Fantasy Island

ABC (ended 1984)





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  • ~Take a Trip on the wild side to a land where all your Fantasy's come to life~. Look up in the sky for ~Da Plane~Da plane~.

    Okay, we all know that famous opening line ~Da Plane~ Da Plane~ as beautiful and visceral images of what looks like an Hawaiian Island greet us and excite us for what's in store for us on this go round. But this is no Hawaiian Island, this is Fantasy Island. An Island where anyones dreams, wishes, and aspirations can come true. Each week holds a new lineup of stars for us to go gaga over. As well as fun, heartfelt and sometimes even a lil' scarey plots. Yes, it was corney and as cheesy as you can even imagine. I mean a dwarf "if that is an acceptable term" named Tattoo who had a French accent and was basically giving goo-goo eyes to any young lady that stepped foot on the Island. Roarke, who was charming and always expressing to his Island staff to have: ~smiles everyone~ smiles~. But who himself always seemed a little devious in plotting out the wishes of his guests. Almost as if he would have a lil' fun with them in between their dreams/wants. That being said as a child I was glued once every week when "Da Plane" would arrive on the Island with all new guests and all new wishes. Watching this charming light hearted romp through the beautiful lush Island setting, watching these guests dreams come to fruition. I mean, in life haven't we all wished for something, don't we all at one time or more dream for a change in some routine, be it work, health, wealth, or love. Well on Fantasy Island we saw even our own wishes could come true. We also saw maybe the things we were wishing for weren't as good as we'd thought they would be. Sometimes with every change, comes a new outcome, which might not be the most beneficial. All this we saw through the eyes of the stars that stepped foot on the Island. And I think it taught us a lesson to watch what we wish for in life. But it also taught us that maybe Fantasy's can come true.