Fantasy Island - Season 1

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Call Me Lucky / Torch Singer
    In "Call Me Lucky" compulsive gambler Harry Beamus from New York City wants to be the luckiest gambler alive. Realizing his separation from his son may come at a high cost. In "Torch Singer" Edith Garvey wishes to become a torch singer just like her grandmother was in Chicago during the Prohibition years of the Roaring 20's.moreless
  • Fool for a Client / Double Your Pleasure
    In "Fool for a Client" a brilliant yet insecure lawyer wishes to experience the excitement of a big courtroom trial. In "Double Your Pleasure" the winner of a raffle ticket for a weekend on Fantasy Island is caught between two girls - twins no less.
  • King for a Day / Instant Family
    In "King for a Day" an ordinary plumber's dull life is changed by dreams of being king for a day. In "Instant Family" a mother's fantasy is to prove to her daughter that child-rearing isn't what her daughter's college thesis proposed: "The Soft Life of the American Housewife and Mother."
  • 4/29/78
    In "Reunion" Four high school friends reveal a hidden secret which places them in jeopardy. In "Anniversary" a couple wish to renew their vows and bring back the good times before alcohol ruined their lives.
  • The Over the Hill Caper / Poof! You're a Movie Star
    In "The Over-the-Hill Caper" Spencer McLaine, an elderly man wants to reunite his old gang and pull off one last caper. In "Poof, You're a Movie Star" Shirley Russell wishes to become a movie star when the director demands more than she can offer.
  • Trouble, My Lovely / The Common Man
    In "Trouble, My Lovely" a father's fantasy is to experience peace and respect from his overbearing and troublesome family. In "The Common Man" a schlub named Stanley Scheckter wishes to become a private investigator but his klutzy ways cause him more trouble.
  • Superstar / Salem
    Superstar / Salem
    Episode 8
    In "Superstar" a dull accountant wishes to become an outgoing and famous baseball "Superstar". In "Salem" a couple's wish to live simply and old fashioned morality and values lands them in Salem Massachusetts leading them to wonder which time is better.
  • 3/18/78
    In "The Funny Girl", TV comedian Kay Penny wishes to become a nobody again who led a simplier life back in Cedars Corner as Katherine Patrino. In "Butch and Sundance" two friends wish to become Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, for thrills and adventure, and realize that there's no place like home.moreless
  • 3/11/78
    In "Treasure Hunt" a couple along with their friend thirst for money and adventure leading them to some very difficult decisions. In "Beauty Contest" a sheltered 19 year old girl wishes to enter a beauty contest like her mother did in order to get acceptance from her father.
  • Lady of the Evening / The Racer
    In 'Lady of the Evening' a prostitute wants to change her life and settle down but is afraid to tell her respectable fiance about her past. And in 'The Racer' ex-race car driver Kincaid proves to himself and his family that the crash which destroyed his career is not the reason he quit racing and that he's no coward.moreless
  • 2/18/78
    In 'Family Reunion' a brother and sister fantasize about reuniting their parents. As in the film version of The Parent Trap. And in 'Voodoo' a twenty-six year old woman suffering from amnesia undergoes voodoo to help return her memory.
  • 2/11/78
    In 'The Prince' a handsome young prince wants to live life as a common man. He falls in love with a woman who despises poverty and feels the only way to be truly happy is to be wealthy. And in 'The Sheriff' New York City Police Detective John Burke, wants to go back in time to become a sheriff in the Old West and find the men who killed his partner and handle them Old West ways, shoot first ask questions later.moreless
  • Bet a Million / Mr. Irresistible
    In 'Bet A Million' a Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wade come to the island in the hopes of finding a wealthy financier to help them fulfill their dream of owning a hotel. In 'Mr. Irresistable' Awkward and clumsy Chuck Hoffman fantasies about being the most irresistable man in the world.
  • Escape / Cinderella Girls
    In the "Escape" segment, Gregory Udall is an escape artist trying to get out of the shadow of his famous father by duplicating the solo "ultimate escape" his father performed, with Mr. Roarke providing the prison. Unfortunately for Udall, if you don't escape, stay there forever. In "Cinderella Girls", Ann and Maxine are working class girls and best friends who manage to afford a trip to Fantasy Island with a wish to become jet-setters for two days.moreless
  • Return to Fantasy Island
    Be careful what you wish for! This is the motto as three couples venture to Fantasy Island. The first couple want to meet the daughter they gave up for adoption 12 years ago. In the second story an business woman visits the island under false pretense, thinking she is there for a business meeting only to have on of her employees confess his undying love for her. In the final story a young wife suffers amnesia caused by a mysterious incident that occured four years ago.moreless
  • Fantasy Island
    Mr. Roarke and his assistant Tattoo greet a lonely rich widower Arnold Greenwood, one of his new clients off the Fantasy Island plane. Arnold was a reporter in World War II who wants to relive a brief romance that took place in London 30 years ago.