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Fantastic Four

Season 1 Episode 7

Zoned Out

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Zoned Out
Things take a turn for the worse when Johnny gives his friend Frankie an unauthorized tour of Reed's lab. When Frankie is sucked into another dimension, Johnny goes in after her to prevent anyone from finding out. But as he does so, a small bug comes through the dimensional portal. Susan, Ben, and Reed now have to deal with the bug, while Frankie and Johnny are trapped in the other dimension.moreless

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    Brian Dobson

    Brian Dobson

    Benjamin Grimm/The Thing

    Christopher Jacot

    Christopher Jacot

    Johnny Storm/Human Torch

    Hiro Kanagawa

    Hiro Kanagawa

    Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

    Lara Gilchrist

    Lara Gilchrist

    Susan Storm/Invisible Woman

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    • QUOTES (12)

      • Ben: (examining destruction in kitchen) Guess we don't really need an oven, Johnny and all. Someone should have told me, though.

      • Sue: Sorry. Reed will be joining us shortly.
        Courtney: I highly doubt it
        Sue: He's running a little late, but that's okay. Let's just get started with the meeting. And to answer your question, Mr. Bartleby, we don't' foresee any supervillain attacks this week, but you never know with that thing. You don't have to raise your hand, Mr. Wilson--your water pressure will be back to normal soon.

      • Frankie: This is it--I'm going to get eaten! All my friends said, "Don't go out with him, you'll get eaten by a big monster." And now it's happening!

      • Frankie: Johnny… you can stop impressing me now.

      • Sue: Reed, I'm a happy person. I like to smile, laugh, have a good time. I don't like to nag or yell about giant alien bugs. But I could have really used you in that meeting.

      • Frankie: You're not really a doctor, are you. I bet you didn't create the Internet, either.

      • Reed: I need to shut down power to the building outside the lab and central elevator
        H.E.R.B.I.E.: It wasn't' my fault!.
        Reed; Okay…
        Sue: Your computer is weird, Reed.

      • Frankie: You know, for a superhero, Johnny isn't very brave.
        Johnny: I am so! It's just… I didn't want you to feel embarrassed by being too brave. Yeah. That's it.

      • Reed: The power core to the building is shielded, so they shouldn't be able to sense that, and we'd know if they were there, anyway.
        Sue: How? Alarms?
        Reed: More like explosions.
        Sue: That's it, I'm moving out. This is ridiculous.

      • Frankie: What did you say you invented again?
        Johnny: Oh, you know. Things, space travel, the Internet, the color blue.

      • Ben: Stretch, we got bugs! Now what's your plan?
        Reed: Upon spectral analysis of the exoskeleton...
        Ben: In English!

      • Reed: No, honestly, I'm on my way. No, I do not think I get distracted easily. I... hmm, fascinating. The space time curve lengthens as I... oh, what? I'm sorry, what were you saying?

    • NOTES (1)

      • Frankie Raye
        First introduced in Fantastic Four #164. She dated Johnny for a while, and discovered flame powers that she had long since forgotten, the result of a an accident in her step-father's (Phineas T. Hornton, creator of the golden age Human Torch) lab. Not long after, she became Nova, the herald to Galactus, and was eventually killed by Morg, her replacement as herald to the devourer of worlds.

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