Fantastic Four

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)





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  • I can't beleive this series was cancled!

    I think Marvel did a wonderful job making this series. I feel like it really stays true to 'The Fantastic Four'. Each episode has a good plot although alot of them have loose endings. The charactors still act the way they did in the previos 'Fantastic Four' tv series and it still has the same humor that the Fantastic Four usually does. The series has sort of an anime feel to it the way the charactors are drawn and such and I love how the graphics in this series are, especially how 3D the cars look. A cool thing that this series has that the previos one also had is guest appearences of Avengers charactors and it's a special treat for those who are fans of the Avengers. I think this series should have had a longer run, especially since Cartoon Network had other new shows that where alot better to be cancled then this one.