Fantasy Island (1998)

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

In an effort to create a bond between an overworked father and his son, Roarke transforms banker Louis Burton into eight-year-old Max's favorite superhero. Although Max is impressed when Louis, as Dyno-man, stops a meteor from destroying Earth, Louis is just as overzealous in his work as a superhero as he was as a banker. Consequently, Max finds himself watching from the sidelines again. Meanwhile, to help two friends explore the possibilities of any enexplored romantic possibilities between them, Roarke offers Gina Williams a chance to meet her old friend, Doug Strickman, again for the first time. But Gina soon sees that without her influence as a friend, Doug has become a very different man from the one she knew. When Max is kidnapped by Dyno-man's archenemy, Rex Raskind, it's up to Louis to do something about it. Arriving at Raskind's lair, he demands that his son be released. But Max, after spending some time having fun with Raskind, is inclined to stay, and refuses his father's attempt at a rescue. Meanwhile, as Cal and Harry find themselves at odds with Scotty, Fantasy Island's trash collector, Gina discovers that the new Doug isn't interested in pursuing romance with her at all. To prove how much he loves his son and wants him back, Louis gives up the ring that gives him Dyno-man's superpowers. However, when Raskind turns around and tries using it against them, Max's hand-held video game destroys him first. Louis learns that to forge a bond with his son, his work must be set aside, even if just for a while. Finally, after Gina turns to Roarke for help, he transforms Doug back into the man she's known for ten years. As the guests depart, Roarke convinces Cal and Harry that Scotty isn't someone to be messed with.