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I've waiting a couple of days and have found that a review or a discussion hasn't been started yet so I thought I might try.

Boy oh boy. Even though this episode was not exciting as the first a lot happened!
We've got two new guys rolling into town (played by Adam Goldberg and Russell Harvard). Looks like they mean business. They go over to Hess' shop get details and go looking for the guy that off'ed Hess. They end up at the strip club where it happened and find a surly "I'm better than you" guy who matches the description of the culprit. TeamBusiness takes him back to Hess' shop and find out he is not the guy. No worries though Goldberg and Harvard just drill a hole in the iced over lake and dump Surly into it, still alive.

Lester is out of the hospital and now has to mourn the loss of his wife. He has a wound on his hand that looks like a gunshot wound. I didn't realize this happened in the first place, I'm not even sure that it is from a gunshot. Seems mysterious. Wherever it came from it is a reminder of what happened and looks like to be irritating Lester. He tries and hides it from his brother and even the police. His brother Chaz offers Lester to stay at his place and in the same sentence to sell the house. Lester says no to both but eventually does stay at Chaz's and even mentions he may sell his house. Which Chaz seems a little overly excited by that.

Seems like everyone in Bemidji had a funeral to attend because we not only saw a glimpse of Lester's wife's but now we are taken to Vern's (still mad about his death). Molly feels the need to help out and even try to provide some comfort to Vern's ready to pop wife. She then asks New Sheriff Bill about questioning Lester again. Bill suggests there is no way Lester could be involved in such a thing. Even stating that Lester couldn't handle girls' monthlies. However Molly pushes and he agrees to go chat with Lester, but he'll do the talking. At Lester's Bill begins to soft question Lester with Molly trying to ask real questions. Lester fidgets, acts distracted and weird especially when Molly mentions Hess, his conversation in the hospital with a strange man and Bill reminds him that Hess use to bully him. Motive in her brain, I'm sure. Bill basically says ok good enough I'll drink your Yummy Grape Juice and Molly leaves with a "what the hell just happened" face. Bill later tells Molly his mind is made up and Lester is in the clear. Don't bother him any more and try following up on my "cutthroat world of regional trucking" drifter theory. Molly is definitely smarter than her colleagues and isn't drinking Lester's Grape Juice. She goes and finds Lester at the local pharmacy, where he is trying to get ointment for his "wound" and persists she needs answers. Lester leaves the pharmacy while telling Molly she is harassing him and gets in his wife's car because his is in the shop. Or is it? Poor Molly. It seems like she is taking Vern's death a lot harder than his own wife. It's pretty clear she is bound and determined to get to the bottom of this case. She is trying to convey this to her "you need to quit and work for me" Dad when Bill comes in with his panties in a bunch. Bill takes Molly off the case because he knows she went behind his back and went at Lester again. I'm not too worried about it because she is still on the naked guy in the woods case which will eventually lead into Vern's

Now we have Billy Bob Thorton's mischievous Lorne. He goes to the Duluth post office to get a package containing a book and I.D. Loved this scene, the banter was fun and uneasy at the same time. Good thing he and the post guy came to an understanding without violence. ;) Lorne then goes to the supermarket and meets with its owner. Apparently this guy thinks he is the next Sam Walton and is being blackmailed for a very specific amount. Lorne has been hired to flesh out the blackmailer. Before he leaves he meets Mr. Milo's not too bright son and that Milvo's Ex-wife is out for half his money. Lorne goes over to the Exes home, meets her personal bronzed trainer and gets info on Milvo's funds. Later Lorne is in his hotel room looking at the ransom note (with bronzer on it) and listening to a taped conversation. It's Lester's call about needing help. He is interrupted by Milvo's right hand man "The Fire Hydrant". FH tells Loren to get out of town because he can handle his bosses business. Lorne responds by taking a dump in the toilet right in front of him. Basically that says "I don't give s***".

Some Thoughts
— Goldberg (love him) and Harvard's conversation in sign language was very entertaining. I'm wondering if some of those signs are real because they were pretty suggestive and funny! I know Harvard is deaf IRL so....maybe? I'd love to know what they were saying, they seem to have great chemistry and a good partnership. Oh and their character names are Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench.

— Chaz was very eager to help Lester sell his house, almost seemed like he was "pitching" but also maybe implying he knows something else up. His delivery is a sketchy.

— Oh we saw into Gus Grimly's home life. Interesting neighbor he's got there....

— We do see Lester grieving. Is he crying because he lost his wife, feels guilty or is afraid of being caught? He is trying his best to lie but it doesn't seem like he is good at it. Or is he so bad he is good?

— It doesn't surprise me that Lorne taped his conversation with Lester. Why listen to it over and over?

— Why is Bill so convinced it is not Lester? Is he really that blind? Naive?

— What Team are you rooting for? TeamMolly TeamLester?

Ok, that was a ton! Your turn to discuss... Go!
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