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Next week is the conclusion of Fargo's fantastic first season and I've got a mixed bag of emotions going into the 90 minute feast that awaits us. I'm already a jumbled up ball of feelings from after watching "A Fox, a Rabbit and a Cabbage" that I think I may need to seek therapy after next week. I've read a couple of articles in where Noah Hawley (Executive Producer) has given a one word description of next weeks "Morton's Fork". He says, "Bloody". This word excites, thrills and scares me all at the same time. Heck I'm almost giddy for the prospect of a carnage filled final chapter in what has been a one hell of a story. I am impatiently waiting to grab onto "Morton's Fork" and devour that episode. However first we were to treated to the appetizer of "A Fox, a Rabbit and a Cabbage" which was oddly delightful and left room in my tummy for some questions and discussion!

Thoughts and Questions for your Comments
Lester! ARGH! I truly don't know how to feel anymore about him. I liked the fact that he told Lorne "Yes". He wanted to show Lorne what he has become. I think if I had made a huge transformation such as Lester's I would have wanted to show myself to the responsible party as well. I didn't like how he hit Lorne over the head with his trophy and ran away. When Lorne asked him, "Is this want you really want?" I think it was more of an invitation to learn more. I'm sure Lorne can dispose of 4 bodies (if he shot Lester too) on his own. He didn't need Lester's help and I don't think he was going to kill him at all. Once Lester hit him on the head that allowed Lorne to become a predator to hunt his prey. I was totally on board with Plan Acapulco (I was envisioning Mai Tai's or whatever you drink there) and then he fed his devoted wife to the Wolf! I hated Lester for that! I thought it was cowardly but I've had time to think and well I STILL don't know! I want to stay mad but I can't because I think in some sick twisted way it was kind of smart.

-Would you have helped Lorne dispose of the bodies?
-Should Lester have been open with Linda and told her what happened?
-Was Lester a coward for sending Linda in or smart?
-Do you think Lester deserves death or a fate worse than death? Or for some reason a free pass?

Lorne's dentist (Mick Mike) was absolutely "ACES"! Sure if you were his friend his little catchphrase may get on your nerves but I thought it was hilarious! I was truly thinking this guy isn't Malvo but then I was proved wrong once we heard him listening to his tapes. When Lester approached him in Vegas I did think "walk away" which Malvo did warn but once Lester ignore that piece of advice it was "game on". As I stated above I think once Lester wouldn't take no for an answer Lorne was inviting him to play and learn more. When Lorne shot his "friends" he cared little about his bounty or the time spent involved. Almost like Stavros. As soon as he was threatened he dropped that fast as well and went to handle other business. If he was threatened by Lester he would have shot him as well. Now that Lester has pissed him off there is no stopping him.

-Who do you like better? Frank Peterson or Mick Mike?
-Have you already started using "ACES" in your vocabulary?
-Did you love Lorne's ghost story to the kids?
-When Lorne shot Linda, what do you think his thoughts were? A little proud of Lester? More pissed at Lester? Both?

Finally Molly got the recognition she deserves! I know there aren't a lot of Molly fans out there but she is smart and deserves to be acknowledge for that. I'm glad Bill really didn't know how to react to Budge and Pepper's remarks. I know they aren't the smartest FBI agents (THEY BOTH LET LORNE WALK AWAY UNNOTICED AGAIN!!!!!) but at least they are smart enough to know that they screwed up and need to be actively involved in fixing it. As for letting Lorne slide by....either Lorne is that good or these guys are so oblivious that they are making the FBI Agents on The Following look competent. During this entire episode I had an uneasy feeling looming over my head someone was going to be in Lorne's way and be disposed with. Luckily it was only Linda for now.

-How will Gus and Lou (Molly's Dad) figure into the finale?
-Did you feel relief when Lou survived a Lorne encounter?
-Would you like to see Wrench show back up and try to get revenge?
-Someone mentioned the bear trap....I think Bill is leading in that little poll. Who do you want to see get caught in it?
-Everyone seems unsafe, who will survive?

And finally....
When the scene goes black after the season finale....pick one word to describe how you may possible feel. Now reverse it because if there is anything Fargo has proved this season is how wonderfully unexpected it can be.

"ACES" ;)

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