Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Season 1 Episode 5

Bangin' On Fools

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Rob finds a tennis racket shaped bug zapper and starts chasing Drama around zapping him for being lazy. He then catches Drama with his head down at his desk just staring at the wall. He asks what Drama really wants to do with his life? Drama says he wants to be a music producer. Rob asks him why he isn't playing beats and got his headphones on? Why aren't you writing down verses? Drama says he doesn't want to be a rapper and that he'd need a studio for that. Rob decides to build him a studio then. To help Drama get a little more confident Rob decides to take him to see Dr. George Pratt later.

Channel calls up Rob telling him there are some guys up here with some big gun. Rob asks if they look dangerous? She says they don't look dangerous and asks what type of gun it is. Tim Fields tells her its a tennis ball gun. After Rob finds out his tennis ball gun has arrived he tells her to send them in. Rob asks if it is indeed the exact one they used on American Gladiators? Andrew Craven answers yes and it can shoot up to 80 to 100 miles per hour. Rob asks if it can break a window? Andrew answers it could so Rob suggests they try it out on Jeremy's window. Turbo helps them install it on the top of Robs office. Drama asks what they are doing? Rob says what does it look like were doing. Turn on the on switch before you answer don't go dumb on me. Drama answers it looks like a gun of some sort. Rob asks if he ever took one to the chest? Drama says that thing does not look fun. To which Rob replies maybe not down there but from up here it sure does. Rob tries to shoot Drama but he quickly runs round the corner and enters his office. He then shoots two at Jeremy's window. Jeremy gets upset and asks what are you doing? This is going to effing break. Rob just shoots again as Jeremy comments that its not funny. Rob then starts rapidly shooting at the window. Jeremy leaves saying he's getting out of here and its not funny. Rob then changes targets to Big Cats office and fires through the open window. Drama runs as Rob tries to hit him but misses and accidentally hits the doors exit sign. Channel tries to throw a ball back at him but misses so he targets her. She runs into the stair well and trips through the door. When she starts crawling by you can clearly see her pink and purple thong. Rob sees Drama and Big Cat out in the open and starts firing at them. He hits Drama and manages to hit Big Cat while hiding behind a skateboarding ledge. After that Rob tells them to get back to work. That was totally irresponsible.

Later Rob and Drama head out to see Dr. George Pratt, the psychologist slash hypnotherapist Rob credits for all his successes. On the drive there Rob asks him if he has any confidence in himself? Drama answers no and he admits he needs a push. Drama starts describing how he will design his studio. But Rob cuts him off by saying he has no creativity. Rob says the mike has to be in a gorilla's mouth. When you sit on the couch there need to be these huge hands of god. It needs to be so effing over the top creative wise.

They finally arrive at Dr. Pratts office. Dr. Pratt asks Drama what he would want to do if any wish could come true Drama answers he would like to be a successful music producer. Pratt asks that they name their subconscious. Drama comes up with a less creative name of Steve. Rob chooses the name Battle Hardened. Compared to Robs Drama calls his whack. At the end of the session Drama comments that he feels like he took a life shower. As they leave Rob comments that your subconscious is a boring douche.

Back at the factory Rob calls Drama up to show him the gorilla head he bought. Meaty immediately attacks the thing thinking its a game. Rob can't get Meaty to let go and starts spinning. But that doesn't work and ends up knocking Beefy over.

Rob heads past Channel as she is doing ollies on her skateboard. Rob is amazed that his rapping receptionist can do ollies. He asks if she can cruise or get on a ramp but she says no are you trying to kill me. Rob tries to get get to go on the the ramp. But she ends up falling and slamming her head on the ground. Rob said it will break his heart if she loses a couple of teeth. Rob impressed by her guts decides she should be the first to rap in Drama's Hands Of God studio. Drama however refuses to believe that this four feet tall blonde girl is a gangster.

Todd "Wildman" Lyons shows up at the factory with the bike Rob ordered. Rob takes it to the foam pit but can't manage to do a backflip. Todd "Wildman" Lyons says he could backflip even in his sleep. He preforms a complete backflip with ease. Rob then proposes a contest. Whoever does it first gets to shoot the loser times with the tennis ball gun. Drama on his third try manages to do a backflip and gets to shoot Rob with the tennis ball gun. Drama comments it felt like picking on his dad. Rob says it felt like you were being a disrespectful son.

With the studio finally complete Rob grabs Channel for her recording session. First he makes her sit in the hands of god to be blessed. Then after she's done with her turn in the studio Robs up next. Rob does his version of what he calls his thing. Drama is up last and does painfully whack freestyling.

Rob then uses the recording to get everyone out to the couch area to listen to it. In the middle of Bangin on fools rob pulls out the tennis gun and opens fire. Jeremy hides behind the pool table but then makes a run for the stairwell but its locked and he is at Robs mercy.