Fantasy Island - Season 4

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Paquito's Birthday / Technical Advisor
    In "Paquito's Birthday" a desire for happiness for their young son may cause his parents to lose him altogether. And in "Technical Advisor" Nancy Harvester who is totally naive to the ways of romance, gets an expert teacher in Helen of Troy.
  • Man-Beast / Ole Island Oprey
    In "Man-Beast" David Tabori has horrifying and recurring nightmares, discovers he is actually some kind of monster. And in "Ole Island Oprey" a man wishes for his daughter to become an Oprey singer turns out to be quite different from those of her own.
  • Hard Knocks / Lady Godiva
    In "Hard Knocks" an ambitious young man gets some helpful pointers from Bogey himself as he sets out to become one of those hard-boiled private eyes of the 1940's. And in "Lady Godiva" Sheila Godfrey wants to be an accomplished equestrienne and she gets much more than she bargained for when she becomes Lady Godiva.moreless
  • Basin Street / The Devil's Triangle
    In "Basin Street" a would-be musician visits New Orleans during the heyday of ragtime jazz, and learns much more than he bargained for about the old days of Louisiana jazz. And in "The Devil's Triangle" an adventure film crew consisting of one woman and two men want to solve the mystery of the Devil's Triangle, the men are also both in love with the woman.moreless
  • Delphine / The Unkillable
    In "Delphine" Mr. Roarke's god-daughter Delphine comes to him for help in solving a most unusual problem. And in "The Unkillable" a scientist and his assistant make a scientific discovery that threatens to cost them both their lives.
  • The Proxy Billionaire / The Experiment
    In "The Proxy Billionaire" Wall Street Analyst Frank Miller gets into some very big trouble when he switches places with billionaire Avery Williams. And in "The Experiment" driven by grief Dr. Lucas Bergmann and his lonely daughter Lisa both wish to do some resurrecting of the dead.
  • The Searcher / The Way We Weren't
    In "The Searcher" Karen Saunders-Holmes has a desperate need to find her father, whose whereabouts have been kept a secret to her since she was a child. And in "The Way We Weren't" married couple Fred & Dottie Cooper are in for disappointment when they return to their neighborhood in search of relighting old sparks.moreless
  • Also Rans / Portrait of Solange
    In "Also Rans" shy shoesalesman Jerome Pepper hopes to catch the attention of the girl he's loved from afar for seven years. By helping her to successfully race her horse Pomona Prince. And in "Portrait of Solange" Mr. Roarke grants Tattoo a birthday wish to become an artist like Francois Toulouse-Latrec, which ends up becoming bittersweet since Tattoo falls in love with Solange the girl he is painting.moreless
  • Chorus Girl / Surrogate Father
    In "Chorus Girl" when a dance teacher Franklin Adams gives his deaf pupil the gift of hearing, he runs the risk of losing her forever. And in "Surrogate Father" if the loving father Evan Watkins of a precocious 8-year-old daughter Amy fails to conquer his addiction to gambling, his daughter will be taken away.moreless
  • Loving Strangers / Something Borrowed, Something Blue
    In "Loving Strangers" a couple Tom & Marge Wilkerson, who have been happily married for 25 years wish to become strangers to fall in love all over again. And in "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" a young bride-to-be Pamela Archer's future happiness threatens to be destroyed when an element from her past makes an unexpected and threatening appearance.moreless
  • The Chateau / White Lightning
    In "The Chateau" Vicky Lee, a journalist wishes to spend the weekend with the man her grandmother, famed Silent Screen actress Becky Lee was in love with in order to complete her biography. But everything isn't what it seems to be and Vicky falls for the same trickery her grandmother did. And in "White Lightning" the McAllisters' and the Scoggins are feuding families from Eagle Mountain, Tennessee. They enter a contest to find homemade whiskey, aka White Lightning.moreless
  • The Man from Yesterday / World's Most Desirable Woman
    In "The Man from Yesterday" William T. Keating posing to be a photo-journalist arrives with the intent to kill, not interview, his subject the famed Mad Major Calvin Doyle, deserter and murderer. And in "World's Most Desirable Woman" middle-aged Marsha Garnett is transformed into Carla Baines, the sexy beauty she was twenty years ago in order to get revenge on her soon-to-be-ex husband.moreless
  • The Heroine / The Warrior
    In "The Heroine" romance novelist Florence Richmond whose own life is rather dull, wishes to become one of her book's wild and lusty heroines. And in "The Warrior" mild-mannered Robert Graham wishes to become a martial arts warrior in a fight to the finish in order to fulfill his fantasy about beating the best.moreless
  • Elizabeth's Baby / The Artist and the Lady
    In "Elizabeth's Baby" terminally ill and very expectant Elizabeth Blake wishes to look ahead into her unborn baby's future. And in "The Artist and the Lady" an untalented artist wishes to possess the talent to paint a great masterpiece, ends up becoming enamored of his muse.
  • High Off the Hog / Reprisal
    In "High Off the Hog" the Boggs a hillbilly family from the Ozarks become millionaires for the weekend and they fall prey to unscrupulous con men. And in "Reprisals" Trudy Brown abuses the power Mr. Roarke grants her to gain confidence and self esteem when her jealousy over her cousins' success in the Fantasy Island Athletic Competition nearly destroy her.moreless
  • My Late Lover / Sanctuary
    In "My Late Lover" the widow Anastasia Dexter has three perspective suitors and is flabergasted by her husband's ghostly interference with choosing one of them. And in "Sanctuary" Thomas Henshaw has been poisoned for some unknown reason, and with only hours to live, searches for the identity of his killer in a place called Gull Island Rest Home a sanctuary for known criminals.moreless
  • Crescendo / Three Feathers
    In "Crescendo" singing star Susan Lohman hopes for romance with the brilliant composer of her songs. Not knowing that the mysterious and elusive composer is cursed her hopes are shockingly dashed when they meet. And in "Three Feathers" Alan Colshaw is unjustly accused of cowardice, having abandoned his three flight mates in the crash and disappearing. Not knowing what happened to him, he is in desperate need to exonerate himself.moreless
  • The Invisible Woman / The Snow Bird
    In "The Invisible Woman" Harriet Winkler wishes to become invisible so she can spy on her philandering fiancee and finds that the one thing their relationship doesn't have is trust. And in "The Snowbird" Ned Pringle falls in love with one of the Flying Ferinis', a trapeze act, and in order for him to get close to her he takes on the challenge to become a trapeze artist himself.moreless
  • With Affection, Jack the Ripper / Gigolo
    In "With Affection, Jack the Ripper" Lorraine Peters a female criminologist sets out to discover the identity of Jack the Ripper and solve the Whitechapel mystery and finds herself marked as his next victim. And in "Gigolo" Stanley Hocker from Stubbenville, Ohio feels totally inadequate in matters dealing with the opposite sex, he dreams of becoming a modern day Don Juan.moreless
  • The Love Doctor / The Pleasure Palace / Possessed
    In "The Love Doctor" movie actress Kim Holland seeks to become anonymous for the weekend and finds the Love Doctor instead. In "The Pleasure Palace" Gordon Hughes' attitude about his life is dramatically altered when he travels back to find his "roots" circa San Francisco 1906. And in "Possessed" a very worried mother brings her suddenly cold and very changed little girl to Mr. Roarke for help.moreless
  • Don Quixote / The Sex Symbol
    In "Don Quixote" Texas millionaire Donald Quick wishes to become the heroic Don Quixote and find his Dulcinea encountering trouble along his journey. And in "The Sex Symbol" plain Jane, Helen Hendrix wishes to become adored and desired by men, as a sexy Marilyn Monroe type. She finds out that being a sex symbol gets her far more than she bargained for.moreless
  • The Skater's Edge / Concerto of Death / The Last Great Race
    In "The Skater's Edge" untrained farm girl Charlie Girl from Minnesota fantasizes about competing as a world-class figure skater. In "Concerto of Death" piano player Jeremy Hale comes to believe that his famous concert pianist brother was murdered and is tormented by his memory. And in "The Last Great Race" a couple agree to a winner-take-all race to decide the property settlement for their divorce.moreless
  • Flying Aces / The Mermaid Returns
    In "Flying Aces" airline pilot Tony Chilton goes back to World War II to experience the thrill of combat flying with his father who died in that war. And in "The Mermaid Returns" Princess Nyah desires to learn what human love is like and becomes enamored with Mr. Roarke.
  • The Devil and Mandy Breem / The Millionaire
    In "The Devil and Mandy Breem" Amanda Breem who sold her soul to Satan in order to save the life of her husband, seeks Mr. Roarke's help in saving her from the devil's grasp. And in "The Millionaire" Tattoo takes on a Fred Catlett's fantasy to become an instant millionaire which could end up getting him killed.moreless