Fantasy Island (1998)

ABC (ended 1999)


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  • This is an excellent show. I agree with the other poster,let Disney do a DVD set for the 13 episodes.

    This is an excellent show. I agree with the other poster,let Disney do a DVD set for the 13 episodes. Also, since tecnology is so much better now, why can't they do a remake or a movie out of it. Wonder if i can campain Disney for it? ummm any thoughs? Email me or leave me a message. Maybe SOMETHING can be done to bring its magic back ! I think that the concept of magical island where people actually got to learn something of themselves is an idea ahead of its time. In fact, do anyone else here agree that a remake should be done? with a good cast oviously
  • This show was a total gem, with a delicious dark streak. Why oh why can I not buy it on DVD? :-(

    This remake of the classic Fantasy Island brought out the darker side that was hinted at in the pilot of the original. It certainly made a lot of sense to go in that direction and definitely made it an improvement over a lot of other TV at the time. I'm desperately waiting for it to come out on DVD because even after nearly 10 years I'm certain it will hold up to the re-watching. As a big fan of this series I went back and watched the original (which I hadn't seen or heard of, just not that old I guess) the pilot was great and then there was a down hill slide into tree-hugging fluffy bunny land All I can say is bring on the DVD!!
  • Great Show but needed to be addressed a couple years later. I though it was a great show. No one gave it a chance though. Bring it back Disney or at leats put the 13 episodes on a dvd

    This was one of my favorite shows for the 1998 season. I think it would have done better now instead of then. The casting of Malcom Mcdowell was great. He was the perfect fit for the more dark incenece Mr Rourke. I really hope that Disney Entertainment puts the 13 episodes on a dvd, so i can own it. This show was like so many that played to an age group but was uncerimonically cancelled with out giving the shopw a true chance. I bet if they re-ran the episodes on Sci-fi that they would be a new following for the show and the characters.
  • as good as the original

    i thought this show was as good as if not better than the original. malcolm mcdowell as mr rourke was a good choice. i don't think the show was ever given a good chance. i'm not sure that if it were put out today if it would not have lasted longer.