Fantasy Island

Season 4 Episode 8

Crescendo / Three Feathers

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 20, 1980 on ABC
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Crescendo / Three Feathers
In "Crescendo" singing star Susan Lohman hopes for romance with the brilliant composer of her songs. Not knowing that the mysterious and elusive composer is cursed her hopes are shockingly dashed when they meet. And in "Three Feathers" Alan Colshaw is unjustly accused of cowardice, having abandoned his three flight mates in the crash and disappearing. Not knowing what happened to him, he is in desperate need to exonerate himself.moreless

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      • Tattoo: Boss, at least they are talking.
        Mr. Roarke: Yes my friend, if men would talk and listen to each other more, the world would have fewer problems.
        Tattoo: People who are busy talking, don't have the time to make war.
        Mr. Roarke: I thought I just said that.

      • Mr. Roarke: Edmond Dumont's family is set to bear an ancient Gaelic curse. Passed on to one male each seventh generation. Whatever the origin of the deformity, Edmond Dumont grew up shunned by people, with only the creatures of the forest and his music to keep him company.

      • Mr. Roarke Thank you, Lana, Now, Mr. Colshaw, let me see if I have the facts straight. You were the pilot of a private aircraft which crashed in a remote area, a wilderness, three people who were among your passengers accuse you of abandoning them there, leaving them there to die, am I correct?
        Alan Colshaw: Yes but it's not true.
        Mr. Roarke: It isn't going to be easy to convince them.
        Tattoo: You can't expect your enemies to take your words for it.
        Mr. Roarke: White feathers, the traditional symbol of cowardice.
        Alan Colshaw: I've been carrying them all these months as a badge of shame, to remind me of what I must do. My enemies as you call them, the three people who branded me a deserter were once my dearest friends, Mr. Roarke. I know that they'll believe me if I can just tell them face to face what really happened. Then I'm going to ask each of them to accept one of those (pointing to feathers) as a symbol of my innocence.
        Mr. Roarke: I see. You say you will tell them what really happened, the problem Mr. Colshaw is can you be sure of that yourself. The plane crash occured exactly one year ago today and you were hurt, a head injury, a concusion.
        Alan Colshaw: Yeah well some of the facts are a little hazy.
        Mr. Roarke: Exactly, a concusion always involves a loss of memory.

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