Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Season 1 Episode 7

Shark Sugar

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Rob and Drama are driving around and he asks how much money it would cost to get Drama to sit in a tank of sharks. Drama says he would sit in the tank for 20,000 but if he got bitten it'd be 100,000. Rob then says he'd do it just to get the cool nickname of Shark Attack.

Rob is excited cuz his toy line Wild Grinders is being released and he based them on a skate crew he was in as a kid. The names are JJ the hood skater, Jack knife the red neck skater, Spitball the Mexican skater, Little Rob and Little Meaty and Emo Crys who is based off of Drama. Rob says that he based it off of Drama when he was younger saying that deep down Drama is sad. Which Drama denies saying he's not like that. To make Drama look like his character he even bought him a scarf.

Later Jeremy calls Rob to tell him the toys arrived and they look awesome. Meaty excited to see a mini version of himself starts barking. Jeremy gets upset cuz Meaty spits all over his glass desk. Tracey Tubera the artist designer for the toy line joins them to see if they like the toys. Jeremy says they need to come up with some ideas for the promotion they are having at a local Walmart. Walmart is apparently already asking for 3 more characters so Rob figures they might as well go ahead and make a surfing Skater named Shark Attack. But Rob wants to promote it by actually getting bitten by a shark which Jeremy immediately shoots down. He says that its way too dangerous and asks how he would even get attacked by a shark? Rob insists that they must have places where he can get attacked by a shark. He can't be the first person to of tried this. Drama says that people have nightmares about getting attacked by a shark and can't imagine there are people willing to get bitten by one. Rob explains that he saw it on Shark week. They have shark attack tourism in the Bahama's where you put on chain mail and a helmet. Rob then jokes about how supposedly if you pee your pants that they call it shark sugar and will attack you.

The next day Rob shows up in chain mail showing off how protective it is. First he has Channel try to scratch him but she can't even hurt him. He then skates up to Drama to show him the chain mail he bought for the Bahama's but Drama flips his skateboard up and hits him in the knee. Rob yells at him that just because it protecting him from a shark bite doesn't mean he can take a skateboard to the shin. Drama can't believe that he's doing this much for a toy. Rob says its a toy he's representing. Drama comments he never even scuba dove before. Bursting out laughing he says scuba dove, I think you meant scuba diving. He says he's willing to learn how to scuba dive. To do a strength test he has Meaty try to bite through it but it doesn't work. Rob and Drama make a bet that if he can make this shot that Drama will have to go down there with him. Drama agrees and Rob amazingly makes the shot.

It's the day of the Walmart demo and everyone is getting ready. Everyone puts on one of the costumes including Jeremy and they head out. Drama doesn't want to wear his Emo Cry's costume since he's the emo one in grandma jeans. Jeremy refuses as well but they eventually wear him down. Channel gets to wear the JJ costume and starts rapping but says she can't see. Jeremy in the Spitball costume agrees saying he can't see either. Attempting to skate in the costume Rob crashes. Having to much trouble seeing they all take off the heads of the costumes to drive there.

Once they arrive Rob goes out to the crowd and starts hugging kids and dancing. Then he skates right through the store to their table and starts signing the toys and skateboards. The store completely runs out and he starts signing random stuff like toilet seats. Channel says that's so tight and they will always see his name whenever they go to the bathroom.

Later in the Bahama's Rob and Drama are heading to their room and Rob keeps on getting weird looks cuz he's wearing a shark attack helmet. Rob comments that sharks are like Silvester Stallone because you can't look wither of them in the eyes or they'll maul you. They decide that while they are there they might as well relax and enjoy 5 seconds of fun. While Drama unpacks his new snorkel gear Rob puts on his bathing suit and his shark attack gear. When he comes out Drama asks him if he's seriously going to wear that to the pool? To which he replies yes and he got Drama a shark fin for him to wear on his head. He has Drama attack him in the pool to prepare for the real thing. The people around the pool are all shocked at whats happening and when they get into the hot tub area the guy who was there leaves. Rob comments that this is a good way to clear out a public pool. Drama still can't believe he's going through all this for the Wild Grinders. Rob says that not only is he willing to support his product but he's willing to go to any lengths to give it legitimacy.

When they arrive at the shark diving place there is a bunch of parots outside and one of them is laughing maniacally. Drama comments its like a death scream, its gonna be the noise he's making under water. While Stuart Cove there instructor is explaining what they will be doing the bird is laughing maniacally. In case Rob can't get away from a shark he tells Drama to get in there and help him. But Drama refuses and is also creeped out by the bird still. Stuart tells him the bird feels bad for them as their leaving and then the bird makes one final loud scream.

Once out on the water Rob starts singing the waters crystal clear and there's sharks everywhere. As Drama looks over the edge he says that there's a lot of sharks. While Rob is feeding one another one jumps up and tries to take the fish from his hand. Rob comments saying that's how you lose your hands. To make his elbow attract sharks to bite it he rubs fish on the chain mail. At first he's excited but once the sharks start going near his feet which he calls his money makers he starts freaking out. One of the biggest sharks keeps on swimming by him and slaps him in the head with its tail. Finally after about 10 minutes a shark is tricked into biting Robs arm with bait from Stuart. Excited he and Drama exchange high fives as another shark swims right in between his tank and his air cords. The episode ends with Rob dancing as they all swim back up to the surface.