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  • Season 4
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes.
  • Season 2
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes.
  • Season 1
    • Scavenger Hunt
      Episode 26
      Terminus, an alien scavenger, comes to steal all of Earth's resources. While the Fantastic Four try to stop him, they realize he may be unbeatable. Now they must face the possibility that this might be the end of the Fantastic Four.
    • Doom's Word is Law
      Episode 25
      Doctor Doom creates a super Doombot to face the Fantastic Four. Instead of destroying it, the Four try to retrain the robot to be one of the good guys. In the process, Ben becomes the super Doombots friend. But when the Doombot regains it's old programming, the Fantastic Four are forced to try and defeat it once and for all.moreless
    • 7/15/09
      The Grandmaster forces the Fantastic Four to battle Ronan the Accuser, Impossible Man, Annihilus, and Super Skrull. The fate of humanity depends on the winners of this mighty contest.
    • During a confrontation with Diablo, Johnny is exposed to a potion that makes him more powerful. Unfortunately, the potion also begins to turn him evil.
    • Shell Games
      Episode 22
      After several attacks from Iron Man suits, the Fantastic Four track down Tony Stark. It turns out Doom was behind the attacks, and now the Four have to face both Iron Doom and Iron Man under Doom's control.
    • Atlantis Attacks
      Episode 21
      The Sub-Mariner returns, but this time he needs help to defeat Attuma, who has taken over Atlantis. While Reed, Susan, and Ben head off to help free Atlantis, Johnny stays behind and faces an attack on the city from a giant mutant whale.
    • Out of Time
      Episode 20
      The Fantastic Four return to New York to find that Doom has taken over the city and due to a change in history, they never got their powers. The Four must go back in time to set things right and to stop Doom.
    • Frightful
      Episode 19
      The Wizard, Klaw, Trapster, and Dragon Man are the new team in town saving New York always one step ahead of the Fantastic Four. Reed begins to suspects that these Frightful Four are not the heroes they appear to be.
    • The Cure
      Episode 18
      Reed finally cures the Thing, but the cure also takes away all of his memories since the formation of the Fantastic Four. When the Mole Man attacks, She-Hulk must fill in for the Thing while the powerless Ben Grimm must find a way to save the day.
    • Doomsday Plus One
      Episode 17
      When Doombots attack the FANTASTIC FOUR in the middle of the night and launch the Baxter building into space. Now the World's Greatest Heroes must find a way to get back to Earth without destroying their home! But things take a turn for the worse when they realize that shooting a skyscraper into space was only a decoy for DOCTOR DOOM's nefarious plans! Will the Fantastic Four survive re-entry? And if they do, will they have enough time to stop Doom?moreless
    • Molehattan
      Episode 16
      The FF try to find out why the Mole Man is stealing all of Manhattan's skyscrapers.
    • Strings
      Episode 15
      The Fantastic Four are evicted from the Baxter Building! The sinister Puppet Master has managed to turn the entire city against the FF from inside his prison cell, and it's up to them to clear their good names. What's more, they must stop Puppet Master from completing his ultimate goal - to control the mind of every person on the planet!moreless
    • 8/11/07
      Susan forces the rest of the team to take part in "Fantastic Fifth for a Day," an attempt to drum up a little good PR for the team. But the contest is interrupted by the return of the SKRULLS. The FF aren't exactly worried by the awkward shape shifting aliens...that is, until they reveal the SUPER SKRULL - a genetically altered warrior who possesses all of the Fantastic Four's powers! And the team realizes they're in real trouble when they learn the Super Skrull has teamed up with Ronan the Accuser! The team's only hope might lie in the hands of the 'Fantastic Fifth'... a nerdy teenager named Rupert.moreless
    • De-Mole-Ition
      Episode 13
      The deviant monster GIGANTO bursts up from the underground, putting a quick stop to the Fantastic Four's day off. Now it's up to them to stop the monster from destroying the city, but the FF quickly realize that the giant monster has a specific target... the BAXTER BUILDING! The mystery of the monster's appearance will lead the FF deeper into Subterranea than they've ever gone, and right into a TRAP. The MOLE MAN sent Giganto to attack the FF, but has a grander scheme in the works. Because the only thing better than having Giganto destroy the FF is to control an ARMY of Gigantos.moreless
    • Annihilation
      Episode 12
      The FANTASTIC FOUR fall into a trap and are taken to the NEGATIVE ZONE, where they're attacked by ANNIHILUS and his warriors. But all is not as it seems - something in the Zone is affecting the Four's powers. Things go from bad to worse when DOCTOR DOOM arrives, apparently in league with Annihilus! But Doom isn't one to share power, and he takes Annihilus' energy source back to Earth with him. But even if the Four can escape Annihilus, how can they defeat Doom, who now has the power to destroy the world?moreless
    • Bait and Switch
      Episode 11
      While Reed conducts an experiment designed to cure Ben Grimm, there's an energy disruption which causes the experiment to go haywire! Now the Fantastic Four's powers have switched, but they don't have time to get used to them before they have to save the city. Because the energy disruption that caused the accident was the work of Doctor Doom, and now the FF, new powers and all, have to stop Doom before he destroys the city with his scheme.moreless
    • Impossible
      Episode 10
      Reed summons one of his deep space probes back to the Baxter Building for repairs, only to find that someone has hitched a ride on it back to Earth: the Impossible Man! The small, impish alien seems harmless enough, but the Fantastic Four soon realize that this creature, who can turn into anything, has turned into a big problem for them! Now they have to figure out how to get the Impossible Man off the planet before he goes from 'annoying' to 'dangerous!'moreless
    • Puppet Master
      Episode 9
      When a cosmic-ray saturated piece of the Fantastic Four's space station falls to earth on the Jersey Shore, the clay of eccentric local sculptor Phillip Masters, becomes energized with the power to control the minds and actions of others. The sculptor becomes THE PUPPET MASTER and uses miniature clay versions of the Fantastic Four to control the real heroes. Puppet Master captures award-winning New York artists, including his own step-daughter, Alicia, in an attempt to take over his "rightful place" in the art world.moreless
    • Imperious Rex
      Episode 8
      Namor the Sub-Mariner arrives with a decree banning humankind from the oceans. Susan and Johnny go underwater to negotiate, but are taken prisoner in Atlantis. Ben and Reed must fight their way through sea monsters and Namor to save their teammates.
    • Zoned Out
      Episode 7
      Things take a turn for the worse when Johnny gives his friend Frankie an unauthorized tour of Reed's lab. When Frankie is sucked into another dimension, Johnny goes in after her to prevent anyone from finding out. But as he does so, a small bug comes through the dimensional portal. Susan, Ben, and Reed now have to deal with the bug, while Frankie and Johnny are trapped in the other dimension.moreless
    • 10/21/06
      Reed's miniaturization experiment malfunctions, shrinking the team and putting them at risk when H.E.R.B.I.E. incorrectly identifies them as vermin and tries to exterminate them.
    • 9/30/06
      Upon returning from a mission, the team finds their neighbors in the Baxter Building much more friendly than usual, but it soon becomes clear their "neighbors" are shape-shifting aliens - the Skrulls!
    • Hard Knocks
      Episode 4
      Bruce Banner visits Reed at the Baxter Building. Banner changes into the Hulk and now the FF must stop his rampage in NYC.
    • Doomsday
      Episode 3
      Meet the Fantastic Four and their arch-enemy Doctor Doom!
    • Doomed
      Episode 2
      Doctor Doom switches brains with Reed Richards!
    • Trial By Fire
      Episode 1
      The FF are on trial in an alien court.