Fantasy Island

Season 4 Episode 20

Delphine / The Unkillable

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 1981 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Mr. Zachariah: Mr. Roarke nice to see you.
      Mr. Roarke: May I inquire what brings you here at this particular time?
      Mr. Zachariah: Dear Delphie's wedding of course.
      Mr. Roarke: That's odd, she didn't mention having invited you.
      Mr. Zachariah: Delphie's the bes assistant I ever had in my magic act.
      Mr. Roarke: Oh I am sure, and you have no intention of losing her, in fact you came here to stop the wedding.
      Mr. Zachariah: On the contrary my dear fellow, if you have no objection, I intend to ask Delphie to let me have the honor of giving away the bride.
      Mr. Roarke: Mr. Zachariah, I must insist that you not speak to Miss McNab or Mr. Randolph before the ceremony. I will convey your request to her. Mr. Zachariah, I would be most upset if anyone for any reason, in any way interfered with my God-daughter's plans.
      Mr. Zachariah: Oh I assure you, I shan't say a word to her. Not a word.