Fantasy Island

Season 3 Episode 17

Playgirl / Smith's Valhalla

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 1980 on ABC
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Playgirl / Smith's Valhalla
In "Playgirl" beautiful former Rooster Magazine centerfold model, Erica Clark wishes to turn the tables and treat men as sexual objects. And in "Smith's Valhalla" Jason Smith from Oregon wishes to become a war hero and lead a team of soldiers on a daring commando raid.

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    Sean Garrison

    Sean Garrison

    Captain Buck Tanner

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    Heather McAdam

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    Charles Dierkop

    Charles Dierkop

    Harry 'Weasel' Forbes

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      • Mr. Roarke: I heard about your altercation Miss Clark, I am sorry your fantasy has caused you distress.
        Erica: My fantasy is not the problem, it's that hard-nosed Jackie Flynn. She thinks I'm some sort of a stage door Johnny messing around with her waiters. Have you ever heard of anything so ludicrous?
        Mr. Roarke: Oh yes but customarily a stage door Johnny is a Johnny not a Jane and a waiter is a lady who may not precisely be a lady all the time, but she's certainly not a gentleman. Do you find this confusing?
        Erica: No, Yes and irritating!

      • Mr. Roarke: Sorry to have kept you waiting Mr. Smith.
        Jason Smith: No problem Mr. Roarke.
        Mr. Roarke: Please have a seat, may we offer you something to drink?
        Jason Smith: Thank you but I'm very anxious to get this thing moving. Mr. Roarke, Fantasy Island is my last hope of becoming the kind of soldier I always wanted to be.
        Mr. Roarke: And yet you served in the United States Marine Corp.
        Jason Smith: Oh yeah, one full hitch.
        Tattoo: Did you make it to the shores of Tripoli?
        Jason Smith: Make that Korea, Tattoo but just after they signed the Peace Treaty. I never saw combat.
        Mr. Roarke: I see, please sit down Mr. Smith. I understand you are a married man, does your wife approve of this little adventure?
        Jason Smith: Well she doesn't like it, but she knows that I have to do it. Look I'm like an actor who prepared for an opening night that never came. I gotta taste what it's like to be under fire. I have to find out whether I can cut it. Can you understand that? Once just once I want to feel what it's like to be responsible for a mission, responsible for it's success.
        Mr. Roarke: Or it's failure.
        (Phone rings)
        Mr. Roarke: Excuse me. Yes? Are there any hostages aboard? Yes, yes of course, keep me informed.
        (Hangs up)
        Mr. Roarke: I have just permitted a hi-jacked aircraft to land at a remote landing strip on the other side of the island. Well Mr. Smith you wanted a fantasy involving combat against the dangerous and determined enemy for very high stakes. I hope saving eight innocent lives fits that purpose because your fantasy has just begun.

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Mr. Roarke: (showing a photo) Mr. Harry Forbes, Army intelligence, CIA, specialist in surveillance techniques.
        Bouvier: I know him, a dirty little man for dirty little jobs. They call him 'Weasel'.

        The CIA refers to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America. The agency was formed after World War II in order to observe and collect data on Foreign countries as well as US based problems.