Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Season 1 Episode 9

No Mandals

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Rob, Turbo, Drama, and Jeremy rolling around in office chairs having a race. To be expected Rob finished in first and Jeremy in last but at least he finished.

Rob decides it would be fun to skateboard on his stomach while Chanel stands on his back and amazingly it worked. Next Rob wants to try using a motorcycle so that he can be launched on his stomach into the foam pit but Chanel declines saying its too dangerous. Jeremy comes down from his office and asks what is going on? Big Cat tells him he's watching Rob go face first into the foam pit. Somehow it worked and Rob goes up the ramp and sails straight into the foam pit. He describes it as a seal breaching water. Jeremy tells him that its to dangerous to be doing stuff like this and that there are things that were not meant to be done. To which Rob replies that he is breaking ground. Jeremy says that Rob still has that Carlos Jr. meeting today and that he's going to break his neck. He tries to give Jeremy a hi five but the guy refuses until Rob threatens to rub his dirty hands all over Jeremy's clean shirt.

Later Andrew Puzder CEO of CKE restaurants shows up with lunch at the factory for the meeting. Rob describes his foundation which is about building safe skate spots for kids since the only places they can skate are illegal. So instead of cities building them which cost a lot of money he offers to build them if their willing to give him a plot of land for it. He shows them the blue prints and designs for the one he wants to build in Lafayette Park. Andrew says it looks great and makes him wish he was 34 so he could get out on the board himself. Rob mentions your never to old and that you could skate right now in the factory but he declines.

Carlos Jr. agrees to put up the money for the Skate spot but in exchange Rob has to make them to viral videos of him skating in their mascot costume advertising the restaurant. Rob is excited about the costume and immediately tries it on.

Drama and Rob head out to the spot where the future safe skate spot will be to meet up with Joe Ciaglia. JC is the guy who built the Fantasy Factory. Rob and him are very excited about this next project. Drama asks Rob if their gonna knock trees down. Rob responds saying who would knock down 500 year old trees? Drama points out one that he would like knocked down and Rob calls him a tree hater.

When they get back to the factory Rob brings up an idea he wanted to try back when they broke that record with Danny. He wants to build the worlds largest skateboard and then ride it through LA and then bring it to the opening of the safe spot skate spot. Rob also decides that instead of sticking the DC label on the skate spot they should instead put it on the skateboard. Rob sticks a star shaped sticker from the DC label on Turbo's face and asks him if he would want that on his face or a blur. Since he couldn't see with it on he says the blur. Rob then rips it off his face and most of Turbo's eyebrows with it.

Finally its time for the first viral video and Rob pretty much does what he normally does except wearing the happy star costume. He skateboards, rides a bike up the foam pit ramp and crashes into the foam pit, does donuts in the T-Rex, and fakes falling off the zip line. Rob offers Turbo that if he licks Timmy the test dummy's junk he'll give him $1,500.00. Turbo turns him down. Then he raises the bet to making him unblurred for the life time of the show if he'll lick Timmy from butt crack to front. Turbo says he kind of likes being blurred. Robs responds saying fair enough. They launch Timmy off the zip line next but it breaks and almost kills Turbo. After the video is done Rob and Drama head out to try the worlds larges skateboard. Rob describes that this is like having a kid or a puppy and is one of his proudest moments.

When they check how the videos doing later it has over 303,000 views. A lot of the comments left by users were terrible and immature. Carlos calls up and says that their ecstatic that it got so many views. Then the finished skateboard arrives with added graphics. Later people from the Book of world records arrive to measure the board. Rob says its an exact replica of the skateboard he rides and that if there's one thing you'll never see on it is Mandals. The skateboard is exactly 36 feet 7 inches by 8 feet 8 inches and is 3 feet 7 and ½ inches tall.

Later at the opening ceremony Rob is joined by the mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa Who wants to join Rob on the worlds biggest skateboard. Drama gets to have fun signing kids heads but sadly they never got to skate since it was completly blownout crouded. They end the ep with Rob skating on the worlds largest skateboard.
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