Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Rob playing with Beefy and Drama telling Rob not to spread her legs in front of him. Rob finally gets him to look and Drama says its puppy sexual harassment.

A guy named Liko Smith calls up Rob while buying a hotel and wants Rob to invest in it. He says he wants to make it the Dyrdek hotel with a bar a pool gambling etc. Rob immediately tells Jeremy that the hotel is run down. Jeremy asks if it is a hotel or a motel. Rob answers that its a motel their working with. Rob and Liko already share ownership for the hotel at big bear lake. Jeremy asks if this makes him a hotelier. The Geoff Taylor Robs lawyer next to him comes up with motelier and they all laugh. Rob wants them to check it out. Rob also wants to stop at his friends Zip line and see if he can get one for the fantasy factory. Jeremy tells Rob to have fun he'll be waiting at the bottom. Rob asks him why he's so afraid. Jeremy asks if he's being forced into getting on the zip line if he goes. Rob says its his decision. Jeremy asks again that he's not going to force him to. Rob promises not to force him.

They grab Drama and head off to the motel. Rob says he doesn't care if the motel is ugly he'll love it just cuz it's his. He starts saying that if your kid comes out ugly you still love it anyway. They arrive at the motel and Jeremy asks if this is a joke. Rob meets with Liko and asks whats at the motel. He explains its a motel apartment 5 acre complex and Liko gives them a tour. Jeremy jokes saying he thought he saw a episode of cops here. Suddenly a guy comes up and says Robs a king. Then a young women shows up and says she loves his show and her and her mom cried when big moved out. Liko explains that all the traffic in and out of Vegas goes right by the motel. Everyone that comes or leaves Vegas will pass by the signs. As they are leaving Jeremy says its very sketchy. Rob says it needs a riff raff wall and some work. While Jeremy says once we get some management and a few other things it could work. Liko and Rob takes a photo in front of the vacancy sign and says the next time they do this it will be open. While driving Rob says the place is poppin. Drama however says he was to busy watching out for sketchbags trying not to get shanked.

While on the road a truck filled with gravel drives past them and Rob asks if he could drive any slower. They safely arrive at Bootleg canyon flightlines owned by Robs friend Rex Owen. Rex explains that most of the flightlines are a mile and a half and the longest one is 2,500 feet. Jeremy asks if he can immediately back out of it. The fastest ones go about 55 miles an hour or so. Jeremy asks if anyone ever died doing this. To which Rex says no.

On there way down Rex explains that this is the closest thing to actually flying. Jeremy says he's effing scared. Rex explains that they are exactly 3,200 feet above sea level so you probably can feel you are breathing a little funny. As their walking up to the zip line Rob says he feels a little vertigo.

Jeremy tells them to enjoy themselves cause he feels its too effing sketchy. Drama says it almost feels like they shouldn't be doing this. Rob says he's frightened as well. He tells Jeremy to let go and let god deal with it. They all ride down together shouting and Rob makes it there first even though he was released after Drama and is the lightest of the group. Drama is second followed by Geoff and Jeremy.

They head up to the second zip line and Rex puts a parachute on Jeremy so that he will go slower and cuz he's worried that his weight might be a safety issue. Although Jeremy says he only weighs 175. Jeremy asks if the others will wear it but Rob says no cause it will make him go slower. Jeremy quotes whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander. But Rob says not when the gander is 50 pounds lighter. Even though both Jeremy is wearing a parachute he makes it to the bottom faster than Drama and Rob. Geoff ends up being last to the bottom even though he was wearing a parachute and is supposedly heavier than everyone else. When all is done Rob asks if its possible to get some pathways to their offices and a zipline in the fantasy factory. Jeremy says they should be more connected. To which Rob says now its getting awkward.

Back at the factory Rob tells the corpos that are worried about the motel to come see the one Liko made at big bear lake. Jeremy asks why Rob put the blob on top of the car. Rob answers that the blob has never seen water so they might as well blob while they are there. Jeremy starts freaking out as usual and Rob starts mocking him. If your having fun not with me involved no sir not me. They then head off to the lake.

In the car Jeremy says its way too cold to go blobbing to which Rob just belches. Jeremy sarcastically says that's real funny. Rob shows off his motel and says all the other one needs is some paint and new carpeting and you're good. They go check out the bar next which has a shower and a pole in the middle. Rob touches the pole and tries to touch Jeremy's face but Jeremy keeps him away. They then head down to the lake and go blobbing and happen to meet some hot girls Rob called there. With the help of a large good Samaritan Rob catches major air. Amy is next followed by Drama who both catch air as well. Geoff tries to jump on the blob but falls right off. Jeremy gets egged on by Rob and eventually gets on the blob. He barely gets any air but is launched off the blob. As they leave complaining bout being freezing cold Rob asks the all important question of what would happen if your butt freezes shut.

Later back at the factory Rex shows up to install the zip line. Channel calls up Rob but he tells her to call him back free style. Channel calls him back saying I got your boy Rex Owen tell me when to bring him in let me know when its time for us to begin. Rex and channel burst out laughing. Rob asks Rex if he remembers Jeremy to which he says he has got to build something for big hips. Rob asks if he can kick the ball in from there if he'll do it for free. Rob misses though. After the zip line is finished everyone including Big Cat gets on it.