Fareed Zakaria GPS - Season 1

Sunday 1:00 PM on CNN Premiered Jun 08, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Global Public Square
    A panel discusses a variety of topics, including Obama, China, and Iran; Fareed interviews British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
  • Henry Kissinger Interview
    A panel discusses Barack Obama's influence in the Middle East; Fareed and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talk about international diplomacy and the war in the Middle East; Fareed mentions the financial expenses of political campaigns.
  • World Economic Forum
    Fareed discusses the economy with various experts when he brodcasts from Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum.
  • State of the War in Iraq
    A panel discusses the effectiveness of the war in Iraq; Fareed interviews Bjorn Lomborg, who talks about fighting global warming; Fareed talks about Ronald Reagan and appeasing foreign powers.
  • Condoleezza Rice Interview
    Fareed interviews former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and they discuss the Middle East, nuclear weapons, and her political activities; a panel debates diplomacy in the Middle East.
  • Chaos in Zimbabwe
    Chaos in Zimbabwe
    Episode 5
    Fareed and a panel discuss the current government problems in Zimbabwe and if the British will become involved, as well as Barack Obama's popularity in Europe; Fareed discusses diplomacy with British prime minister Gordon Brown.
  • Interview with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki
    Fareed and Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki discuss Israel, nuclear activities, and the United States; a panel talks about diplomacy with Iran.
  • Obama Interviewed
    Obama Interviewed
    Episode 7
    Fareed and Barack Obama discuss Obama's views on international relations; a panel talks about the economic recession.
  • Sudanese UN Ambassador Interviewed
    A panel discusses war and genocide in the Middle East; Fareed and Sudanese UN Ambassador Mohamad talk about genocide in Africa; Fareed interviews British prime minister David Cameron.
  • Reviewing Obama's Overseas Trip
    A panel talks about the influence of US politicians in the world; Fareed and author Jonathan Mahler discuss terrorism; Fareed and a panel talk about the importance of the US presidential election.
  • Discussion of World Affairs
    Fareed and a panel talk about international diplomacy; Fareed and author Ayaan Hirsi Ali talk about Islam.
  • Musharraf and Pakistan
    Fareed and Pakistani politician Imran Khan talk about war in the Middle East; a panel debates China's power in the world; China historian Jonathan Spence mentions the Western influence in China
  • Russia's Power Play
    Russia's Power Play
    Episode 12
    Jill Dougherty fills in for Fareed, and leads a panel discussion on relations between Russia, Georgia, and the United States.
  • Replay of Barack Obama Interview
    The past interview between Fareed and Barack Obama is replayed, as is the panel discussion about Obama's influence in Europe.
  • Discussing the Russia-Georgia Conflict
    Fareed and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili discuss the relations between Russia and Georgia; a panel discusses the same topic.
  • Foreign Perspectives on U.S. Presidential Election
    Fareed, CNN's senior international correspondent Nic Robertson, and a panel talk about politics in the Middle East; Fareed and author Rory Stewart talk about Obama's Middle East policies.
  • Tom Friedman Interview
    Fareed and author Tom Friedman talk about diplomacy and energy; a panel discusses nuclear energy; author Greg Mortenson talks about education in Africa.
  • Financial Markets Meltdown
    A panel discusses the recession in America; Former prime minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew talks about China and Afghanistan.
  • Meeting with World Leaders at the United Nations
    Fareed shows videos of his meetings with Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao and Afghan president Hamid Karzai.
  • Bill Gates Interview
    Fareed and Bill Gates talk about philanthropy and the world economy; a panel talks about Obama's influence in Singapore.
  • Economic Crisis Becoming Psychological Problem
    Fareed and Chairman of Soros Fund Management George Soros discuss the recession's effect on the world economy; a panel talks about the downturn's effects on the future.
  • GPS: Interviews With Paul Krugman, Queen Rania
    A panel talks about countering the recession; Fareed and Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman discuss international trade; Fareed and Queen Rania of Jordan talk about international diplomacy.
  • Is American Capitalism Dead?
    Fareed and former Treasury secretary Robert Rubin discuss how the world's economic crises can be handled; a panel debates the effectiveness of the U.S. president in the world.
  • Interviews With Michael Bloomberg, Madeleine Albright
    A panel discusses the changes that will arise with the next presidential election; Fareed and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg talk about economic growth.
  • Possible Impact of Obama's Presidency
    A panel talks about President Obama's new struggles with war and the economy; Fareed and National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft talk about Obama's roles in international affairs.
  • Discussing Obama's Priorities
    Two different panels talk about Obama's role in international diplomacy; Fareed and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi talk about the U.S and Iran.
  • Interview With Al Gore
    Fareed and Al Gore talk about international relations, the vice-presidency, and global warming; a panel discusses Obama's economic policies.
  • Interview With Ratan Tata
    Fareed and Taj Hotel owner Ratan Tata discuss the violence at the Indian hotel; Fareed and former Secretary of State Henry Kissenger talk about terrorism and Pakistan.
  • Mexican Crisis
    Mexican Crisis
    Episode 28
    Fareed shows a past video interview with former Pakistani Intelligence Chief Hamid Gul; Fareed and author David Kilcullen talk about combating terrorists; former Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo talks about Mexico's economic woes.
  • Colin Powell Interview
    Fareed and Colin Powell talk about a large array of issues including the war in the Middle East and Barack Obama.
  • Interview With Zalmay Khalilzad
    Fareed and Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad talk about religion and diplomacy in the Middle East; a panel discusses the troubled economy.
  • Obama's Foreign Policy Examined
    Fareed and Barack Obama talk about international diplomacy and the war in the Middle East; a panel talks about the G20 summit and world issues.
  • War in Gaza: IDF Begins Ground Incursion
    A panel examines the ground assualt that Israel is making on Gaza to combat a threat from the Hamas.
  • Crisis in Gaza
    Crisis in Gaza
    Episode 33
    A panel talks about the difficult diplomacy in the Gaza affair; Fareed and the president of the IBM Corporation Samuel Palmisano talk about the possible effects of a stimulus package in the US.
  • What Will Obama Say in Inaugural Address?
    Fareed interviews a team of speechwriters to talk about unique past presidential speeches and what Obama must say in his address; Fareed and Harvard historian Niall Ferguson discuss economic growth.
  • What Will Obama's Afghanistan Policy Be?
    President Barack Obama has inherited not one, but two wars, where both lives and money will inevitably be lost. Will the President be able to somehow put an end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • Interview With Felipe Calderon
    Fareed and a panel of world leaders discuss the World Economic Forum; Fareed and Mohamed ElBaradei talk about the prescence of atomic weapons in the world.
  • Iraq Holds Elections
    Fareed and a panel talk about a democratic Iraq; Fareed and another panel discuss the "green movement"; Fareed and an economic panel talk about the banking crises.
  • Interview with Pakistani Politician Imran Khan
    Fareed and Imran Khan talk about Pakistan's economy and diplomatic ties; Fareed and a panel discuss the bank bailout; Fareed and a panel of authors talk about relations between Asia and the United States.
  • Interview With Afghan President Hamid Karzai
    Fareed and Karzai discuss Barack Obama, the war on terror, and peace in Afghanistan; a panel talks about the unrest between Palestine and Israel.
  • Pakistani Government Achieves Truce With Taliban
    Fareed leads a panel discussion on combating the Taliban; Fareed and economic commentator Martin Wolf talk about the stimulus and the world economy.
  • Interview With Gamal Mubarak
    Fareed and Egyptian assistant secretary general Gamal Mubarak discuss America's influence in the Middle East; Fareed and a panel talk about the economic future of the world.
  • Interview With Charles Freeman
    Fareed and former U.S Ambassador Charles Freeman talk about Freeman's rejection of running for the chairman of the National Security Council; Fareed and a panel of journalists talk about Obama's handling of diplomacy.
  • Interview With Eliot Spitzer
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: his exclusive interview with former New York govenor Eliot Spitzer, the handling of the economic crisis, and an interview with Bill and Melinda Gates.
  • Interview With President of Brazil
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: Fareed's exclusive interview with Brazil's President Lula, and his thoughts on the AIG Bonus Scandal and his meeting with President Obama. Also discussed is Obama's relationship with the Arab world, and unrest in the Middle East.
  • Obama Travels to Europe
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: a discussion with former Secretary of State James Baker; a panel discussion about Obama's trip overseas; and how Fareed thinks the G-20 summit turned out.
  • Interview with Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: Syrian Ambassador to the U.S., Imad Moustapha, expresses his views on Syria's relationship with Israel; Fareed discusses US-Europe relations with a panel of experts.
  • Interview With Hamid Karzai
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: Representative Richard Holbrooke discusses the situations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and how to control the Taliban in those regions; Afghan President Hamid Karzai talks to Fareed about a controversial law recently passed in his country; Fareed discusses what role the U.S. should play in Pakistan with Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid.moreless
  • Is Obama a Polarizing President?
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: A panel of historians is brought together to discuss President Obama's first 100 days in office; The severity of the world's econmic crisis is discussed; Fareed sits down with author Malcolm Gladwell to discuss what contributes to a person's success in life.moreless
  • Interview With Robert Gates
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: Fareed interviews U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates at the Pentagon; Obama's travel overseas; The Taliban's increasing stregnth around the regions of Pakistan.
  • 12/30/12
    Episode 49
    In the latest GPS special, Tough Decisions, Fareed spoke with four leading figures in policy making and business about difficult calls they have had to make
  • Interview With the Dalai Lama
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: Fareed interviews the Dalai Lama, where they discuss reincarnation and Tibet; a panel discusses Pakistan-Indian relations.
  • 1/06/13
    Episode 50
    Fareed offers his take on the fiscal cliff deal -- it is a small victory for sanity, but the U.S. faces a much deeper challenge, he says. Then, an all-star panel with predictions for the year ahead: what will 2013 bring for Syria, Iran, China, Europe, and the U.S.? In What in the World, a look at mass protests in India over a deadly rape. Is this India's Arab Spring moment? Later, smart opinions on the U.S. economy from across the pond. And more on Syria -- Fawaz Gerges explains why the conflict isn't anywhere near being finished.moreless
  • Interview With Pervez Musharraf
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: Fareed interviews former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, where they discuss his resignation from office, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and Pakistan's struggles with the Taliban.
  • India Holds Elections
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: A special panel is brought together to discuss the Israeli-Palistinian conflict, and possible solutions to resolve it, as well as the India-Pakistan conflict, and how relations between the countries are.
  • North Korea's Nuclear Test
    Fareed discusses a variety of things on today's show, such as: An interview with Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, where North Korea's recent missle tests, Chinese and Russian responses, and appropriate global reactions are discussed.
  • 05/13/13
    Episode 69
    Beyond the Manhunts explores current domestic and international terror threats to the homeland, the use of drones and enhanced interrogation in intelligence collection, and the role of women agents in counterintelligence. Zakaria also discusses insights into the hunt for bin Laden, and gathers broad perspectives on how U.S. intelligence agencies have slowly evolved to take on some activities associated with the U.S. Military. Author and national security analyst Peter Bergen, former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden, Pulitzer Prize-winning national security journalist Mark Mazzetti, former CIA director and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, former FBI agent Ali Soufan, and former CIA officers Nada Bakos, Robert Grenier, and Cindy Storer discuss how America's clandestine operations detect the dangers and try to stop them - and what does and doesn't to be working.moreless
  • 7/21/13
    Episode 79
    Airdate July 21st, 2013: Assessing America's recovery - Fareed convenes a set of expert panelists including Glenn Hubbard and Edward Luce. Also, the case for banning college football: it might sound crazy, but The New Yorker's Malcolm Gladwell says America's favorite sport is damaging bright young minds.
  • 8/18/13
    Episode 83
    What does the future hold for Egypt, and what can Washington do to help? Bret Stephens debates Peter Beinart. Then, is America over-regulated? Fareed puts that to Pres. Obama's former "regulation czar" Cass Sunstein. In What in the World some good news for America: common sense is kicking in on prison reform. And, the Middle East's other revolution: how the region is becoming a hot-bed of innovation and tech startups.moreless