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RIP Ricardo Montalban

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    The real Mr. Roarke passed away at eighty-eight what a long life he had.
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    I'm truly saddened by his passing. He was a wonderful humanitarian as well. God Bless His Soul. He suffered many years from a back injury sustained during a filming of a film back in the 50's which gave him a slight limp. In the last few years he has been wheelchair bound. He did take care of his sister-in-law Loretta Young for many years until her death. What a magnificent legacy he leaves behind. He made some of the best film noir pictures. And who could forever forget him as Khan of the Star Trek series and film. And of course the 1970's tv commercial for Chrysler Cordoba, with fine corinthian leather. (Billy Crystal did a great schtick with it "You Look Marvelous" based on Ricardo). And of course Fantasy Island where Mr. Roarke (Ricardo) made everyone's dreams come true. A true giant.

    Ricardo as Mr. Roarke and Herve as Tattoo

    Ricardo as Khan

    Chrysler Cordoba Ricardo

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