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For crying out loud, what a fest that was! Tim did his 4 Episode Test review (which was spot on) but I'd thought I would break down this episode a little bit more because loads of fun stuff happened.

What a way to give a nod to the original work in the opening scene! We've got the answer as to where and how Starvos Milos got his money (from Steve Buscemi) and his commitment to God. It took a bit for me to realize that Lorne is using the plague's to put the fear of God in Milos. The crickets seriously creeped me out. My skin is still crawling!

It takes one twisted individual to enact that kind of plan and I'm not sure how much longer anyone could take that kind of torture. I'm almost rooting to see how Lorne will do boils. Almost. Is this all necessary for a confession?

When Gus showed up at Milos house and caught Lorne outside, I could see Lorne's wheels turning to think of his plan. He called for a package, wonder what's going to be in it or who may answer. Maybe he called too soon because he brilliantly maneuvered his way out of the law's hands. I'm sure he knew of all the evidence the police did or didn't have and also he probably knows how intelligent they are. Oh heck I bought his alter ego Frank Peterson hook, line and sinker. What I didn't buy was Bill's blatant blindness of how Frank wasn't Lorne. It sure seems he is purposefully going out of his way not to solve Verne's death. Gus Grimly seems to be a lucky guy in that he has had Lorne twice in he grip and has survived. I'm not sure what Lorne's play with him will be. It's as if Lorne enjoys the challenge, he is a predator after all and Gus will easily become his prey if he isn't careful. Gus isn't going to back down (even being suspended), he just has to get his evidence together and with Molly.

Molly was put on the back burner this week by Bill, AGAIN. She was ready to head out to Duluth when Gus told her the news that he had their guy but Bill marked his territory on that mighty quick. She needs to start using her smarts and lie to Bill. Stop saying Lester's name and just say naked fella. She did try and swing it that way but as soon as she said Lester she was sat on the bench and Bill went to hit the ball. Even though she didn't get to go Duluth she still dug deeper into Lester's phone records. She found a connection interviewed the clerk at the hotel where Lorne stayed. The clerk showed Molly what her mystery man's name is, Lorne Malvo.

Now the consensus seems like Lorne is everyone's favorite character to watch, however Lester is growing on me. He has been pushed around all his life and with Lorne's little push maybe he is gaining some empowerment. Lester's path is an interesting one and he is starting to figure out how walk down it. I feel for him every time he tries to get the buckshot out. His hand is festering and obviously painful unfortunately he keeps getting interrupted in trying to "fix" it. The wound will possibly lead to a discovery but I think I may want him to get away. He is starting to get a little inventive in trying to weasel his way out of his predicaments. The taser and punching that cop to get away from Numbers and Wrench was goofy but it did the trick. Looked like he was about to get cozy and feel safe in that jail cell when Numbers and Wrench showed up. They got arrested for a bar fight and Number's sly smile definitely said, "Two can play this game."

Some Thoughts

-There is no way he can be that dumb. Can he? This is the 3rd episode for him to outright ignore evidence.

-Is Lorne Malvo his real name?
-How honestly sweet was Frank Petereson?
-Boondoggle! Where'd he come up with that!?

-She is super smart in knowing the reason why we see more shades of green than any other color. I had it on my list to google the answer.

1987 Starvos
-Did he tell original wife about the money? Where is she now? Buried in the snow? It's not the same wife he is divorcing now, right?

-I googled the travel time between Bemidji and Duluth it's 2hrs and 45mins that seems like a lot of back and fourth and with snow it's got to take longer!

Numbers and Wrench
-THANK YOU FOR SOME SUBTITLES!!!!!!!! I was getting ready to track down someone who knows sign language. Do we like them? Are they crazy in thinking that Lester killed Hess?

-How much longer can he hide his hand?

This episode highly entertained me. lots of things made me smile and laugh. The actors are bringing more life to their characters and it is truly becoming a great show. Let's discuss. GO!

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