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  • Everyone's favorite fantastic group of superheroes just can't have a decent TV show or movie

    Fantastic Four had so much potential and could have been a great show for fans, but it ended up being another bad addition along with the movies they had. If you haven't seen the first movie or the comics then here's the premise. The protagonists in this show involve 4 scientists named Reed Richards, Susan and Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. They go out into space and are all exposed to cosmic rays that give all of them superpowers. Reed is super stretchable, Susan can go invisible, Johnny can engulf his entire body in fire, and not injure himself, and Benn has unfortunately been permanently turned into a rock creature. They each give themselves names like Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing. With their new powers they become the Fantastic Four and defend the world from evil like Dr. Doom. So the show does a nice job introducing the characters and villains in the first few episodes and it looks like it could be such a great show, but sadly the creators failed to make it so. The characters can range from acceptable to just awful. Reed is portrayed rather well, and sticks close to the comic books. Johnny is arrogant like in the comics, but here they push his arrogance a bit too far. Ben is rather boring, but he has his moments. Susan though is by far the worst of the heroes. She is always in a bad mood, snaps at everyone, acts like she's queen of the world, and is so unlikable the less screen time she got the better. The villains are OK as well. Dr. Doom is portrayed well like in the comics, and is a very cunning villain. The others are OK, but some of them came off as complete idiots who were more funny than threatening. The plots are good and are somewhat original, but some like the trial on another planet, and time machine are just rehashed. The action scenes are decent, but I have seen better, and it has a nice pace to it. This show though relies too much on humor though. Pretty much 70% of the show is antics done by the heroes and their neighbor lady down bellow their base. I don't mind humor in a superhero show, but this show uses comedy too much. Also the character lack any heart or soul at all in them, and come off as nearly one dimensional. The artwork is decent in this show, but the character designs look rather weird, and have bad proportions to them, and some of the heads look terrible as well. The animation is good though, and flows smoothly in this show. Overall this could have been a good show, but it's not only mediocre in many ways, but it also has bad characters, lazy artwork, and too much humor. While not as bad as the movies, this show is rather left avoided. What's even more shocking is that this show was done by Moonscoop the same company that did Code Lyoko. How they managed to create such a bad show is beyond me. Maybe there was a new creative team, or maybe this show was rushed into production. Whatever the case is don't waste your time with it.
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