Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Season 1 Episode 6

This Is Not Mom-Certified

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

It starts off with Rob in his office and Beefy is licking his ear. Rob has the other members of street dreams drop by for a meeting about the premiere. Fellow skateboarders Terry Kennedy and Paul Rodriguez were in the movie with Rob and screenwriter Nino Scalia wrote it with him. Rob is very thankful to all of them for helping with the film. He's so proud of it that he invites his parents out for the premiere. They are gonna install a huge screen at the factory on the one wall. Rob said that he's very proud of the film. Its great that they helped them do it not only for themselves and for fun but for skateboarders too. After all is said and done they have a skate session. P-Rod, Big Cat, Rob, Terry Kennedy and Drama show us what they got.

Later Channel calls up Rob and tells him that his boys are here. Rob asks who is there and they tell Channel their from Berkela films and are there to set up for the screening. Rob asks her to do a rhyme about Berkela but Channel messes up and says she wants to date all the guys in the film. As usual Rob bursts out laughing. Robs main concern is about his mom cause she doesn't want to acknowledge he made the movie. Cause she doesn't want her friends to see the movie and know he made it and hear all this cussing and profanity. Rob wants to make sure during the premiere that he can show his mom the shot of Drama mooning the camera. Rob explains that Drama was 18 when this was made and didn't have a hair on his body but he somehow had the hairiest butt.

Drama goes with Rob later to a thrift store to pick up some romance novels for his mom. He says he wants to try to make this parents fantasy's come true while their there. While their gone Rob gets a simulated golf course installed for his dad and a trampoline and a bike set up or his sister. Drama comments that that rusty bike has tetnis all over it. Denise will probably leave with some sort of leg infection. Rob finds a perverted statue and some naked barbies to torture Drama with. They find alot of books and don't know which ones to get her. Rob compares the romance novels to playboy which creeps out both of them. While there he spots a comfortable lounge chair and snatches that up to. Rob decides to read aloud some of them and blacks out the inapropriate parts from his mom.

Finally his parents and sister arrive at the fantasy factory. Rob describes the factory as disney land. His mom says don't expect me to get on any magic mountain. Robs dad loves the simulated golf course. His dad also loves the pool table. Rob asks her what would she want at the factory which she replies not a pool table. She reminds them they had one and all it did was collect dust. His mom can't imagine how anyone can live there though. She loves her little nook but says none of the books needed censoring. Rob gets Denise to ride the bike while Him and his mom go for a ride on the scooters. While Rob and Denise are jumping on the trampoline His dad pushes Meaty on a skateboard. Rob shows them where the screen is gonna be and starts talking about all the eff this and eff that its in the movie. Which his mom freaks out about but he comments he's not swearing.

Rob gets over the loud speaker and jokes saying that his mom asked why he even pays him if he doesn't do anything. Robs dad starts laughing and asks if she really said that to which she says no she did not. Rob then asks Drama to tell his mom how much he curses. Drama tells them he never does though and Pat agrees and doesn't think he does. Rob starts to laugh and asks Drama to rifle through his five favorite curse words. Drama says he doesn't know any but Rob continues saying Drama is a worse influence on him than he is on Drama. Rob says he probably would of grown out of it if it wasn't for this foul mouthed guy over there.

Rob by some miracle manages to get his mom into the T-Rex to go for a ride. She screams the entire time and freaks out at every car and truck near by. She screams take us back repeatedly and also this is illegal. After they come back inside Robs mon has him put Beefy out on the artificial grass lawn for her to go potty. But she already has pooped behind his chair. He fights with his mom cause he is trying to pick it up bare handed. She eventually loses and Rob picks it up and pretends its a cigar. His mom says its disgusting and leaves. She says he has psychological problems and his dad says he takes after his mom.

Later before the movie party Rob warns his mom that theres alot of cursing in the movie. Pat says she doesn't care that he wrote the movie and that other people aare cursing its him she cares about. At the screening Rob explains that the movie is a by skaters by industry by by us for us project. It turned out great and he's glad he can share this with everybody at the fantasy factory. In the middle of the movie as expected Rob pauses the vid and makes fun of Drama's big hairy butt. At the end Rob does a Q&A with his mom. She says the film is great but when he asks whether she would reccomend it to her best friends 18 year old son she says flat out no. Rob thanks everybody for coming out but remember this isn't a mom friendly movie so don't invite your moms.