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Awe jeeze, what another eventful week!

We begin in an office building with a very fidgety worker. He keeps nervously looking out his cubical and going back to his desk. Is he looking out to make sure he is in the clear so he can play Solitaire or is it something else? Yep, it's something else. Lorne shows up, grabs the guys by his tie and drags him out of the office. Not only out of the office but takes an elevator ride down to the parking garage, cuts his clothes off and throws him into the trunk. I started feeling sorry for the guy because of his plea's but in the end we find out he is our "naked fella" who froze to death in the woods and Molly is the lead on the case. His coworkers analyze the possibilities of why this happened to Molly, the she sees the security camera footage and there is Lorne's mug. Molly's "spidey-sense" starts tingling.

Lorne is one busy guy. Back in Duluth he now goes to visit Starvos Milos Wife's personal trainer Don at his gym Squat. I couldn't help but giggle when Lorne presented Don with his bronzer mishap. In the worlds tiniest storage closet, Don was blackmailing Milos to open a Turkish Bath and knew that Starvos lied about where he got his money from. Lorne's wheels were turning, it was all leading to a new blackmail plan against Milos with Don now working for him. Lorne now sneaks into Milos' house to switch his back pain meds with adderall (he got in a back alley from a drug dealer who also looks like he'll thrive if a zombie apocalypse happens), kills the adored family dog and leaves a new ransom note but it now asks for million instead of the original amount. Of course this doesn't still well with Milos he says no one can really know about his money and gets upset with Lorne. Lorne suggests that he stays in the home for Milos' protection and Milos agrees. All is safe until Milos is taking shower.

Molly has lunch with a rather interesting old friend. Her stories of the dangers in the world online dating are making me feel uncomfortable. Lester seems to be having many comfortable moments as well. He still hasn't cleaned up his house and is being haunted by the "nice things" his wife use to say. He decides to go back to work. His boss sends him to Hess' house to deliver the insurance paperwork. While at Hess' we see Momma Hess has turned to the drink, thinks her two boys are animals, needs money and tries to seduce Lester! Her seduction is interrupted by Younger Hess boy shooting Older Hess boy in the ass with an arrow (this may be the reverse)! All Momma Hess does is shrugs her shoulders in a WTF fashion. Oh those two! It sure is a busy day for Lester at the office (his hand is sure bothering him BTW) because he gets visited by Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench (who watched the Hess house visit from behind a tree). They start making assumptions about him and Momma Hess but just when the conversation starts to get interesting guess who saves him? Molly. TeamBusiness leaves with a sly cover from Lester and Molly lures Lester in by wanting to get a policy started. However there is another agenda, she drops her files (mixed with a photo of Lorne), Lester sees the photo, gets uncomfortable and asks Molly to leave while handing her a policy brochure. Molly is thrilled by his reaction when she relays what she did to Bill. Bill AGAIN tells Molly to stop. Lester has now decided to go to his brothers house. While Chazz is busy in his safe Lester steals a taser and when Chazz realizes Lester is there, Lester asks, "which one makes the biggest hole?"

Gus Grimly is regretting his decision of letting Lorne go. He runs the plate numbers and finds out the car belongs to Lester. His guilt is more solidified because he knows Lester is one of the "victims" in Bemidji. Gus can't wait to admit his mistake and bravely tells his Lieutenant (who is the can taking a dump). The Lieutenant gets so mad he flushes and comes out (did he wipe? Eeww). He tells Gus he needs to contact Bemidji, take blame and help fix the mess. He also states his fear that this could be Sioux Falls all over again! (Hmmm? Wink wink) Gus is eager to rectify and heads off with his daughter in tow.

When arrives Molly is there to talk to him. He confesses his blunder, tells her that the car was Lester's and identifies Lorne as the man in the car. Molly is a little angry about the new revelations but takes a beat when Greta (Gus' daughter) comes in to ask for change. She asks them to join her for dinner at her Dad's place. Molly's Dad asks Gus about his Lieutenant and says they worked together in Sioux Falls. (It's a past connection!) Molly, Gus and Greta enjoy their meal and talk about how Lester didn't report his car and him being mixed up in some "nasty business".

Lastly we are treated to a montage voiced over by Lorne. It is definitely biblical and we see multiple things. Lester and Chazz shooting the biggest hole making gun. There is excitement and enjoyment with both the Nygaard Brothers. Then Team Business looking rather cold in an ice fishing hut. Finally Starvos Milos is taking a shower and his water turns to blood. BLOOD! He freaks and we see Lorne putting jugs of blood into a car.

Some Thoughts

NO ONE tried stop Lorne in the opening scene! Lorne is that bad ass that he doesn't care about being seen. So much so he doesn't even hide his face.

Spiders laying eggs in Molly's Friend's Beau's neck and then the eggs hatching while getting freaky is enough to make an already awkward scene even more so. Looked like Molly was under some obligation to meet her friend and seems as uncomfortable as I was.

Where are we in terms of character development? Seems like this episode took time to add layers.

-Lorne is like a curious little kid, so much that I might start calling him Whiskers. He is very inquisitive. Is he under orders with Milos or has he gone Rogue?
-Is Molly a people person? She seems a little awkward when chatting with people when it isn't case related.
-Lester's path. Is he growing a little strength? Have you notice every time someone mentions a fact to him that he is guilty of little bells go off?

Blood showers? Good for the skin?

Would you buy a Zombie Survival Kit?

So after many interruptions from my toddlers, two cups of coffee, a cup of noodle and realizing I haven't brushed my teeth I present this to you all for discussion. Go!
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