Fantasy Island

Season 4 Episode 12

The Heroine / The Warrior

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 1981 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Mr. Roarke: The special conditions to begin your fantasy are now at their strongest. Are you now ready to proceed?
      Robert Graham: The sooner the better Mr. Roarke.
      Mr. Roarke: Now I must warn you both that once the fantasy commences it must be played out to its end, you understand.
      Robert Graham: As long as I have the martial skills you promised me, I wouldn't want it any other way.
      Mr. Roarke: Oh I assure you Mr. Graham, you will possess such skills when you have the need.
      Linda Graham: Do you know how all this going to end Mr. Roarke?
      Mr. Roarke: No that will be decided entirely by your husband and his opponent, the lengendary master of the martial arts Kwong Soo Luke.
      Robert Graham: The Great Kwong himself.
      Mr. Roarke: Yes sir.
      Robert Graham: But he's just a legend in the dim past nobody knows if he really existed.
      Mr. Roarke: I assure you for this weekend Master Kwong will be very real indeed. Of course, if you would rather compete against a contemporary.
      Robert Graham: No, no Kwong is the greatest of all time. If I can match his physical skills, then the best he could do would be a draw. Don't you see that's what I want, to equal the best.
      Mr. Roarke: Very well, if you'll come this way Mr. Graham, Mrs. Graham.