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  • Fair and balance???

    on7/20/2014 Sunday, you interviewed Z. Brzezinski with no counter view point especially when he discuss middle east events. The current Israeli operation in Gaza did not start because of 3 teenagers were murdered according to . it began following 100's of missiles targeted Israeli cities.

    Mr. Zakaria , I am an avid listener to your program, However when you bring Krugman on you show it will be appropriate to match him, too, with a other expert opposing view point.

    I understand and factor in your bias but please use balance in choosing your gusts
  • The world's most brilliant and powerful individuals gathered together by one of the world's top public intellectuals to produce the most intelligent roundtable show ever conceived.

    A leading editor in international journalism for about a decade, Zakaria has been a major contributor to the fourth estate's perspectives on international affairs.

    Originally leading a discussion on PBS, he has now joined CNN and continues to pull in a series of amazing guests. His 2008 premiere began with an interview of Tony Blair, and subsequently included influential voices like Bill Gates and the Queen of Jordan.

    The academic weight on the panels matches the influential weight of the interviews, frequently including Harvard University's Niall Ferguson among many others.

    The interviews are guaranteed to leave you more informed about the world, and the show will make even the tweediest upper-East Coast intellectual feel a bit of a hillbilly.