow.
    and i simply cant stand johnny.he acts like a juvenile delinkvent and a coward,not carrying for his team mates properly and trying to be funny by insulting everybody arround him,even his team mates.
    but relathionship between all of them is god awfull.even characters in drawn together have better relathionship then fantastic 4.
    then comes the worst it would seem that susan and reed are too cool to even try to be funny,its up to ben and johnny to play the part of cheap comic all comes down to pulling pranks on eichother and calling names.for instance,johnny yells(no folks,he cant speak in the normal human tone)"haha ben is a big,ugly rock!everybody laugh,cause its sooo freakin funny!!!"um,yeah.basicly,thats what their humor is all about.
    i dont like how people in their town dont appreciate whern they save ben saves old lady and a little girl,and instead of thank you,they say "youre ugly" wtf,is that suppost to be funny or something?what is that teaching children?never say thank you and feel free to comment everybodys appearance...
    this show has a lot of potental,but please,give characters a soul and a heart
  • I can't beleive this series was cancled!

    I think Marvel did a wonderful job making this series. I feel like it really stays true to 'The Fantastic Four'. Each episode has a good plot although alot of them have loose endings. The charactors still act the way they did in the previos 'Fantastic Four' tv series and it still has the same humor that the Fantastic Four usually does. The series has sort of an anime feel to it the way the charactors are drawn and such and I love how the graphics in this series are, especially how 3D the cars look. A cool thing that this series has that the previos one also had is guest appearences of Avengers charactors and it's a special treat for those who are fans of the Avengers. I think this series should have had a longer run, especially since Cartoon Network had other new shows that where alot better to be cancled then this one.
  • Fantastic Four.

    I don't know what can i write with 100 words, but ill try.Since it came out i decided to watch like other cartoons you know, but at first i thought it was going to be stupid, but after except the series with the puppet master, the others ruled.My favourite characters were Ben and Reed, Iron man, Impossible man and Mole man.The others just don't have what it takes to be a great character (or a bad guy).So before i end this summary i want to say that this show was awesome and i hope they will make more episodes.9.7 from me.
  • YEAH BABY!!!!!! Love the Cameo's HULK,ANTMAN,SHE HULK,NAMOR,IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo well done!

    Ok, I have completely changed my mind on this show. after finishing off the season I say that this show is the BEST! I love the chemistry between Torch and Thing. VERY WICKED! haha The show was VERY Annoying at the beginning, but it just kept getting better and better! Is it still on? if not BRING IT BACK! NOW! haha please. This is simply awesome!

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n op q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    There that should be at least 100 words.
  • Uneven characterizations and awkward story-telling dodge this series. However, there are also highlights that, should the showrunners take notice and work on them, can bring out this show's hidden potentials.

    The show definitely suffers from the poor animation style and often short change the characters by giving them personalities that humiliates and/or dumb them down just to deliver juvenile jokes at their expense. The hardest hit character in this regard is Johnny Storm, seen on more than one occasion as cowardly and childish past the point of annoyance. The Thing is painted as a glutton and stupid, whose chief role in the show (like Johnny) is cheap comic relief.

    Sue and Reed are depicted better as true heroes, but they, too, have their own failings - not in the good way (like understandable human error, which would have spotlighted their humanity).

    All that said, the show does have its merits. There are several episodes where the pacing flows, the action tight, and the plot interesting. And also where the characters are more than mere caricatures and displayed true humanity and selflessness - who takes their job seriously.

    This show can improve if the writers will stick with what makes the heroes, heroes, and not a foil for bad jokes. I have no interest in a Johnny who cowers and prays for his team mates to rescue him, but I'm all for one who springs into action at any danger to civilians or team mates (and I'm pleased to note, the one consistent thing for Johnny is the way he will come front and center whenever Sue is in danger, even at the risk of his own life - writers, more of this!)

    Another thing that I commend for this series is its ability to make me laugh. There are juvenile jokes which I find distasteful, but also, surprisingly, there are some very clever dialogues and exchanges that elicits a laugh out of me.

    This show is a light fare for pure entertainment only; don't look for deep insights to the characters' psyche, or the human condition. Improvement can definitely be made in pretty much all areas, but the premise is solid and the rare glimpse of good writing gives me hope that yes, this show CAN improve.

    If only those writers will take note.
  • This is show is underappreciated.

    This is show is one of the best shows one the toonami line-up.Some of the people out there thought this show was a comeplete rip-off.But they just can't see beyond the surface.Fantastic four world's greatest heroes deserves to be among the best in the many shows Marvel has produced.To all the people who like this show,thank you.And to all the people who hate it,your loss.
  • I have found that many people have thought this show was a let-down but I disagree. Fantastic Four (World's Greatest Heroes) is a brilliant show with diverse story lines that make me hungry for more.

    I am maybe a little naive in the sense of superheroes and comics but i still think that the series so far has been superb. It is about the four heroes even people with little knowledge on cartoons usually recognize. The Fantastic Four. This take could almost be continued from the first movie (except for this series, this is the only other place I have seen the Fantastic Four) as there is perhaps quite little background in the first episodes. The series is brought straight into action from episode one where Johnny (my personal favorite member of the team) is kidnapped! I'm a big fan of 'hero in trouble drama' now. It does not stop there, although, many more adventures continue from this episode which makes this series more and more addictive. I give this show a very high rating, and i believe that if more people gave it a chance, they might too. Thanks for reading!
    P.S. Johnny is the Best!
  • A TV show based on Marvels very first family of Superheroes The Fantastic Four. Following up on the great Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and The Thing The show spotlights the group in action against their most Notorious Foes including Dr Doom.

    This cartoon show is a good program for kids to watch if they have have too little to do with so much time. It isn't exactly 'off the wall' because we've seen them all before in animation on Television. The show has been slightly upgraded from the older 1994 version of the family. With new costumes for both the heroes and the enemy and a bit of jazzy music, we can safely say that the show has at least moved up from a class D to a class B

    What I think this show is for is just to update the fantastic four in animation. It has also been released during the filming of the fantastic four movie sequel: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which has devoured the US in an incredible way. It is broadcast on a worldwide channel, Cartoon Network which is good for it to be at the least noticed. Although I may be writing quite a depressing review of the show I wouldn't take you away from the fact the show does have good and exciting properties also. Watch this show on Cartoon Network.
  • I am here to review Fantastic Four[2006], because I have some words about this piece bird poop. As much as I like some of Marvel's stuff like Spiderman 2[which is infinity times better than this show], this jumps the shark.

    Who do I start getting mad at for this? Let's start with MoonScoop. People love Code Lyoko, it's the best France Animated-Non Japan show on Cartoon Network. Then you make this garbage. The designs suck so hard, their lips sometimes move the opposite direction when they are talking. Code Lyoko does the same thing, but has a big fanbase. Let's go to the voice acting. What's more appaling than the animation is the voice acting. There is no Alba, no Michael Chiklis or Julian McMahon[both guys have shows on FX, The Shield and NipTuck], no Guffurd[Mr.Fantastic in the movies], and no Chris Evans. Time to take the other anger out on Cartoon Network and Toonami. First you greenlight stuff like Gym Fartner and Hurl Boy[THAT SUCK REALLY HARD], then you decide:'Let's make anime fans mad by replacing MAR and Prince of Tennis with reruns of the cancelled Teen Titans and bring back the Fantastic Four Cartoon that bomb so hard.' And I thought The X's where this bad[and they still are]. MAR was a hundred times better than this show. I can't believe you replaced a good show like MAR with this puke.

    Fantastic Four[2006]:World's Greatest Heroes gets a 1 out of 10 for sucking so hard. Where's Michael Chiklis when you need him? Vic Mackey, we need you.
  • Nice

    This show is cool... it isn't the best but it is cool. The writter is Christopher Yost he currently writes New X-men... and I think it's nice they got a comic book writter to write the story. This show could be better but it is just ok. The voices are not all thet matching so they could improve on that. The art is actually very cool and cartoony... but it is to japanese art for me so i'd like them to change that. Also the stories are too classic... new storys would be great aswell. Nice work though. I love Super heroes!
  • Four intrepid adventurers are granted super human powers in an accidental exposure to cosmic radiation. Using their powers for good (and poularity in the case of Johnny Storm).

    When I first watched the first episode I was feeling a little let down. Over the years I have seen quite a few incarnations of the FF. But after the second episode I was hooked. I love the character interaction between Johnny and Ben And Susan and Johnny. I think that this show has a promise to be one of my favorite comic book incarnations. The Fantastic Four comic first appeared in 1963 there have been a few versions on tv some worse than others. The new version seems to be a spin off of the 2004 movie and isn't really continoues of the comics but that is ok as long as the story and the animation keeps improving.
  • It looks nice, but the weak plot and forced acting are tearing it down.

    Fantastic Four has a problem. It's a hot property coming off a popular (if not entirely well-loved) movie, and that has put it on Marvel's "promote" list. The problem is Marvel seems to be rushing it, trying to quickly cash in on the popularity instead of taking the time to craft something that goes beyond the movie, like what they did for X-men.

    The animation style is fine, even above-average by today's standards. Thing looks good and big, Sue is hot, and Reed looks suitably dorky. The studio that produced it deserves props. However the writing and dialogue/ acting just aren't gelling the way they should. The writing has barely anything on origin, relationship, or the villains. It's mostly just a blur of action and bad one-liners. Speaking of which, the dialogue is a mess. Everyone talks at a fast pace with very little of the pausing that would denote normal speech. As a result the acting sounds edited, unnatural and forced. It reminds me of Spider-man in the 90s. I don't know why Marvel would go back to doing this when they had the problem fixed in X-men Evolution. Maybe because they actually took their time with that one?

    So, for this show to even be taken seriously it definitely needs some changes.
  • A good remake of the old series, but still could have been a lot better.

    It is hard to judge a series like this objectively. First of all, it is a remake of a classical Marvel Comics Series, so it has a name to live up to. Secondly, from what I figured out, it is a series that continues where the F4 movie left off (the movie was pretty good too). The series is nice, the graphics is superb, the animation so fluid, sometimes so real, the voices and music nice. It had a bad start, not starting with the origin (which can be seen in the movie) and I don't like the fact that the F4 were some kind of super starts, known world-wide (however, let us see where it leads). A lot of episodes are remkaes of the ones from the 1996 series, and nice ones at that. Overall, I think the series had a bad start but looks promising, should be a very successful remake.
  • Not bad to look at, but the characters need to be more "old school", while the plots and dialogue need to be "fresher".

    Let's start with the characters:
    Reed (Mr Fantastic) Richards went from a mature, intelligent, disciplined professor to a wimpy, nerd;
    Susan (The Invisible Girl) Richards went from being a powerful, shy housewife, to a pushy broad who doesn't seem to do anything, but whine about Johnny and defend her husband;
    Ben (The Thing) Grimm is pretty much the way he was: a steadfast rock (pun definitely intended) of a man;
    Johnny (The Human Torch) Storm went from being a confident, young adult, who occasionally teased Ben Grimm, to a vapid, egomaniacal, bragging ne'er-do-well.
    And, as an aside, just to make sure everything's politically correct, let's make Ben Grimm's blind girlfriend, "Alicia", a black woman instead of a white woman! (hmmm, I suppose she spells her name "Aleysha", now!) ; ) Did you notice that during the first episode we see her in ("Hard Knocks"?), Ben didn't go anywhere near her? He didn't kiss her, hug her, or even attempt to shield her when the building was coming down around them! Are the writers still afraid of mixed-race relations? Didn't the 1960's "Star Trek" Kirk and Uhura's kiss, or "The Jefferson's" married, mixed-race neighbors mean ANYTHING to the scriptwriters?
    Let's air shows having kids "dissing" school and their parents (don't ask me to list the myriad examples!), and unlimited sex and violence, but an orange guy hug a black girl? NAH!!! ; )

    Next, the plots: I can't say anything good about them. They are trite and uninspired. The dialog is, at best, sophomoric, at worst, predicable and lame. And how about the folks who live in the same building as the FF, who constantly trash the place with wild monsters, villains, and explosions. Would YOU stay there? While you *might* tolerate a neighbors' rap music blasting through the walls at all hours of the night, I seriously doubt that you would accept interdimensional beings destroying your condo 24/7! Time to call the Home Association and get those trouble makers out of there! Seriously, though, wouldn't it have made more sense to move the FF out of the city, to an X-Men-like mansion in the 'burbs or to a NORAD-like facility in the mountains? Exactly what non-bad guys are going to visit them, except the cops for making too much noise and damage? Would Reed Richards really endanger the tenants with his wild experiments? Are the FF expecting a 7-year old girl to take the elevator up to the penthouse and ask them to rescue her cat from the tree it climbed into?
    C'mon! Maybe that campiness worked a long time ago, but it's just ridiculous in the 21st century!

    Next, the art work: Not bad! Probably the show's only saving grace.

    You might think from the above that I would have given it low marks, but compared to garbage like the "new" Astroboy,
    or the waste-of-time and stereotyping Camp Lazlo, or the quickly deteriorating "Foster's Home . . .", this is definitely a cut above, if barely!

    'Nuff said! (I wonder how many folks end their reviews with that line?) ; )
  • What can I say? It's the Fantastic Four!

    I'm really diggin' this new show! Although the original HB version may be the better one, this one still does a good job of displaying four of the most favorite heroes ever. I just love The Thing and the episodes so far have shown some potential. With just a little more action and writing, this series really will become...well, fantastic! The art, like everyone's said, could do with some work but I love the music and the characters are displayed pretty decent at the very least (Doom's shown some great potential and Reed's NOT constipated!). So, despite all the complaints, this series should still make any Fantastic Four fan's day! Don't miss it!
  • its the fantastic four, but its just alittle weird. something is missing from it.

    i just dont think it is all that good, i really like the fantastic four but this was just dissapointing. every thing bad that has happened to that city has been their faults, i dont like the way susan acts, i dont like the animation, which is not the reason i hate the show, i dont know there is just no touching moments, stuff like that, it all action and jokes all the time and thats not the reason i dont like it either, ok i dont know why i dont like it, it just seems to be missing something that makes a cartoon great. so yea i dont like and im sorry this reveiw is so vague.
  • Lots of fun! I felt like a geek but i really enjoyed watching it!

    I think the creators did a really great job on this show. I really enjoyed it, and i felt like it definitely captured the essence of the fantastic four, yet updated it too.
    Of course, other people might say my opinion doesn't matter because i don't read comic books, i just base my opinions of the movies based off of the comic books. (I did like the Fantastic Four movie by the way).
    The characters are definitely just as great as always. Reid is such a geek, but a cool one. Sue is pretty serious for the most part, Ben has a big heart under his rocky exterior, and Johnny... well what can i say? I ALWAYS love Johnny Storm! He's probably one of my favorite characters to have ever been created.
    The only thing I'm left wondering is... Why is this on Cartoon Network? It's owned by Warner Bros., which i THOUGHT had a DC partership, not a Marvel one. Oh well, maybe they're branching out.
    Overall show grade: B+
  • Fantastic Four Cartoon...GREAT...maybe not.

    They have to know that teens and adults watch these type of cartoons. Why are all these comic cartoons so childish? I don\'t get it. It wasn\'t always that way. GI Joe; Transformers; Batman:The Animated Series; Batman Beyond the original TMNT. These type of cartoons have to resemble comic books and comic books are about telling stories and not just snappy catch phrases and colorful characters. Children are not stupid, plus like I said earlier teens and adults watch these shows. I\'m disappointed in this cartoon. It could be so much better. I would love to give it a 10 but after watching the first three episodes I have to give it less then 10. Will we ever get back to the pre-politically correct days of cartoons? I hope so.
  • This show is crap, crap, crap, crap!! I feel sorry for Marvel that they had to bring something like this..

    ...Ultimate Avengers was at least "alright", but this show is not going to last very long. The character designs are ok at best.

    Thing looks like his head was squashed, Sue acts like a b**ch, telling Reed off and he goes cowering like the class/school bully is gong to beat him up for him to do his Maths or English homework. Johnny looks like he just left kindergaerten or something like that.

    How Marvel could ok the series with so much crap I have no idea!!! The animation is not that great!! The action scenes aren't that great. All in all this seems like a very poor show. I can't see it going past 5/6 episodes.
  • Not stellar, but not too bad either.

    Hard to judge this series yet, seeing how there's only been two episodes shown... the second episode was definitely better than the pilot. The first episode should've been a bit more expository... like the first episode of Teen Titans was. I like the techno-feel of the Baxter Building & the second episode's storyline was similar to the most recent story arc in Ultimate Fantastic Four (the comic). Even though the animation is a little too "anime" for its own good (especially the look of Susan, Johnny & Doom), I'm gonna give it a bit more time to grow on me.
  • The Fantastic Four. 'Nuff said.

    I would most like to have Mr. Fantastic's power because it has so much potential. I would be able to distort my facial features to disguise myself as anybody as long as I could maintain that particular face. I could be a long-range and close-range fighter. I wouldn't be hurt by phsyical attacks as long as I consciously keep my body malleable. I could glide through the air by becoming a human parachute. I could add extra power to my blows by stretching my fists/feet back a few feet first. I could knock an opponent out by smothering him within my body. I could squeeze through any tight space. I could become as thin as I want to avoid being seen or I could become as big as I want to prevent enemy passage. The possibilities are endless. I respect the other three immensely, but I don't think I would function well with their powers. I wouldn't be able to control the brute strength of the Thing. The Human Torch's flame would be too dangerous for me to wield and I would feel guilty if I ever burned anyone. And maintaining a force field for long periods of time would knock me out, as it did to Sue numerous times. Man, you gotta love the Fantastic Four.
  • Fatastic Four blows harder than the movie did.

    Judging by the premire, this show shows little potential.

    The animation is abysmal. The ripped off anime in worst way. So many sketchy moments it was just painful to wathc. and the lip syncing was the worst I've ever seen in an american cartoon.

    The character designs look so wrong. Johnny looks flaming allright.

    The voice acting is god awful. Torch sounds annoying and Mr. Fantastic sounds constapated.

    The bright color scheme is painful to the eyes.

    The dialouge and writting are so friggen weak. I don't know if theyre intention was to make the Human Torch sound like a huge dick, but they succeded. It's sad, Christopher Yost wrote some of the best episodes of TMNT, and then he comes out with this crap.

    Overall, don't bother wasting your time on this piece of crap. marvel has dropped the ball yet again. Fantastic Four SUCKS OUT LOUD!
  • Could have been much better

    For starter, if you liked the great old Fantastic Four cartoon, you must watch that show. There is a chance to like it.

    Personally for me, it was terrible.
    I really don't like the models of the characters - maybe I got used to the old ones, I don't know. But they are awful, especially Johnny Storm - it is just like an anime character, which I find not appropriate for a Fantastic Four cartoon.
    Another thing is the humour - horrible. Lots of cliche lines.

    There is one thing though, that I liked. The animation is nice. Maybe this is the strongest aspect of that cartoon.

    Watch an episode, or two. Maybe you can find it amusing.
  • Fantastic Four in cartoon

    Fantastic Four is a cartoon on Cartoonnetwork based on the comic of the same name. Fantastic Four has some dcecent voice acting but everything else is very very bad. First of all the charactor models for the Fantastic Four are either hit or miss Jonny storm and Ben Grim look bad Jonny has a weird hair style that just makes him look like a freak and Ben having a big boddy and a small head is just quere, it's not all bad Sue Storm and Read look fine.From a story point Fantastic Four has nothing bad but nothing great. To top everthing of Sue is a annoying jerk so I won't mind if she gets killed off. everything moves in a bad way. All the movement looks bad. Fantastic Four is a bad show that you should only wach is you can't get enough of them.
  • even the game was better

    Fantastic Four is a cartoon on Cartoonnetwork based on the comic of the same name. Fantastic Four has some dcecent voice acting but everything else is very very bad. First of all the charactor models for the Fantastic Four are either hit or miss Jonny storm and Ben Grim look bad Jonny has a weird hair style that just makes him look like a freak and Ben having a big boddy and a small head is just quere, it's not all bad Sue Storm and Read look fine.From a story point Fantastic Four has nothing bad but nothing great. To top everthing of Sue is a annoying jerk so I won't mind if she gets killed off. everything moves in a bad way. All the movement looks bad. Fantastic Four is a bad show that you should only wach is you can't get enough of them.
  • A new show coming out of the past, and back into the present, with beautiful animation and great voice acting, this remake will become a daily favorite. Moonscoop will create another great show.

    Coming from an amazing past and movie to work with, the Fantastic Four already has a large fanbase, but with the release of this remake, the Fantastic Four will become a household name again.

    The animation is very amazing, integrating 3-D and 2-D animating, and the voice acting is executed beautifully. Coming from Moonscoop, I would expect no less.

    All the voices fit perfectly, right down to Ben Grimm, aka the Thing. Everything that I've seen so far, I am enjoying and want more, I can't wait for the next episode of the Fantastic Four.

    With everything said and done, the Fantastic Four already has a great future ahead, even just with one episode.
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