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Far Out Space Nuts. DVD anyone?

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    Hi, I hope this post didn't sound like I have them all on DVD, but instead I am looking for them.

    I know that today a lot of people have DVD Recorders that work just like a VCR but record your TV Show on DVD instead, and if anyone out there has a full set of "Far Out Space Nuts" on DVD in good condition, please post it here and let us all know.

    I imagine (unless they re-run all the episodes on TV Land or something) that anyone who has a set would have to have recorded them all on VCR years ago, and then transferred the VHS tapes to DVD.

    Those types of DVD sets can be pretty decent to view, and for a show as old as this, which may never come out on official DVD (even though I hope it does someday), it may be what we all have to settle for.
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    I hope that if Rhino Home Video ever is ready to prepare an official release of this series, Patty Maloney and Chuck McCann are both available to do interviews and commentary.
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