Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Season 1 Episode 8

Unseen Footage Show

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Beefy trying to bite Robs face. Rob explains that the footage is fun stuff that didn't have space. The first clip Is about Rob being prepared for Shark sugar by being attacked by dogs. Not the sily fat ones he owns but real certified ones. He dawns protective gear and has the dogs attack him. They ofcourse drag him across the floor. He also had Drama sign a contract that if he was killed by sharks that his body would be kept stuffed and placed in the factory. Geoff Taylor legitimizes the contract saying its enforceable since drama signed it. Rob however says he'd probably just get a wax statue instead cuz he knows that Dramas parents would want a nice funeral.

Other clips are one from when Rob rents a show machine and they have various winter events at the factory. Such as snowboarding, sledding and rolling around in a giant rubber hampster ball. They also have a snowball fight of Rob vs corpo. Tiffany from corpo wins single handed. Chanel gets hit in the arm and cries. Rob throws snow down Jeremy's buttcrack. Rob was excited about this clip cuz it was the first footage of Jeremy's buttcrack.

Clip 4 is about the night Turbo took Chanel home with him and they spent the night together and tongue kissed in the morning. Chanel said please kill me when Rob found out. Rob explains this is the reason why Turbo's face is blurred. Its to protect the american female population.

Clip 5 is all the amazing basketball shots made in the factory even some that had happend in later episodes that haven't aired yet. They show Johnny Knoxville and Eddie Barbanell making 3 pointers on Rob. Rob makes some amazing shots off his skateboard on ramps and the foam pit. Travis Pastrana makes a dunk off his motor cycle into the foam pit. Lamar makes a 3 pointer then Rob makes one on him while wearing stilts. Steve Berra makes some amazing shots half way across the factory and of walls.

In another clip Rob is torturing Drama while he's on an invert table flipping him back and forth while upside down. They origianlly went there to buy protective gear for the tennis ball gun. He calls drama a purple bat since he's wearing a purple t-shirt. Later he tortures him again when Drama throws Timmy the test dummy out of his tiny office. Rob pretends to lick Timmy to iritate Drama.