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"Who Shaves The Barber" was another fabulous episode! From the comments over on Tim's Review it seems people enjoyed it more than "Buridan's Ass". I know I did. There was a lot going on in this episode, my mind was definitely taken on the roller coaster of emotions. Most of the episodes of Fargo do this to me, once an episode ends I usually sit and soak in all it had to offer then I try to process what it all meant. This site has not only amplified my experience with Fargo but has been a great source to help me with that process. I love all the discussion, reading everyone's comments and theorizing what will happen next. There is only 3 episodes left! Say what? Yes, it's sad but true. The end is in sight and I've got a ton going on this mind of mine!How will Fargo tie up it's story with only 3 episodes left is only the beginning.

Questions for your comments.....
-What should Molly do next?
-Would you like to see more of Molly's Dad?
-Should Molly and Gus pursue a relationship with each other?
-What would you like to see from Gus? Or has he served his purpose and you are done with him.
-Should Molly and Gus succeed in getting there fellas?

-Do you want Lester and The Widow Hess to "interact" more?
-Do you feel bad that Lester framed his brother?
-Sexy vacuuming...is it for you?
-Would you like Lester to get away or taken down?
-If he does get caught, who do you want it by?

-Are you curious as to what Malvo's motives are?
-If it's just, "he likes to create chaos just because" will this suffice?
-Do you want to know more about his past?
-Would you like Malvo to slip through the laws fingers?
-Should he punish Lester some more? Or help him?
-Do you care about Malvo's plan involving Stavros? Is there more to be handled there?

Most importantly and finally....
-What is the one thing you need answered or want to see before Fargo ends it's first season?
-Who does shave the barber? ;)

Please feel free to answer which ever ones you want or all. :)

***Also since I showed this community a little love could you be so kind as to show yours by hitting that cute little blue/ gray button either at the top or bottom of this? THANKS!!!!***

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