Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Season 1 Episode 3

Extreme Timmy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Turbo asking why his face is blurred. Rob tells him that the world isn't ready to see his face yet. He starts waving his hand over turbos face blurring then unblurring his face. He says he'll unblurr his face when he gets more face time. Then he blurs Meaty's face saying he can blur anyone. He blurrs Channel and then only blurs Drama's mouth.

Later Rob rides into Jeremy's office on Drama's scooter. Jeremy tells him he has a meeting Tuesday to design the booth for the toy fair. But Rob says he can't make it to a meeting cuz Danny Way is coming to the factory. Jeremy says he doesn't know who Danny Way is. So Rob googles him up. Danny Way is a legend for jumping the great wall of china and the hard rock cafe. They then look out the window and see Drama man handling Timmy.

Hoping to test things out before Danny Way arrives Rob hops in the T-Rex and asks Drama to hold on as he drives. Drama quickly lets go in fear of falling off his skateboard. He says he doesn't think it will work since he can't stand on the skateboard and hold on to it at the same time. Rob explains that Danny called him and says he wants to do this but at 70 miles per hour. He's never been more afraid to help someone before in his entire life. Speak of the devil Danny comes in and jumps right into the foam pit. Danny says that its pretty a$$ backwards that Rob has one and he doesn't. Danny comments on how times aren't tough at Dyrdek enterprises. They go into Robs office and he pulls out the Guinness World Records book. Rob points out that Danny has alot of records in there. But Danny tells Rob that kids who pick it up are saying he's the champion of skateboarding. Rob then says that yeah he has 21 world records on his wall. But Rob says that a little kid sent him a vid of himself breaking Robs record of consecutive ollies. Rob did 42 but he says the 11 year old kid in the video did like 392. Robs says that his records will all be long gone soon. But Danny's are going no where. Robs condition for helping Danny is that he gets the board. Danny comes up with the idea to add a bar like the kind water skiers use.

Excited for the test run Rob decides to push Timmy down a ramp in a office chair. He notices that he's really dirty and busts out the windex to clean him. He has Drama clean the man parts even though Drama refuses. In respect for the dummy Rob buys him underwear and tells Drama to put it on Timmy. Drama refuses so Rob throws it at Drama's head.

Rob and Drama start making fun of Big Cat cuz he rides the scooter to the bathroom to take a dump. Drama comments saying its like watching a real lion. Rob says its like the same feeling you get when you see a deer. Oh look its a wild animal. They then see Big Cat go back to his office and they start cracking up on how he manages to drives back to his den and right up to his desk.

They then head out to Swift Engineering Inc. to watch Danny prep for the run in a wind tunnel. It can create winds of up to one hundred and forty miles an hour. He does a kick flip at 40 miles an hour and lands it. Danny says it was pretty effing gnarly and said he could barely hold on. Drama asks if you slam do you still get teh world record. Rob asks Drama why we try to be a little more negative. Rob doesn't appreciate Drama's negativity. As they are leaving Drama has a hard time pulling out of the parking lot. Rob starts making fun of him since the parking lot is perfectly wide and he shouldn't of had to make a 10 point turn. Who has to pull out of a parking lot a perfectly wide giant parking lot and has to do an eight point turn. Rob feels embarressed cause Danny probably thinks that Rob is the one doing this.

Later Rob finds Timmy in the tanning bed in Drama's office and asks why Drama would do it. Rob asks if he knows that the dummy doesn't burn it melts. Jokingly he says that he stripped Timmy down and put him in the tanning bed. Rob says he doesn't care what he does but he doesn't want to see Timmy melted. Drama swears he wasn't the one who put the dummy in there and says he hates the test dummy. But Rob still suspects Drama does some freaky stuff with the doll when no one's watching.

The next day before they leave Rob tells Drama to grab his hoodie cuz the winds blowing at like 40 miles an hour. He comments saying its the worst conditions. Big Cat asks them if their heading out. Rob tells him and Channel that they should hold timmy while their gone for Drama. To which Drama says throw Timmy away. They arrive at the California City Municipal Airport to discover 35 to 45 mile an hour winds. Rob takes off his sunglasses and then they get blown out of his hand. When he picks them back up he discovers one of the lenses was blown out. Danny says if that happend to the sun glasses just imagine what will happen to me out there. Stuart Claxton of the Guinness World Records shows up. Rob thanks him for coming out. Anything over 70 miles an hour is the record. Just after they hit 51 miles an hour Danny wipes out and his board goes flying under the T-Rex. Rob slows down the car as quickly as he can leaving Danny hanging from the side. Rob gets out and runs straight to him asking if he's alright. Danny says he is to which Rob over dramatically shouts oh god no then he starts laughing. They then retry and make the record. Danny comments skating on the side of this thing at effing 70 is not fun dude. Danny is awarded teh record at 74 miles an hour.

Later back at teh factory Rob decides to enshrine Timmy the Testie up in Danny's suit. Drama says that the leather makes him even more heavy. Rob says did you say sexy did you says more sexy. Rob asks if Drama tickles Timmy's feet as he dresses him. To which Drama says no. Rob is all the more convinced of the romance between Drama and Timmy. Rob says he saw a documentary on guys who are in love with dolls. As Drama continues to deny it but agrees to let destiny decide through a coin toss -- if it lands on heads three times, Drama and Timmy really are "secret lovers." Sure enough, the coin lands on heads three times. Rob shouts you can't deny destiny.