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  • this show has a lot of potential,but...

    This show is isnt so new anymore,its been 2 years since,but i see they still didnt make any new episodes.thats a shame,cause this show has a lot of potential.basicly,this show is a remake of the original fantastic 4 from 1969,80-is and ive even seen one from the 90-is.its kinda strange that they have been remade as much as "alvin and the chipmunks".each time would be very similar but with a little moderatization in their style and surraunding,but they would keep the basic villians:doctor doom,the scrolls and moleman.
    this show has been threw a lot of makeover.some parts are CGI animated and some characters are partly anime animated.the artwork is nice but the new character design isnt so good.susan storm and reed richards look good,i have nothing to complain about but johnny and ben look awfull.its annoying to see johnnys pointy hair sticking out all the time.and his facial structures are too similar too his sisters and make him look wimpy and girly.
    ben on the other hand,has been even more butchered.
    they made him bigger then before,thats ok but his head is sooo freakin small!and he has no neck and now hes too blocky and edgie even for someone made out of stone.
    next comes the voice acting.its decent,exept for johnnyes shrieking voice and forced laugh.makes you wanna reap off your ears.
    storyline is,on the other hand great.the ideas are fresh and creative.the episodes are very original exept the time mashine one,and the one when reed shrinks them aka "honey,i shrank the children".but i should go easy on them,cause we are in "simpsons did it" era.beeing creative and original is very,very hard this days.
    but here is the reason i i dont consider this show personal favorite.if i remember other superhero shows,they always had something rememorable.last superhero show i enojoyed was jusice legue had great characters,great storyline,villians,but most importatly,it had,what fantastic 4 seriously lacks,DEPH.the story behind every character,their hopes,dreams and fears,story about their origins,love stories,carrying for their team mates...there is nothing like that in fantastic 4.there was just a story about how they got their superpowers with doctor doom,but nothing more.susan and reed seem very cold and distant,keeping very strickt college friend has seen this show and asked me"Shouldnt susan and reed be married or something?"yes,they should,like in the movie,or atleast in some sort of love relathionship.but nothing.they dont seem even remotly interested for eichother.
    and shouldnt ben be married to the blind women shellia?their relathionsheep seems too shallow.
    and i simply cant stand johnny.he acts like a juvenile delinkvent and a coward,not carrying for his team mates properly and trying to be funny by insulting everybody arround him,even his team mates.
    but relathionship between all of them is god awfull.even characters in drawn together have better relathionship then fantastic 4.
    then comes the worst it would seem that susan and reed are too cool to even try to be funny,its up to ben and johnny to play the part of cheap comic all comes down to pulling pranks on eichother and calling names.for instance,johnny yells(no folks,he cant speak in the normal human tone)"haha ben is a big,ugly rock!everybody laugh,cause its sooo freakin funny!!!"um,yeah.basicly,thats what their humor is all about.
    i dont like how people in their town dont appreciate whern they save ben saves old lady and a little girl,and instead of thank you,they say "youre ugly" wtf,is that suppost to be funny or something?what is that teaching children?never say thank you and feel free to comment everybodys appearance...
    this show has a lot of potental,but please,give characters a soul and a heart